December 29, 2015 – Bad Boy Caught

Gr Aunt Ellen is the little woman sitting on the left side. She was frail looking and had tons of fears.  Others in this picture are cousin Norah O’Connor sitting in the white dress. Behind her is Emily McArdle, Mary O’Connor Desmond, Charles O’Connor and unknown. The children appear to be Margaret O’Connor and don’t know the boy.


I was pleased to hear that the kid from Texas was captured in Mexico today.  His mother deserves to go to jail.  First her son kills four people while driving drunk when he was 16 or 17.  Then instead of having him face consequences they get him off by saying he suffers from Affluenza. I mean really.  How sick the families of the people he killed must have felt when he spent no time in jail.  I cannot imagine it.

Then when he thought he was going to get in trouble for attending drinking parties and pictures were posted on facebook what did his mom do?  She runs away with him to Mexico.  What kind of a mother is she?  I am sure she thinks she loves her son but she is not helping him to become a better person.  She did not know what he was doing or with whom the night he killed four people.  That is bad parenting.

This crazy excuse that people are trying to use to get rich kids off from having to experience consequences for their actions is sick.  I was thinking about what would happen if a poor kid or a middle class kid had driven drunk at 16 and killed a bunch of people?  What kind of spoiled kid defense could they use?  Probably none.

I met the parents of the young man who killed students riding in his car at Colgate University back around 2003.  He went to prison for four years and his parents were willing to speak with high school students and parents about how being a child of privilege did not protect him from making terrible mistakes.  That young man took his punishment and then when he left prison he applied to colleges and told his story and was accepted by a good college and eventually became student body president.  He used his experience to become a better person and to help others not to make the same mistake.

So, what I hope for this spoiled brat young man is that he come back, face the music and that his mother ends up in jail for  couple of years so he has to deal with something.  But the truth is I believe that the Texas Courts will let them both off.. That would seem like the way they do things in Texas.  As it turns out Texas is in the top of my list of states I will never visit again.

Snowed today here.  Iced as well  I did not go out but Denis did the driveway, shopped for some food for us and cleared the ice from the side walk.   We need to go and get some Ice B’Gone Magic sooner than later.

Time for some of Charles 1908 diary.  An important year in my life – My mom was born in 1908.

Charles Diary 1908

Jan 1908
Jan 1 – weds – Very lonely day. First time Fergus has ever been apart from us on New Years Day. Ellen here.
Jan 5 – Madeline very sick and face swollen from toothache. Bad storm but lots of visitors 10 for tea.
Jan 11 – Took Madeline back to Gan. She had a bad week so sick and worried over being a week late for school. She is not well yet but insists on going .
Jan 12 – Emily and Ellen buy ostrich fur coats. They needed them as this is a very cold winter.
Jan 26- Fergus brings Frank out and Emily sews for her.
Jan 28 – Tuesday – Went to Johnny Bryans funeral.
Jan 30 – Took Frank to Gan and Madeline and her new friend Agnes Senecal come home with me.

Feb 1908
Feb 1 – 1 Ft snow in morn and it snowed all day. No mail. Agnes a fine girl and we have good day.
Feb 2 – Still snowing and drifting. Lots of music as Agnes is a music teacher. She is much older than Madeline but is employed in EO Websters music store and helps Madeline in eve.
Feb 10 – No roads fit to go to Gan until the 10th. Another lost week but Madeline has so much fun here at home with Agnes she does not care but Emily does as we know it will be harder for her when she does get back. I took girls today. 5 hours going. Very, very bad roads.
Feb 27 – Took Emily to Gan. She stays the weekend. I have a lonesome time but glad she had a chance to go. She is helping Frank.
Feb 29 – Emily is very sick today.
Feb 30 – Emily is better. I drive Daisy a bit. Leap year one day more..

March 1908
March 1-8 – Emily very sick all week.
March 11 – Hitched Daisy single today. She behaves well as she is a great pet.
March 13 – Friday – Madeline home for weekend. She drives Daisy. I think she is not very happy in Gan. I can’t blame her. She tried to hide it and has a good friend in Franks Aunt Jane who is with them now.
March 23 – Emily, Ellen and I went to Mrs John Moorehead’s funeral.
March 24 – Fergus, Frank and dog here.
March 25 – Chas Chapman dropped dead today. We feel badly.
March 26 – Thursday – At Chapman’s most of day.
March 27 – At Chas funeral. Ellen stays all night here. She can’t take thunder storms or wakes. Both today so she is in a bad way tonight.


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