January 4, 2016 – Today is the first day of the rest of my life!


The young Gerald Stevens son of Frank and Lottie Stevens.

Today I start on a new adventure.  I spent over an hour with a doctor today- yup, a doctor who sits and talks to you and comes up with a plan to deal with your issues with the goal of getting me off of meds and healthy.  Now what an interesting prospect that is.  Will see how it goes.

Tomorrow morning will start my Armour thyroid replacing the synthetic stuff.  And I am stopping taking statins.  He did very detailed blood work and at this point in time it would appear that there is no need for me to be on statins.  The cardiologist said there was not a thing the matter with my heart.  So I am willing to do this.  I had asked my primary about going off and she thought I might collect plaque and have a chance of having a heart attack in 20 years. I would be 90 so who cares, really.

So for the next four weeks I am going to stay pretty close to home and take tons of vitamins, probiotics, a antiyeast med and an antibiotic to kill back bacteria in my gut.  should be very interesting. I left home at 1:45 and got home after 5 pm.

Typed up a chart to make sure I take things when they are suppose to be taken and not take something with something one is not suppose to combine.  Going to be quite the challenge.  Think I will have to start getting up earlier in order to do this.  Cannot wait to see how it all goes.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary June 1909 – cute his comments about my mom’s first birthday.

June 13 – Emily home. Fergus and Madeline bring her. Very, very heavy rain. Fergus takes Daisy home with him.
June 14 – Joe was in field across creek but gets foot cut in some strange way so I bring him back.
June 16 – Emily and I papered kitchen.
June 27 – Met Fergus, Frank and Norah at Annies.
June 29 – Wee Norah’s birthday. Emily makes dress and petticoat for her and I send her a dollar.

July 1909

July 4 – Very cold for this date.
July 6 – Fergus brings Madeline home after her final exams. She is sure she failed Geometry. She never had a fair chance starting 2nd year with no knowledge of this subject. She is terribly worried over those exams. I feel we have not been fair to her but am glad as is Emily to have her home.
July 7 – We get word thro Mike O’Connor visit that Fergus is going west and that upsets us terribly. Dr. Quigley who was his groomsman is back of this. He wants him to leave Gan and go in with him. Palmers arrive.
July 12 – Monday – Emily and I go to Gan. A big crowd as Hugh Wilson is dead and this is day of funeral. We pay our respects.
July 15 – Fergus, Frank and Norah here.
July 16 – Fergus goes home and Ellen goes with him.
July 20 – Fergus comes for Frank and Baby.
July 28 – Emily and I went to Lyndhurst as I was looking for donations to Lyndhurst Fair and was quite successful. Usual July duties plus a few trips with Madeline to pick berries.

August 1909

Aug 4 – Frank, Lottie and Gerald Stevens arrive for their holidays. Fergus, Frank and Norah here for day. Ellen crazy about Norah and she is a cute wee thing.
Aug 10 – One of cows got foot caught in rock and we had bad time.
Aug 12 – Emily and I go to Gan and stay over.
Aug 13 – This was Friday the 13th for Madeline as she gets word she failed Geometry which means her year. She expected it but she faints. Strange that she has so many fainting spells. Dr. Gardiner says it is her heart. We are all sorry about exams.
Aug 18 – I take Madeline to Rockport picnic. The Senecals are so friendly and I have visit with my old friends the Fitzsimmons. John who was in High School with Madeline greets her like a brother. Madeline stays with the Senecals. She has been there often before as she would go with John by boat. Frank Fitzimmons wants me to stay at their place but I can’t.
Aug 21 – Fergus here and Also Connertys etc.
Aug 22 – Gathering at Lucy Jane’s and Susan Seabrook’s. Chapmans, Brackens, Gilberts and Emily and I invited. John Fitzsimmons brings Madeline home. He is such a nice boy. Wish he was Catholic.
Aug 30 – Monday – Got word by telephone this morning that Fergus and Frank had another girl baby. Frank will have busy time with two. Almost on Madeline’s birthday. (baby girl #2 Aunt Margaret)
Aug 31- Miss Hazel Young started to each school today.


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