December 21, 2015 – Four days until Christmas

Well, aside from being four days before Christmas today was the day of a kid throwing up and feeling terrible most of the day. Mom and Dad went to work and then Mom got a call from her mom about a dental problem so she came back, Denis and Little Bear picked her up at the train station and they went off for the afternoon.  I on the other hand was home with the sleeping, occasionally throwing up older sister.  Certainly did not plan on that kind of a day.

In the morning it was cute watching Grandpa and little sister playing toy store.  He would call her up and request an item and then go and pick it up and pay for it.  They went on for about an hour doing this.  And they read an entire big book of fairy tales.  The child has amazing patience and focus for her age. Figure it has to do with the model of education they are getting.

At dinner every one seemed to be recovered from the day and after eating we played a dinner time game. Each person posed a question on a certain topic and then everyone had to go around and answer their question as well as everyone elses. It was fun. Second round was about Christmas – What was your favorite present you ever received?  What do you want for Christmas? What is your favorite Christmas carol? What is your favorite Christmas food?  How many days of Christmas are there?  The kids have this box someone gave them of various games you can plan at dinner time to encourage conversation etc.  It is fun every time we come to see what games they will want to play.

Turns out someone who works in the office next to Ian’s is from Lyndhurst Ontario.  I mean really now.  When he was working on an article with the CBC the woman was from Lansdowne.   He meets more people with connections to that area.  I think he is drawn to it.

Charles O’Connors Diary 1905 – Check out the first line. I cannot imagine what it would be like seeing a comet out there on those oh so dark nights. I love to sit out and watch the stars, planets and space ships flying by because you can see so much up there in the dark.

May 13 – Haleys Comet
May 23 – New milk inspector. Mr Sam Chetham. Comes at 12 midnight and to sleep here.
May 24 – Fergus and Madeline go to Jones Falls to big picnic. She is very happy to go with him and meet the older crowd he knows so well. They have snap shots then. Milk Cheque 21.31.

June 1905
Got word poor Fifield dead in west – brain fever.
June 2 – Ascension Thursday =- Sent Susie violets to Nebraska. They travel well she says. We wrap them in batting. Another tradition as they are always in bloom Ascension Thursday.
June 3 – Big ball at Oak Leaf and Fergus invited and goes. Fine time. The Oak Leaf are the 400??? of Leeds.
June 18 – I took Madeline to Gan for her exam before confirmation. She knows her catechism from page to page and passes well.
June 19 – Madeline confirmed by our loved Archbishop at St. John’s Church. I have a good visit with him. Father O’Gorman expresses surprise at Madeline able to answer so well but Archbishop says he is not as he knows Emily, Charles and Fergus.
June 24 – Saturday – Got word Susie Stevens would arrive from Nebraska at Athens so we go out to see her. A happy reunion Emily stays.
June 29 – Emily and Susie comes. Great visiting. Palmers arrive today.

July 1905

July 11 – Tuesday– Paid Dr. Gardiner $150 beside not for $35.
July 19 – Worst thunder storm in years. Have bad time with Ellen who gets sick in storm. Emily does not frighten by storms only winds but Ellen scares her when she collapses this way.
July 23 – Fergus takes Susie to the crossing. Sad farewell to her.
July 24 – Fergus, Emily, Ellen and Madeline are very sick for week.

August 1905

Aug 21 – Railway picnics begin weekly at Delta. Fergus, Madeline and Leo go.
Aug 23 – Fergus goes to Dier- Patience wedding.

Meeting every Sunday in school house. Good living people are the Homerites so we do not mind the loud praying.

Aug 28- Sold pig that weighted 332 lbs come to $20.41.
Aug 30 – Madeline’s birthday. Goes with Ellen to Flat Rock forenoon. Blueberry pie she likes better than cake. We get a fine view of the eclipse today.

September 1905

Sept 1 – Friday – Mr Bracken dies today.
Sept 6 – Threshers here. 225 bushels oats, 25 bus wheat. Sick tonight.
Sept 9 – Rodd O’Connor comes home with Fergus and I from Gan. He is jolly and good fun for all of us.
Sept 11 –Fergus goes to Athens to stay a week for a visit.
Sept 13 – Rodd O’Connor gets a job as a barber in Lyndhurst.
Sept 14 – Take Lottie and Leo to station.
Sept 20 – Lyndhurst Fair. We get 1st prize on colt. Guy Curtis showers Madeline with treats. He is a queer one. A hot day and he paddles around in bare feet – a real hobo.
October 1905 –

Oct 10 – Emily, Ellen, Madeline and I go to the wedding (but he does not say how or where)
Oct 12 – Get word old Mrs. McAvoy dead. Emily, Ellen and I got to Dundon where she is waked.
Oct 18 – Thunder storm.
Oct 21 – Kate McAvoy lands back at Ellen’s bag and baggage. How does Ellen put up with her?
Oct 26 – Thursday – Thanksgiving Day – Fergus home
Oct 30 – Fergus returns to Queens.

November 1905

Nov 20 – Our anniversary. Jim and Mary remembered and came. They and Ellen here for supper and eve.
Nov 29 – Mrs Paradis died.
Nov 30 – Madeline and Miss Webster go to funeral.

Dec 1905 –

Dec 8 and 15th – our birthdays and we buy a large Bible as gift.
Dec 21 – went to Lansdowne to meet Fergus. Roads terrible but we make it.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day. Happy one Ellen here. Treats and presents. A big one a rocking chair we bought yesterday from Wetherall. Family gift.
Dec 31 – Last day of year. First day snowing, so no sleighing. All are in bed. Ellen here too. Midnight and all prayers said together before rest sent to bed. I wonder what new year will bring. Hoping it will be Gods will that it will have no great sorrows in store for us or our families and friends. Thanking him for blessings of past year and goodbye 1905.

picture about Haley’s Comet 1905  – turns out it came in 1910, not sure what they were looking at in 1905.


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