January 2, 2016 – Got the year right this time!

I thought I would add some pictures – the group is the children of Mary O’Connor and John Desmond from Brasher Falls or Canton. Their names occur in Charles Diary many times in the summer months because they came to visit when ever they could.  The second is a picture of Joe Bevins. He was always there to help Charles when he needed help. He lived up the road.

Welcome to 2016. Yesterday I was still writing 2014 and probably will have to watch myself for a few weeks.  I am ready for 16 although why I cannot imagine.

Today was a fun day.  Went and picked out my new glasses. Going back to black frames and found out one of the reasons I am probably having trouble with vision is that the protective coating is wearing off the old lens’.  So there is this weird glaze on one part and streaks on the other. So in a week those will be gone from my life and maybe long term driving won’t be so irritating.  I got to thinking about 100 years ago. I have an old pair of glasses one of the family wore way back when.  They were certainly not very good but figure for the most part they were reading glasses.  Think I need to read up on the history of glasswear.

This afternoon we went down to the Union Woman’s Hockey game against U of Vermont.  It turned out to be quite a good game after the first period.  The score was 2-1 and then 3-2 but then in the third period at the end they pulled the goalie for some reason and Vermont scored to make it 4-2.  I know they wanted to tie the game up but this team loved to attack the goal net as a group and they just popped the puck in.  It was a sad way to end what were two really strong periods for our team that has not won a game yet.  And you could tell our goalie was not happy because of the goal in the last minute.

Since we did not want to come home and cook we went out and had ribs and chips.  I ordered a hot toddy and it was a hoot. The bartender said no one has ever asked for one since he has been working there and he had to go hunting to see if anyone had cloves – nope – so he made it anyway. It was warm and good in my tummy which was all I cared about. I was frozen from the hockey game.  With hardly anyone watching there was a cold breeze all through the game. We figured that at the men’s games there are always a full house so the body heat warms up the place.  I was frozen by the time the game was over so next time I go to a woman’s game will make sure I have not only a hat but a warm scarf and a warmer coat.  Legs were not too bad since I had on leg warmers under my pants.   Sorry silly thing to bitch about.

Chatted with two sons today and daughter and other son yesterday so know everyone had a good New Years in their own way which is as it should be.  Also talked yesterday with my oldest brother and my youngest brother.  One more to catch up with.  Making plans for visits in the spring time.  Will be happy to see them.

Will start Charles 1909 diary.   They seem to be going to a lot of funerals lately.  I am thinking of making a list and figuring out who all these people were.  I am going to make a schedule for myself for the next month and see how it goes along with a new diet program. That will come together after my doctors appointment on Monday.

Charles Diary 1909

Jan 1909

Jan 1 – New Years Day. In Gan at Fergus had dinner, a good one, then Emily and I went to LaQues to see the little ones. First New Years Day away from home in years. Leave for home this eve.
Jan 6 – Holy Day.
Jan 7 – At bee for Mrs Seabrook getting wood up and cut for her and Lucy Jane. Emily and Ellen help them with supper.
Jan 8 – Went to John Roddicks funeral
Jane 10 – took Madeline to Gan.
Jan 11 – while in woods hurt back and could hardly get home.
Jan 12 – took wood to Mrs Ford Green.
Jan 13 – Agricultural meeting and I am elected Director again.
Jan 21 – Get world old Ferdy McDonald is Dead (Annies Father in Law) one less for Annie to care for.
Jan 22 – Go to Funeral today. Big one.
Jan 23 – both Emily and I sick.
Jan 29 – Go for Madeline to Brackens and she comes out with Hazel. Brackens are not satisfied with Princ Graham of High School and tell me girls are not getting good work from him or Miss Mallow or the chem. Teachers. Hazel wants to quit also.


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