December 22, 2015 -Three days until Christmas

What a fun day we had today.  Not that I was happy waking up early but I did fall back to sleep for a bit.  The first thing I did was offer the girls the opportunity to go this afternoon to the puppet show of the Nutcracker that looked like it would be really fun to see.  They were both an absolute “NO” so I said how about we have our own puppet show.  A discussion followed about how we could do it and what they could use etc.  Sol was really into it.

I found a box that we could turn into a little stage.  Just the right size for her. I used some aluminum foil to cover up where I had cut it out.  And then let them at it. Sol wrote some script for the presentation at 5:30. They each drew a sign to hang on the door.   It was quite the morning.  Then we had some lunch and then walked up the street to the Coop and got me some of “My” milk – Coconut and a few other items I wanted.

On the return trip the park was right there and not too wet so off we went for a play time.  It is wonderful to watch the two of them play together all these imaginary games.  They are so creative and can play together for over an hour at a time and not expect any adult involvement. I just love it.

Once home they were back to planning for their show for Mommy and Daddy.  They had a willing audience and were totally excited about doing their little show.  Asta was the stage manager and audience participant along with Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa.  We sang Christmas Carols, and she did a little puppeting and then we closed with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”  I imagine tomorrow will be another play.

Bedtime was a little rough.  I think they were a little over excited and cannot settle down.  One down, one to go. Oh well, not such a bad day.

I am one tired Grandma which all my Grandparents friends know about.  It appears it is normal to get worn out from this role that we don’t participate in every day.  My brother Bill when he was helping his son out with day care would go to bed with the kids.  I can understand that now.

Charles Diary 1906 – Best get on with it now.

January 1 – Town meeting at school. Ellen and Ben Billon here for dinner. Glad to begin new years with callers as George Bracken , Frank Chapman and Albert Bracken all come for a chat after meeting
Jan 10 – Building stable with Mike Slack’s help. Too cold to work only on sunny days.
Jan 23 – Tuesday – Allan Donnelly here and take Madeline to Athens. I went to Griffins camp but found all in order.
Jan 27 – Sat – Great hockey interest this winter. Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst to game. Seeleys Bay and Lyndhurst. Lyndhurst lost by one point. We know all the players.
Jan 29 – Madeline very sick. She does not like to miss school but the teacher, Miss Danby is not good for continuation subjects and we could manage to send her to Business college at …….. Very cold. 20’ below.

February 1 – Very cold 20’ below zero for three days. Madeline so sick. Logging.
Feb 8 – Miss Danby refuses to teach anyone past entrance. The trustees. R Singleton, Jim Townsend meet her and tell her she must teach Sadie Bryan, Florence and Madeline.
Feb 9 – Darley here for a week.
Feb 16 – Took Darley and Madeline to Delta.
Feb 20 – Madeline comes home.
Feb 21 – Get word from Fergus that he is sick. Big thaw.
Feb 22 – Went to Lyndhurst to phone to see how Fergus is. Read mud road. We were so worried about Fergus that I drove to Kingston. Had a good visit and found him better left at 6 am back at 12:30. Long lonely drive.

March 10 – Saturday – Went to a meeting of Agriculture Society in Lyndhurst. I was elected to revise the prize list.
March 30 – Friday – let Sam Cross and Tom O’Grady work sugar bush on shares.

April 3 – had a letter from Col. Barker.
April – 12 – Emily and I left at 5 am for Kingston. Got there at 10 for Convocation and saw Fergus receive his MDCM degrees. A great day for us. Our son a Doctor. Thanks be to God. We go over to Wolfe Island to see Mary McArdle and stay all night. Fergus come home with us.
April 21 – get word of Sarsfield McArdle’s death on warship Kearsage, Electrical accident. A short life but an exciting one.
April 23 – Monday – Fergus returns to Kingston. He tells us he and Miss Scollard are no longer interested in each other. Too bad Sadie Bryan is not a Catholic.
April 29 – went to 2 funerals today. P Kendrick and old Mrs Willis (Weeks)

May 23 – Madeline goes to Kingston by Rideau Steamer to visit Fergus until 28th.

June 5 – Thursday – Fergus home after writing council meeting.
June 8 – Terrific thunderstorm today. Picnic dance tonight.
Fergus and Madeline have a great time visiting everyone. He is tired out after hard study. Emily worried over him. Makes him take egg nogs and using cream etc.
June 21 – Thursday – They visit Maude Webster as she is leaving for west to teach.

If you look on my posting from April you will find the info about the Kearsage explosion which killed Sarsfield McArdle. Son of John McArdle.


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