January 7, 2016 – The changing neighborhoods



Photos of: James Stevens as a young man; Mary mcardle Stevens;  the twins Marcus and Maurice Stevens ; Eliza Stevens not sure who she was and Nane Englebert James Donnelly and his brother Terrance.at  the top.

I have heard from others that their neighborhoods are so different than they were “before”.   It is hard to watch  it happen.  I had not seen my little buddy Dottie around for a bit and thought maybe she had had another little stroke. Finally found out that her sons pulled a fast one on her like we did to my mom.  They went for Thanksgiving to a family vacation home in VT and at the end of the weekend her son from Maine took her home with him.

Now the son who lives here is getting a break – she has been living with he and his wife and they needed a rest.  Although Dottie is a sweetheart she has trouble with speech and that can be frustrating to her as well as those she wants to communicate with.  Her son in Maine’s wife died and I am sure having his mom there will be good for him.  They are all very close and a good family.

The reason I talk about this is that if I had not gone and knocked on somone’s door to ask I would not know what had happened.  We have no network here any more.  Everyone seems to be very isolated in their homes, even in the summer.   If you walk around the block some people will say Hi but the truth is I don’t know half or maybe 90% of their names.  Now you have to understand this is not a big place. there are three houses on one side of our street and four on our side.  Each end of the street intersects with a horseshoe shaped street which has more homes.  I use to know 80% of the total number of folks.  No more.  I would love to have coffee with some of them but they are hesitant to invite anyone in.  There is no back and forth or couples gatherings that we had when we were younger.

Oh well, we are now part of the old folks living here.  There are a few children (maybe 7 between 10-18) and most don’t hang out after school and never have.  So it is very quiet here.   Life changes are sometimes hard to accept and live with.  When I was working I did not care because I had a busy life but now the quiet it too much.

I found a whole bunch of pictures of the Stevens family that are pretty interesting.  Will try and take pictures of them to insert into this post.  Might be a challenge but will try.  I would love to find some of their ancestors.  I don’t think I know any at this point in time.  A bunch of them moved to Montreal at some point after their parents died. They are mentioned so often in Charles Diary.

Charles Diary 1910

Jan 1910

Jan 1 – New Years Day. Fergus, Frank and Norah come at noon. Fine day. Good visit. Fergus and I harnessed up colt and drove it.
Jan 2 – Oysters tonight. Joe Bevins here.
Jan 3 – Both Madeline and I sick all night. Emily up all night with us and is frightened (oysters possibly). I have to get up as I am RD at school house. Miss Young back so she and Madeline have visit as Madeline is too weak to go to Sand Bay.
Jan 4 – Local option carried. I am glad to say. Take returns to Lyndhurst. I came home sick and all in. Percy and his Mother here.
Jan 5 – Madeline better and back to Sand Bay but I am very sick C Weeks does chores.
Jan 6 – Very sick. Quite a few callers.
Gus Slack goes for Madeline and he stays to do chores. Tom S takes Madeline to Lyndhurst to phone Fergus to come out to see me.
Jan 8 – Fergus and Ellen come at 9 am. Chas Heffernan, Clara and baby and Jim Stevens here all night. I’m too sick to visit and poor Emily is worn out by night.
Jan 9 – Madeline better. Chas Heffernan etc …. And Nane, Allen and wife come to see me.
Jan 10 – Some better. Dan McDonald here. Gus takes Madeline to Sand Bay. B Gavin come to see her.
Jan 11- Sick as ever again. Cough all time.
Jan 12 – Big storm. A bit better.
Jan 13 – Very cold. Tom S and Jim B here this eve.
Jan 14 – A fine fellow, a clock fixer here all day. Joe Warren, Addie Burns and Willie Burns here this eve. Miss Young does not go home and Madeline so glad.
Jan 15 – Gus Takes Madeline to Delta.
Jan 16 – Madeline goes today to Sand Bay while Gus can take her. We miss her tonight.
Jan 17 – Went out for first day. Cold.
Jan 18 – Very wet snow home Franks …..
Jan 19 – Fergus comes out and Ellen goes back with him. Takes our cutter as his has broken shoe. Very slippery.
Jan 20 – Gus and I take spotted cow to Gan for Fergus and Frank so they will have milk also we took 8 bales of hay . Emily sick.
Jan 21 – Took Fergus cutter to Kenney to be fixed. Gus goes for Madeline.
Jan 22 – Gus goes for Madeline.
Jan 23 – Gus takes Madeline to Lyndhurst. Tom Slack and Joe Bevins here all day. Miss Young back at noon.
Jan 24 – Madeline back to school. I take her.
Jan 25 – Went to Lyndhurst and bought pair of snow boots. High ones for Madeline $3.25 from Geo Charlton as he says she needed them for that long walk in snow. Long Point boys beat Sweets Corners hockey 3 to 0.
Jan 26 – Went at 4 for Madeline as Tom takes her and Miss Young to Grand Ball in Seeleys Bay Hall. Great excitement.
Jan 27 – Hurry to get Madeline back to school after a great time at the Ball.
Jan 28 – Gus goes for Madeline. Get out lumber for Gan.
Jan 29 – Long Point played Morton. Won 4 to 2.
Jan 30 – Emily still feeling sick.
Jan 31 – Got up wood for Gan.

When someone got sick everyone came to visit them. I assume it was so they could say goodbye in case the person died.  It has amazed me all through these diaries how that was a consistent for them.  Madeline appears to be having a great time teaching and going to events.  Would love to know more about the Grand Ball in Seeley’s Bay.  More research to do.


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