December 26, 2015- Boxing Day

Great day with the girls. Skating lessons in the morning. Then brought Sol home while the parents ran up to Baltimore with the Bear.   Sol and I built her Lego Frozen Castle, had a snack in between times and by the end I was bushed but she was ready to start building another Lego set – a girl band stage.  I took a nap while her dad helped her.

Ian’s birthday is tomorrow so we started tonight by playing a couple of rounds of the game UpWords.  I won the first round and Ian the second.

We must were talking about that 41 years ago tonight I was in the hospital with asthmatic bronchitus and in terrible shape for surgery but that was the plan so they moved forward. I was on pain meds, asthma meds etc which it turned out were poisoning poor little Ian.  I had wanted to go in before Christmas but the doctors did not want to have to do it on Christmas eve. Too bad for us.  He ended up spending an extra week in the hospital and being poisoned more from what I was getting through an IV while I nursed him.  No one was reading my chart or talking to each other about what they were doing.  Sad for my little guy.  It really gave him a bad start on life.  He cried for months and months and threw up every meal. It was a hard time for everyone.

So because of this evening I am not going to write any more. It is 12:01 and we are singing Happy Birthday to Ian.  He was mentioning the video of us coming home from the hospital and my dad taking the movie and me telling him to help me on the snow. The snow was deep and it was cold and I was having a hard time getting around.

So enjoy the evening those of you to the west, and have a good Dec 27th the rest of you.



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