January 1,2016 – Ringing in the New Year with a Big Bang

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Ran some errands, had some lunch, packed a bag and the two of us headed off to Saratoga.  Now granted it is just 25 minutes up the road but the idea of getting away for an over night and not having to drive home in the middle of the night was wonderful.

First we stopped in at the daughters house to pick up our First Night Buttons that she had purchased for us.  Since we were away and I was afraid they might sell out I had asked her to do this.  From there we headed to our motel. A two star one but exactly what we needed.  Clean, comfortable, near to downtown, and not so expensive as the others. The Springs – it was just fine.

I had made dinner reservations for us at Wheatfields for 4:45.  I don’t think we really needed the reservation but it worked out well for us anyway.  We had a nice meal and then stopped at the candy store to get myself a treat.

The schedule for the evening had been on line so we had worked on our plan for two days figuring out what each of us wanted to see and what we both wanted, 12 items in common, and then I circled on the map where each venue was and we decided to stay in one area so there would not be a lot of rushing back and forth to see the various entertainers. It worked out perfectly.  We were able to see a variety of groups from Opera to Story telling to country western, 60-70 music, and barbershop chorus singing 40’s tunes.  It was great fun and not very cold out.






At 11 we walked over to our last site and there was a long line to get in to see a magician.  We thought maybe we would get in but eventually we were 6th in line and gave up.  But that worked out quiet well also. We walked up to Lillians, a restaurant that has been in that location in Saratoga since 1974 and it was closing it’s doors that night.  We got our drinks and sat in a corner and saw girls crying etc. Finally I asked someone if there was a class reunion going on or something. Turned out it was a gathering of staff who had worked there over the years who had organized to spend the last night of the restaurant together.  It was obvious it had been a good place to work and that they had made good friends as well. Kind of touching as midnight approached.

At 11:45 we headed for Congress Park to watch the fireworks  I have to tell you they were the best I have seen in years.  Several times I thought it was the end because of the massive numbers of fireworks going off at once and the size of them, but no, it went on for another 10 minutes.  It was exciting and beautiful and a great way to end our evening.

This morning we slept in and then called daughter and she told us a great place for breakfast, Ravenous,  so she met us there and we have a very nice meal and then I was happy when Dr. Mabel Cheng and her daughter came in. I really like my eye doctor and we have gotten to know her kids over the years in various instances.  Last night we had talked about the fact that with 15,000 people there we were surprised that we had not run into at least one person we knew.  On Facebook I saw that Mike and Hayley who had been in Galway with us had been there also but we did not see them.

So today has been a totally quiet day.  Slept for two hours on the coach and we each made our own dinners.

August 1908

Aug 1 – Fergus Frank and baby Norah here. Lots of visiting and visitors.
Aug 3 – Madeline drive to Gan taking Fergus back. We get telephone installed this evening. Great for us to have.
Aug 4 – Madeline home from Gan. Terrible thunder storm. Helen Desmond here.
Aug 7 – Fergus calls on way from Briar Hill and Frank and Norah goes home. Leo here most of time as usual.
Aug 11 – Pauline Slack has birthday party. Madeline there.
Aug 13 – Take Lottie, Leo and Madeline to Gan on way to Watertown. Helen went with me.
Aug 22 – Madeline home. Helen here yet.
Aug 28 – To Toledo picnic. Visit Yates and Judges and see many old friends.
Aug 30 – visit at Murphys.

Sept 1908

Sept 1 – cut millet
Sept 7 – Took Madeline to Gan. Back to High School.
Sept 9 – Sent celostite mineral ore to Ottawa for the museum.
Sept 17 – Father Kehoe visits us.
Sept 18 – Went by Gan to Kingston and had my eye doctored by Dr. CE O’Connor. Paine prime and cut while there. We drove home. Very, very dark night. Emily worried over my eye and strain of trip.
Sept 20 – eye sore but to be expected. Dr. CE O’Connor told me it would be.
Sept 21 – Lyndhurst Fair. Madeline, Agnes and Florence McArdle drive out. At fair who et and colt, 3 sheep, 1st on little mare and colt. 2st on sheep. 1 2nd.
Sept 27 – Agnes and Madeline go to Gan.

Oct 1908

Oct – usual fall work. Many visitors.
Oct 7 – Wednesday – Fergus come and I go to Delta Liberal Convention with him. Fergus, Frank and Baby here all night. Great to have a good visit with them.
Oct 10 – Philip and Bridget Yates and boys here. Latter nearly tore place to pieces. Here for dinner. Just kids in country.
Oct 17 – Madeline and Loretta O’Connor drove out.
Oct 18 – Emily goes to Gan with Madeline and Loretta.
Oct 19 – Alone so had to stay near house to watch post office.
Oct 22 – Emily, Frank and Baby come home. Glad to have them home.
Oct 26 – Election Day. Federal. I am DRP and have polling booth in kitchen. Emily, Frank and Norah stay at Ellen’s. Taylor wins but Liberals (Laurier) go back by 56 of majority. Hurrah.
Oct 27 – Fergus comes and stays all night. Agnes stays with Madeline to keep office and house. Either Agnes or Florence.

Nov 1908 –

Nov 2 – Real freeze up today. Put up stoves here and at Ellen’s.
Nov 9 – Thanksgiving Day. Changed from Thursday. Take Madeline back to school Roads are terrible but she did not want to miss. She likes new teacher Mr. Milne best with Miss Ewing. She has one teacher a Miss. Mulloy, sister of Blend Major Mulloy.
November 15 – 2 inches of snow.
Nov 27 – Last shipment of cheese. Our Oct cheque was $28.45. We buy a cheese for 5.00 for winter. Emily wraps it in cheese cloth, rinsed out in vinegar and cheese will keep fine that way. We send Mrs. LaQue 25 lbs of butter. I get $13.00 for Election work.

Dec 1908

Dec 4 – 4 inches of snow today., Pol taxes.
Dec 6 – Monday – 6 inches of snow today. We are shocked to get word that Edgar Flood has been shot to death in Buffalo as he was on way home from Mass, by a drunk. Madeline cannot go back to school. No roads.
Dec 8 – My birthday – Joe Bevins takes Madeline to Gan as we have to go to Delta to see Bridget etc.
Dec 9 – Back to Delta to wake as body has arrived.
Dec 10 – Home at 3 am. Very weary.
Dec 11 – go to Delta and look for last time on that poor boy’s face. Funeral today. Ellen stays with Bridget.
Dec 15 – Emily’s birthday went to Lyndhurst for the afternoon.
Dec 22 – went to Gan for Madeline. We buy a fur lined coat for her from H & W Wilson $60.00. She had to have it as the long drives so cold. House in Gan so cold compared to ours she cannot go back there now frozen from trip. I don’t know how the baby can stand the cold house.
Dec 24 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst for Christmas. Food and presents. Madeline and I got fur cap at Wilson’s for Emily. The boat is Madeline gift.
Dec 25 – Fergus and Frank and babe Norah arrive early for the Christmas and we have a happy day, nice gifts, good dinner. Ellen with us and have Donnelly’s in eve.
Dec 26 – Fergus and I hitched up colts today and had a good day visiting. Madeline wants to stop High School and take business course. She feels she is so far behind in Geometry she never caught up but all are against it. I feel sorry as I know she does not like High school.
Dec 27 – Fergus, Frank and Norah go home to Gan.
Dec 31 – New Years Eve. Emily, Ellen, Madeline and I go to Gan to confessions etc.



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