December 20, 2015 – Five Days Until Christmas

Travel day completed in good time.  There was not a great deal of traffic most of the way which made it much faster and easier.  Down towards DC there was an increase but by then there was just a short way left to travel.

The little kids were excited at our arrival but very tired after their busy day, skating, lunch, movies, grocery shopping etc.  So we were at the end of all of that so their tiredness just slowed them down a bit.

Very excited to be here and planning to enjoy the week with the girls and seeing what there is to do. Suppose to rain so won’t go too far a field depending on how rainy it is.  Might take them to another movie or watch some here on Netflix.

It was interesting on the way down listening to a show about humanity and they were talking about WWI and how in Flanders at Christmas both sides came together and sang carols and food packages from home etc. The generals were so angry about it and moved those who had seen the men they were fighting as human beings instead of just the enemy back from the fighting and sent in replacements who just saw them as the bad guys.  There is a lesson there when thinking about Muslims in our communities.  It would be nice if people could meet and get to know some of the immigrants living in their neighborhoods and see them as individuals and not as an enemy.   It helps so much to personalize relationships and see each other as humans not as just bad or different people.

I am going to bed so want to finish this before I do.

Charles O’Connors Diary 1905  Jan – April.  Yesterday he talked about Sarsfield McArdle who was on the Kearsage. ( think that is the wrong spelling)  Later we will find out that he was killed. I have articles about his death that I will add when we get to that time.

Charles Diary 1905

Jan 1 – New Years Day. Fergus and Madeline go to Mass at Lansdowne and Joe Kenny brings Sue and Florence. Good dinner.
Jan 2 – Take Fergus to Seeleys Bay to bus on way to Queens again. We are all thankful he can return.
Jan 3 – Ford Green died New Years Day. And put in vault today. Miss Webster very sad about his death. Edith did not have him very long.
Jan 7 – Big ice storm. No mail. Roads terrible.
Jan 17 – Temperance Election.(Provincial) Workers Rev. Chisholm and George Howard here for tea.
Jan 25 – Election Day 63 for Dargavel, 13 for Chisholm.
Jan 26 – Terrible snow storms. No roads until Sat. Roads blocked several days. No mail and miss Fergus’ good letters.

Feb – bad month for snow and cold.
Feb 16 – Mark gets here but can’t make it on to Ellisville.
Feb 19 – Teams out ploughing road so teachers and pupil can get out.
Feb 22 – Ellen returns from Delta and will be here rest of winter. Had to break road around hay stack as we need hay. Hard job.
Feb 23 – Stages gets thro’ Fergus home until Monday. We go to see Mr Warren who does not want to die. He said” Begorra I know what its like in terrie firmie but I do not know about the next place”. Ellen hurt Madelines feelings re “anti…gation?” Madeline remembers everything Fergus told us about pneumonia.
Feb 24 – Mr Warren dead. Has to leave his “terrie firmie.” I am asked to be pall bearer.

March 6 – Mary Nixon married.
March 21 – Ellen has been at Annies for a week and returns today determined to go back to her own home. She pities poor Annie living with old ladies. Emily wants her to stay here or for nights anyway lest she gets cold so she goes to house for a few hours only for a week.
March 27 – Let sugar bush to Jim Walter for 1/3 of run. I’m afraid of my rheumatism returning. I am quite free of it thanks to Gardiner but not of his bill. Anyway busy with new calves etc.
March 30 – Got out buggy and spring wagon hoping snow is over.

April 1 – Fergus’ birthday. Go to Lyndhurst to phone him but cannot get him. Come here and he is here until Thursday 6th. For exams.
April 11 – Go to Seeleys Bay to meet Fergus. I stop and pay Dr. Gardiner $100 and a note for 33 due in six month. Hard luck but thank God as Emily said we had it to pay.
April 12 – Little mare has colt. Great fussing over it. Joyful event.
April 20 – Lambs start coming.


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