December 10, 2015 – Friends are so rare

“A friend is a present you give yourself”

                                           Robert Louis Stevenson

In my life growing up we moved several times.  Not local moves but cross country moves – Buffalo to Seattle to Scarsdale.  It is a good thing that I liked to write letters because from each place I lived I have at least one friend who traveled through the years with me.

Ginny Rozek and I met when we were little things.  We moved two houses away from her family when I was six months old. Our Mom’s became friends so I assume that going back and forth between the houses started pretty early in life.  It was a great neighborhood and even though Ginny and her sisters went to Catholic School and I was in the Public School we were still friends and went to dancing lessons at the same place. I have memories of our times together.  I had other friends but after moving I lost track of them.  It would be fun to find them again but have no idea where they went. Ginny and I have stayed connected through the years and now see each other more than we did from age 10 – 40.

Then in Seattle I had friends in elementary school and then new friends when the schools all came together at Queen Anne for Jr and Sr. High School.  The one person I never lost touch with was Melanie Knight.  She has always been close to me no matter where we were living.

Both these woman have been though thick and thin with me no matter where I have been.  If I needed support I knew I could rely on either of them.

Moving the way we did I am glad I was outgoing. Otherwise I think life might have been much harder on me.  In recent years I have reconnected with various Seattle friends – Dolly Moody, Helen Hubbard, Eunice Stoa and Marjie Snodgrass.  They all played important roles for me while I was growing up.

So I hope you have friends who have traveled through life with you. They are the greatest gifts.

My gr grandfather obviously had wonderful and loyal friends at Long Point. So let’s do another month of his diary. Glad they were happy about Fergus going to Queens.  Starting a tradition that continues today in the family.  Always descendants attending Queens. We should do an updated list one of these days.

July 1902

July 1 – Tuesday – Dominion Day. Judd stays over night. Leases Mrs. Burns mines.
July 2 – Hoed potatoes then Lee and I went up to John McArdles.
July 3 – Wet morn. Afternoon Emily, Madeline go fishing. Lovely at our Point now. We bring home fish and water lilies.
July 4 – Emily and I take Madeline to Lyndhurst to have Dr. Lily fill her teeth.
July 5 – Hoed corn Mosie Leeder here for dinner. Herb McArdle for tea and eve.
July 6 – At home. Joe Warren and Johnson Moorehead here for tea and eve.
July 7 – Hoed potatoes. Bridget brings Lottie and Leo. They will be here for summer.
July 8 – Bridget and Lottie went to Sand Bay for day. Fergus goes to Station for Henry Palmer.
July 9 – Visited with Lottie and Henry most of day. Frank Slack and Joanna here this eve.
July 10 – Hilled up potatoes. Lottie, Henry, Mr and Mrs Plunkett, Ellen spend eve here. Stella (Julia) Sly here all night with Madeline. They tease Leo until Emily stops them.
July 11 – I take Palmers to Jim McDonalds for day. Fergus at McArdles.
July 12 – Worked around place. Henry and I go to Lyndhurst
July 13 – Lots of company today. Mike and Margaret O’Connor from Gan. John and Annie, Margaret McDonald and daughters Annie and Margaret, Ellen and Palmers. Frank and Lena Mc, Kate and Nane Donnelly. All for tea but Emily has lots of good food.
July 14 – Took Palmers to Gan for day. Buy a mower from H Wilson $44.00. 1st payment today. Rest on /08.
July 15 – Fergus and I put mower together. Young cattle all get out and we have time finding them.
July 16 – Mowed most of day. Judd here visited mines. Ellen here for tea and eve.
July 17 – Raked hay and Fergus and I then put it up. Borrowed Moltons wagon.
July 18 – Fergus drives a load of cheese to Lyndhurst station. I work at hay.
July 19 – Drew in hay all day.
July 20 – At home all day. Fergus decided on future. We are pleased he will go to Queens.
July 21 – Wet morn. Go to John Plunkett’s bee. Fishery duties. Fergus home at 6.
July 22 – Cut hay all day. Stringer here.
July 23 – Raked up hay and mowed the orchard. Put up 200 cocks of hay. Fergus, Emily and Madeline go to Lyndhurst.
July 24 – