December 28, 2015 – Fare thee Well DC

Keating children and their Aunt Jen. My grandmother is the youngest one.

Madeline and her father Charles,   Maria McArdle sister of Emily.

Up early this morning, ate, hugs, packed, more hugs and good byes and off we were heading home.  Was more vacation traffic than we expected but we were home in seven hours which was good.  Stopped for two breaks and one fill up.  Was very tired on the trip home but I guess after the week we had we should be tired.

Sunday was a fun day.  It was number two sons birthday and the girls get so excited for him.  His wish was to go duck pin bowling so that is what we all did.  In the morning he was given his birthday presents and was so happy to get a Lego Monster Truck that he could build with the girls. And he was over the moon about a back pack that has a cooler in it. Great for picnic lunches if they start doing more hiking.

At oneish we headed out to Montgomery County, I think to the bowling alley.  It turned out this was great fun.  The balls are small enough the girls can handle them so they played. Their friends Helen and Harriet – twins – came with their parents Tim and Celia.  Tim was college friend of Ian and Maya’s.  So, everyone had a good visit and the girls ran themselves into exhaustion.  It as great fun.  I actually did not do so badly on the scoring end of things.  Got some spares that kept me from being at the bottom of the game.

After a stop at the house we went to a restaurant of Ian’s choice for dinner.  It was like a Chinese, Japanese, Thai restaurant in walking distance of the house.  They like it a lot and enjoyed themselves I hope.

I was exhausted when we got home so went to bed around 9:30 and slept through until 8 am.  Could have slept more and did on the way up. Denis drove first and I found myself dosing then and on the way from Sloatsburg to Albany.  We ate whatever we could find and I had a chat with daughter about her week and then decided would take a shower and write a bit and then watch a show and go to bed.  Might as well get as much sleep as I can.

Shopping needs to be done around here since we appear to be lacking in that department – especially vegetables.  Might have to resort to keeping some frozen ones on hand.  Usually like to eat the fresh ones only but it is winter after all and tonight we are suppose to have our first snow.  I feel sorry for the plants as they appear to be so confused about this lack of fall or winter. Need to take a walk around and see how they are doing.  There is going to be ice with this storm as well which is not good for anything.

If you live in this area don’t forget to pick up some Ice B’Gone Magic to get rid of ice and snow on driveways and walkways.  It really works and does not hard pets or plants.  I love the stuff.

So, let’s see how Charles is making out.  Might be surprised by his attitude about his son’s lady love.  The whole thing seems kind of strange to me and might take some further checking out to see if I can figure it out.

Charles O’Connors Diary 1907 – May – December

May 1907
May 4 – Snow and cold
May 6 – Meet Fergus at Seeleys Bay.
May 8 – Started “spring work” sowing peas and oats etc.
May 9 – Emily, Ellen and I go to Lansdowne. Margaret Buried. First body in the new cemetery.  (That would be St. Patrick’s)
May 18 – Fergus drives Nettie to Kingston. Trying to make up his mind as to where to locate.
May 28 – Heavy frost. Mary Stevens very sick.

June 1907

June 11 – Madeline had to go to Kingston for eye treatment with Dr. O’Connor.
June 14 – Madeline home. Fergus go to Bay to meet her.
June 24 – I take Fergus to Lansdowne as he leaves to look for place to locate. We all so very lonely to see him go. I can’t say more. He goes to Sault St. Marie but does not like it.
June 29 – Card and letter from Fergus who is in Toronto. Miss Daly leaves school and we hope does not come back to teach.

July 1907

July 2 Tuesday – Palmer’s arrive (Henry, Charlotte and Leo)
July 3 – Fergus comes home and brings Miss Keating with him. She seems so much older than him. Emily and Madeline like her but I can’t say I do.
July 4 – Fergus and Miss Keating return.
July 10 – Fergus home again. Still trying to decide on a place.
July 13 – Fergus goes to Gan to look over place Somers comes home with Fergus for a visit here.
July 21 – Mark McArdle arrives from Grand Island. We have a great visit.
July 22 – Put money in bank for Ellen. I pay her Jan and July.
July 27 – Miss Keating comes again Fergus meets her in Gan.
July 28 – All of us go by Lees to Charleston Lake to picnic party with all the Stevens and Connerty’s.  (McArdle cousins)
July 29 – Fergus goes to Gan to look for office. Miss Keating stays here. I am very depressed and sad. Emily scolds me for not being friendly with Miss Keating.
July 31 – Fergus comes for Miss Keating.

August 1907

August 4 – Madeline goes to Gan to meet Miss Keating and goes to Kingston with her for her appointments with Dr. O’Connor.
Aug 11 – Madeline comes home. Fergus and Miss Keating decide to marry in Sept. I am in a bad mood. Can’t get use to this girl as Fergus’ wife. Emily gets out of patience with me.
August 19 – Fergus comes from Gan. Madeline goes back with him.
Aug 21 – Emily and I go to Gan. Madeline home with us.
Aug 22 – Went to Ben Kelsey’s funeral.
Aug 24 – Bertha Johnson here to make clothes for Emily.
Aug 25 – Mr Broadbent here.
Aug 29 – Fergus comes and brings Kate McArdle and Aunt Maria here.
Aug 30 – Madeline’s birthday. She is glad to have Kate with her as she feels a bit hurt that she is not invited to Fergus wedding. (I find this strange that she was not invited)

