January 9, 2016 -Brave, strong, feisty women

Yesterday and today we went to the Union College Women’s Hockey Game.  Last night they played Princeton and lost 5-0.  They played a very hard game against a mostly Canadian team.  But the other problems they had were having at least 5 injured players.  They played with two lines plus four players.  And they were playing against a team physically much bigger than they were.

Union has an amazing defense.  The score could have been much worse but the Union women really did an fabulous job of protecting the goalie.

This afternoon they played Quinipiac which is one of the the top teams in the country.  They, Quinipiac, again had a full contingent of players and Union was down one more player.  Talk about a difficult situation.  And the other team had five players who had played on their national teams and five from team Ontario.  Twelve of their players were from Canada. And again they were so much bigger.  The defense tonight was again just dynamic.  Even with more than 50 shots on goal with five going in they still stopped so many from even getting near the net and Melissa Black is a great goalie.  She is from Newmarket Ontario north of Toronto and is a great goalie.

We have also found on in the last couple of games that the coach and some others are aware that we go to the games on a regular basis.  We wish they could win some games but the players they have are good.  Next game is Tuesday evening against  Syracuse.  Have to look them up to see what to expect.  Our guys should be darn tired but I know they play with heart so they will bring it to the ice.

After this afternoons game we headed out to eat and ended up at the Mexican Grill at the Peter Harris Plaza.  It was really good and the prices reasonable.  I can see us going back there. Milt and Mary remember this when you come up…

Charles O’Connors Diary 1910 – I remember my mother telling me about the explosion.  She got pneumonia but obviously recovered.  the furnace had blown up.

There are pictures of the hockey team that was winning all their games. Will have to see if I can find it.

Feb 1910

Feb 1 – Took wood to Fergus. Came home by Marble Rock. I am fine. Ellen, who comes with me afraid on ice. Brought home new stove.
Feb 2 – Put up new stove.
Feb 3 – Big snow storm and cold.
Feb 4 – Friday – Cut 2 elms for logs. Gus went back to Lyndhurst for Miss Youngs things she forgot. He and Ellen took Miss Young to Sand Bay to meet Madeline and go to Gan by Marble Rock.
Feb 5 – Miss the girls. Turns cold.
Feb 6 – Coldest day of year. Girls get home at 7:30 nearly frozen. Frank had heated bricks etc but they just put lines around dashboard and let Nell come at her own rate. She turned out for other cutters. They came home South Lake the road she knew. They report a bad explosion in Fergus’s house.
Feb 7 – Take logs to Lyndhurst after Madeline returns to Sand Bay. Too cold to do much.
Feb 8 – Worry over Madeline as her glass rims left frost bites.
Feb 10 – Biggest snow storm of winter.
Feb 11 – 24 below zero but I bundle up and go for Madeline. Florence and Herb McArdle here for weekend.
Feb 12 – Roads filled in. No driving. Get word Norah very sick as result of explosion. … to get out in cold.
Feb 13 – I go to Lyndhurst this morn to telephone Fergus to see how Norah is. He sends Mike O’Connor out for Emily. Madeline and I hate to see her go as she is not too well herself.
Feb 14 – Ellen comes home from Annies ……
Feb 15 – Go to hockey match Long Point and Lyndhurst. Long Point is beating all today 4 to 2.
Feb 16 – Go after Emily as Norah is better.
Feb 17 – and 18th – Big snow. I go for Madeline across ice. She loves this route. We stop halfway thro’ woods to admire beautiful scene of snow on trees now sparkling in sun when Nell goes on without us but when I yell whoa Nell she stops. Straps had broken but easy to fix and we proceed home.
Feb 19 – Go to Lyndhurst and buy small stove from Tate for parlor, very, very cold.
Feb 20. Took Chris Weeks to Lyndhurst to telephone doctor Elliott as Delilah sick. Percy and Darley here.
Feb 21 – Darley goes to Sand Bay with Madeline.
Feb 22 – Long Point beats Soperton in hockey 8 – 2.
Feb 23 – weds – Take lumber to Gan. Go at 5:30 am.
Feb 24 – Hitched Pansy and Nell up together today. Do not feel too good so do little.
Feb 25 – Drive Pansy and Nell after Madeline. Go fine.
Feb 27 – road terrible. No one out not even the Homerites. We have lots of music by ourselves.
Feb 28 – Roads soft. Took Madeline to school. . Tom Bryan was sick and I went to Lyndhurst to call Dr. Donavan but Tom dead on Dr.s Arrival. I had Dr. to see me as I am not well.



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