December 23, 2015 – Two days until Christmas

It would appear that our little girls although excited about Christmas coming but don’t seem to be over the top about it.  The four of us had a good day today for the most part.  We offered that they go out with us but They were not interested.  So they just played away the morning and Grandpa read to them and played some fantasy game.  They were both into playing with their babies.  Little Bear is really into her baby dolls. I hope they like their Christmas present.

Their friend Kennedy arrived around lunch time, so they were busy with her until two when I told them it was over and that we were going out.  So once things were cleaned up off we went to the market.  Could not find two of the items I needed but got the rest. Then off to the Coop for the others and only found one there.  Truth is I need to go to a suburban chain grocery store to get the kind of gluten free flour I want. Guess I will just use the regular stuff to make my cheese sauce for dinner on Christmas.  Just a couple of table spoons for a bunch of servings so it won’t bother me.

When we got back one little person was sound asleep.  I think she would benefit from some down time every day even if it was just quiet time in her room.  I got all the size 3’s out of her dresser and made room for some of the size 4 and 5s that did not fit before.  I was asked to do this – thank you very much.

Dinner was a couple of gluten free pizzas I put together and the kids ate what ever they wanted. Mom and Dad went off to see Star Wars and we gave them a bath and then let them watch a Disney Christmas show for an hour. I think they liked it.  The last part was the Christmas Carol with Donald Duck as Scrooge.  Was lots of fun.  Sol was surprised when I told her the Christmas Carol was my favorite Christmas story.  Little Bear had little to say about the show at all but seemed happy curled up with her beloved Grandpa. I am okay but he is the best thing since sliced cheese for them.  I am told by most of my friends that is the way it is.

So, now it is quiet, I have my ear plugs in and think I might be listening to Mountain Stage.  Their kinds of Music.  Good what ever it is.  Am getting excited about Christmas.  Should be a fun day.  Tomorrow evening we are planning to go to Church somewhere in Takoma Park then back here.  Have to get the car unpacked at some point, the back is filled with bags of presents.  Maybe tomorrow after dinner we will put them around the tree.

So let’s see what the rest of 1906 brought to the O’Connor’s of Long Point Farm.  Charles seems to be recovered from what ever he had.  Grandfather starts his career at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston. Sarsfield is buried. Other deaths, some of old age and others shocking. Mary visits them from Canton. And Charlie is back. He was a big part of their lives – a nephew – who was always on the edge.  Well loved by them but Aunt Ellen was a nit picker and I don’t believe she was every easy on him.

July 5 – Fergus takes Leo Madeline, Marian Tye and Lenna Bryan to Morton to see the soldiers march in route from Kingston and Ottawa.
July 24 – To Lansdowne in route to St. Annes. Joe Bevin and I leave at 5 pm and got to Montreal at 11:30.
July 25 – Slept on train. Left for Quebec and got there 6 am. Arrive at St. Annes. Greatly impressed by what I see and hear. Joe is too.
July 26 – stayed all night at Richmond. Sight Seeing in Montreal.
July 27 – Back to Gan where Fergus meets me. He goes to Kingston to be House Surgeon in Hotel Dieu.
July 28 – Fergus first day on duty in Hotel Dieu. Spent day telling family, Emily, Madeline all bout trip.

August 2 – Thursday – Mrs Tom McConnell, Janie Moorehead, died today. Frank Sterry, cheesemaker boards with us.
Aug 25 – sat – “Joady” Burns this noon. I go with Joe Bevins to Gan to see Father Keogh and make plans.

Sept 4 – Tuesday – Madeline has fainting spell and scares us. She has so many but Dr. Gardiner says it is caused by her heart. Frank Stevens here for week.
Sept 11 – Madeline takes Ellen for a drive around the square. Ellen afraid to ride with Madeline driving but they return ok.
Sept 18 – Andy Shook here for eve.
Sept 19 – Shocked today when Andy Shook is killed. Caught between door frame and threshing machine at LaRoses barn. We feel badly.
Sept 21 – Lyndhurst Fair. 2nd prize on … one year old and 1st on calf. Joe Vintin on …
Sept 28 – Mary Desmond arrives. Great to see her.

Oct 1 – Monday – 19 wee pigs on one mothers.
Oct 2 – Cheese Inspector Cheetham here.
Oct 3 – Father O’Gorman dies.
Oct 4 – Father O’Gorman’s funeral. Mary Desmond visiting all of us.
Oct 11 – Heavy snow. Too early.
Oct 12 – Herb McArdle and wife here.
Oct 18 – Thursday. Fralick and Col Hendrick here. Mary and Ellen too. Fergus home.
Oct 22 – I go to Kingston with Fergus. Train from Gan. Good day.
Oct 24 or 28 – Annie McDonald and Jim Lynch married.

Nov 11 – got word Sarsfields body was coming to Brewers Mills. We went but it did not arrive.
Nov 12 – Sarsfields body buried at Brews but storm too bad for us to go. Feel badly.
Nov 18 – Father Kehoe’s first Sunday at Lansdowne. Quite different from Father O’Gorman. Snowing.

Dec 4 – factory closed and Geo Sterry leaves us for home. Joe will miss him. Snowing.
Dec 8 – My birthday and a Holy Day. Ellen here for day but she always casts a gloom on my day by recalling” poor father died on your birthday.” I am 59 today. Emily gets up a fine meal for me. Play music and games in eve.
Dec 13 – Terrible weather. A pack peddler all night. Poor chap. I let him have horse and cutter to go to Gan for his fresh pack. Ellen tells me I’m foolish to do so but I feel he is honest.
Dec 21 – young Charley back. He gets lonesome for all of us.
Dec 22 – Chas goes to Lansdowne to meet Fergus. They are great chums. So different in their ways.
Dec 24 – Busy so take Emily to Lyndhurst for food and gifts. All at Ellens for tea then she comes home with us. Fergus looks so well and likes the Hotel Dieu. Sisters send each of us a gift.
Dec 25 – Tuesday – Ellen and Chas spent day here. Great dinner, good gifts for each one. Great sleighing so Fergus and Chas hitch up Daisy and take us in turn for drive.

Rest of month Fergus and Madeline visit friends and relatives. Lots of company music and dancing here in eve.

New years eve – rain all day spend eve Chas, Fergus and Madeline talking and Emily and I listening to them at 12 after apples and nuts. Emily gets us on our knees to pray old year out and new one in. Deo Gratias.



2 thoughts on “December 23, 2015 – Two days until Christmas”

  1. Kennedy coming over did not bother me. The girls loved having her. She is such a lovely polite little girl. She always says please and thank you and helps clean up, where as I cannot say the same for my girls. My Virgo husband who likes things to go as planned does not deal with things that go out of his planned order. I will have to rewrite what I had to say that day. Hope to see you on our next visit.


  2. I just read it, I think th biggest problem is not having a house phone. She did just come but that did not bother me and the girls were thrilled to have their friend. Sorry the comment offended you. Please don’t think that we would not welcome Kennedy any time and if we had been taking the girls out like we had to do later we would have just let her know to come and play later.


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