Sept 1907

Sept 2 – Emily and I busy getting ready and leave at noon. Arrive 4:20. Slept at Jim Keating’s. He and his wife are lovely to us. Fine couple but there is some cloud between them and Frank. One can feel this.
Sept 3 – Fergus’ wedding day. Very quiet, too quiet. Makes one more lonesome than ever. We go at 8 to Church then back for quiet brunch. Later go to Martin Meagher’s for breakfast. Left for home at noon, home at 5. (The Meagher’s were my grandmothers Aunt and Uncle)
Sept 5 – Fergus and wife arrive at B??. Emily has invited relatives and friends for eve. Big cake etc.
Sept 6 – Fergus and Frank left for Gan. Staying at Shield’s Hotel for awhile. Office on Main St. Ellen feels terrible. She feels Fergus has left us.
Sept 13 – Emily, Madeline and I got to Brockville fair.
Sept 17 – Emily and I to Lyndhurst and I send $150 to Kirkpatrick and Rogers. 100 on principal 50 interest. Thank God we had it as past 2 years expensive.
Sept 19 – Lyndhurst Fair. Took 7 head of cattle, 4 sheep, 2 lambs, and 2 colts. 7 1st prizes, 5 2nds, 1 3rd.
Sept 20 – At last Madeline is going to High School. We wish it could be Athens but Fergus and Frank insist on Gan. It will be cheaper of course but it is not a very good school.
Sept 22 – Take Madeline to Gan. Dinner with Fergus and Frank. Marie home with me. Am glad of this as Emily and I are pretty lonesome with Madeline gone.
Sept 23 – I am sick all week. Emily says it is nerves and emotions. For my sake she is extra cheerful. Ellen has blues too.
Sept 24 – Thresh. 150 bushels grain.

October 1907

Oct 1 – Took Maria to Sta. We hate to see her leave for Nebraska
Oct 2 – Went to Gan for Madeline.  They have accepted her at this late date. Frank insists she go into 2nd year because she has been taking Lain, Algebra, French here. Madeline is worried over this and wants to start in 1st year. We have to agree with Frank or make it bad for the child. She gets the hard side of everything.
Oct 6 – Fergus and Frank come out and…
Oct 7 – They go back to Gan and Madeline goes with them. A month and a week late for 2nd year. Emily and I are upset and wish they could have done otherwise but we agree Frank has taught so long she is used to doing things her way I fear.
Oct 10 – Pete Nolan comes in night. Collie does not like this. Al fines Tom Bryan for water in milk.

October 1907

Oct 17 – I go to Gan and Madeline comes home and so happy to be home. She does not complain but I feel she does not like the school. Princ. Graham very good to her and so is Miss Ewing.
Oct 21 – Madeline returns to Gan. We put up winter stoves at Ellen’s and here.
Oct 23 – John Leadbeater’s funeral.
Oct 25 – George Larose helps Emily gather bushels of butternuts.
Oct 31 – Thanksgiving Day. Mike, Margaret, & Nellie Richardson and her niece comes and bring Madeline.

Nov 1907

November 1 – Holy Day
Nov 3 – Emily and I take Madeline to Gan. Terrible roads so we stay all night. Madeline stays boards at Mrs…..
Nov 4 – Home early cold day.
Nov 7 – Ground covered with snow Madeline home very 2nd weekend. She likes Kate and Loretta O’Connor but her godfather Tom is not too friendly. She is surprised at way kids act after school EO Webster very friendly. Also Kate O’Neil and Ag Laque.

Dec 1907

Dec 8 – my birthday. Go to Mass at Lansdowne then to Ellens for Tea
Dec 9 – Robert Harry O’Neill arrives. He is from Ireland probably a black sheep in a rich family. His sister a nun. He has big allowance and wants to stay here. He stays until Wed. snow 4 feet deep this morn.
Dec 15 – 15 “ more of snow. Emily’s birthday 52 years.
Dec 17 – Went to Gan for Madeline for holidays. Get up wood for Ellen and our place after I get home.
Dec 24 – Left for Gan at 2 . Fergus and Frank in new home now for a month. Go to midnight Mass all of us.
Dec 25 – Christmas spent day at Fergus but make short calls at McArdles and O’Connors’. Home at 10 o’clock. Rainy night.
Dec 30 – Madeline, Ellen and I go to Lyndhurst to meet funeral there of Mrs Jane Plunkett (Isaac’s wife). Madeline was very fond of her.
Dec 31 – Last day of 1907 – Ellen, Emily Madeline and self waiting now to say prayers at 12. Blustry stormy night. Some changes since last New Years eve but all for the best I hope and pray. Fergus with wife, home of his own, Young Charley in Watertown.

can you see what my thoughts are?  Charlie sure took his son’s marriage badly as did his sister, but not his wife.  I am sure Frank must have been a strong woman after losing her parents and sisters to TB starting when she was about 12 years old.  She had to learn how to take care of herself and had survived it all. My Mom always told me her mother would never speak about her family as it was too painful.  Sad to say.  So we know little about how she had survived. Her brother also lost his wife early and ended up living with my grandparents until he went into the nursing home.  The O’Neill’s I am coming to think were my Grandmothers relatives.  We never heard that but how was my Grandmother so attached to the Shields, LaQue’s and O’Neills. The one thing they all had in common was that they were O’Neill’s, including my Grandmother who’s mother was an O’Neill.



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