January 5, 2016 – Day one almost complete – yahoo!

Today was day 1 of my getting healthier.  Woke up full of energy and excitement.  Weird as that may sound I was really curious what I would feel like when I woke up this morning after taking my first bunch of meds last night.   I am wondering if it was doubling the magnesium? I had to adjust my schedule today after talking with the pharmacist.

But I have hope that things will be different and sooner than later. Probably having an experience of placebo effect.  Am sure if it is I will see the other side pretty quickly.

Nothing profound in my thinking this evening. I started the above and then thought of something and started searching Ancestry.com for some info and then just now remembered what I had been doing. Oh dear..

So let’s just look at Charles Diary and see if anything exciting has happened on the farm.  I know they have a social life I could only dream of.

Charles O’Connor’s diary – Sept 1909  He talks about the walnuts and those trees are still there.  Appears Madeline could teach with out a high school diploma.

Sept 1 – Miss Young came here to board. Jim’s daughter and George Charltons niece. Madeline is delighted and she needs a good companion.
Sept 3 – Emily and I go to Gan. Lovely baby.
Sept 28 – Ruben Free buys 8 cows. 88.00.
Sept 29 – Fergus here. Brought Ellen home..
Sept 30 – Very wet. In house all day.

Oct 1909

Oct 1 – Emily goes for Madeline. We sent $193 to Kingston ??PO on Prince. Gave Harvey $25 we owe him.
Oct 2 – Went to Directors meeting in Lyndhurst.
Oct 3 – Quiet day. Fergus and Franks anniversary.  (this is strange – maybe there were celebrating a month later because of the baby)
Oct 4 – Took Madeline to school. Send food to Fergus and Frank as gift.
Oct 5 – Got buckwheat in today.
Oct 6 – Got potatoes dug. Good crop.
Oct 7 – Went to Lyndhurst and ordered suit of clothes. Miss Young fine girl.
Oct 8 – Ellen goes to Sand Bay for Madeline.
Missed a few pages. Madeline had applied for Sand Bay school and Inspector Johnson comes from Athens to tell her she has it. When she goes Mr McNeeley arrives with his daughter who is in tears as she does not want to hurt Madeline as they were friendly in High school and is not a bigot. The trustees Mr Johnson, Chas Mac and Mr Blair arrive and send McNeely home in a hurry.
Oct 11 – Take Madeline to her school.. She seems to like it. Rather dull at Annies but she was always fond of her Aunt Annie. I got to See Denny McEvoy who is very sick. Takes pledge again. Joanna here.
Oct 12 – Big wind storm all night so I pick walnuts most of day.
Oct 13 – Bitter cold and first snow.
Oct 14 – Took barley and traded with Berry for rye.
Oct 15 – Madeline home.
Oct 17 – Mike O’Connor and Miss Covey came here today. Picked nuts.
Oct 18 – Take Madeline back. Herb McArdle here.
Oct 19 – Mild so plow lower field.
Oct 23 – Got word Denny McEvoy died this morn.
Oct 24 – Emily and I go to Bill McEvoys to poor Denny’s wake.
Oct 25 – Up early and to Seeleys Bay to act as pall bearer. Fergus and family come on here for dinner as it is Thanksgiving Day.
Oct 26 – Took Madeline to her school and had threshers afternoon. $4.00 for job.
Oct 27 – Cut corn today.
Oct 28 – Sykes and I dig potatoes.
Oct 29 – Emily goes for Madeline.
Oct 31 – Emily and I go to Donnellys for day.


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