January 6, 2016 – Is this placebo or what?


Charles Iven son of Julia O’Connor Iven Hughes.

Ah, another energy packed day.  Am wondering if Magnesium can throw you into a manic state.  Sitting quietly in a chair was not an option today. Got lots done and spent a fortune at the grocery store.  I hate shopping for clothes but love buying food.  Not sure why?

Even took a little walk before the cutie  husband got home so I could freshen up my mind before cooking dinner.  Got some geneology info together for my cousin Mike.  Had to do some hunting but finally got what I had been looking for for a couple of weeks.  Love it when I find some dates that I could not find.  Yummy feeling all evening..

Had a chat with the nurse at the doctors office today and she said I am doing great so onward and upward or vise versa.

Charles O’Connor’s diary 1909

Nov 1909

Nov 1 – Take Madeline to school. Holy Day. Patience girls come to pick some nuts. Lots for everyone.
Nov 2 – All Souls Day. Go to Kirkland’s sale but do not buy.
Nov 3 – Go for Madeline.
Nov 4 – Ellen goes to Delta with J. McDonald.
Nov 5 – I send duck to Mrs Chant to set up for me. Jim McDonald here all night. He got up at 2 am and prowled around until day light.
Nov 8 – Madeline got ride to school with Jim McDonald.
Nov 9 – Get word Michael very sick so Ellen and I go into see him. Dr. gives little hope for him.
Nov 11 – Fine day. Good letter from Julia O’Connor Hughes.
Nov 14 – Sunday – Arthur, Tom S and Joe Bevins here.
Nov 17 – Ellen home. Mike better.
Nov 18 – very cold
Nov 22 – Took Madeline back. Had chat with John about his trip to visit Rosie Lee and …/?? McDonald in Kansas.
Nov 23 – Everything frozen up very cold.
Nov 26 – Took Emily to Gan and came home by Sand Bay for Madeline.
Nov 28 – Sunday – Ellen comes down and stays all night. We miss Emily.
Nov 29 – Rough road to Sand Bay. Herb McArdle brings Emily home.

Dec 1909

Dec 2 – Turkey Fair. Good prices. 16 ½ for turkeys, 12 ½ for chick but everyone dissatisfied as Brockville got 18 to 20.
Dec 3 – Had visit at Annies when I go for Madeline. Put on storm door.
Dec 4 – Went to Lyndhurst. In eve Will Larose here, does not know of storm door, open upside door to go home and says, “Gee, it is a dark night” and goes bang into door. We have to laugh.
Dec 5 – At home. Lovely day. Madeline, collies and I walk around woods afternoon.
Dec 6 – Took Madeline to Sand Bay. Dan Slack here.
Dec 8 – Stormy cold days. Birthday and I get several nice presents.
Dec 10 – Annie comes home with Madeline.
Dec 11 and 12 – Madeline very sick.
Dec 13 – Madeline bound to go back to school. Annies
Dec 14 – Go to Lyndhurst, roads slippery.
Dec 15 – Drew Tree’s note $58. Put $30 with it. Pd all accs. Got sleighs out.
Dec 16 – Thursday- Chas Slack here all day and night.
Dec 19 – Emily and I go to Mass. Joe Bevins, as usual, here for cards this eve.
Dec 21 – Winterized stable and buildings.
Dec 22 – Took Mrs Green 1 cord wood. Miss Young goes home for holidays and pays board to rate ??
Dec 23 – Fergus here and Ellen goes home with him. We send food with him for Christmas.
Dec 24 – Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst to shop.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day. Leave early for Gananoque to spend day at Fergus’.
Dec 26 – Bad wheeling home. Cold too. Tom Plunketts 2 horses dead.
Dec 27 – Arthur Slack and I go to Nominations in Lyndhurst.
Dec 28 – Emily and Madeline go to Townsends to see Florence who is mentally sick.
Dec 29 – School meeting Arthur Slack elected trustee.
Dec 30 – Tom Warren went out to collect for W Plunkett re horses.
Dec 31 – Edwards of Gan came out with furniture Madeline bought. China Cabinet for dining room and chairs. Madeline pd in full chairs 32 and cabinet 20.
R Green comes to get me to act as Returning officer so I get ballot box and am sworn in. Last night of old year 1909. Hoping New Year will be as prosperous and happy as this has been God Bless and protect us. Go we bid goodbye to 1909.

Side story – Julia O’Connor Hughes was Charles first cousin. She married Patrick Ivey of Ivy Lea.  They went away after some problem with money they had taken from her father.  In Auburn NY they changed their last name to Ivan and had a family.   At some point Patrick went away on business and later Julia got a telegram that he had died.   She mourned and then figured out that she would take in boarders to make ends meet.  One of those boarders was John Hughes.  They fell in love and eventually married in the Church because  she was a widow.  NOT!  Yes true, later Ivey shows back up and finds her and accuses her of bigamy.  But all those in Auburn knew that he had said he had died and so she was not arrested but he was because turns out he did have another family out in Michigan or some place out there.  He went to prison for several years.  The sad part is that the Bishop told poor Julia and John that they could not live as husband and wife but could stay together as long as they did not have sex.  Julia wrote a letter all about it to Charles and Emily.  There are several letters from her that show what a scum her first husband was.


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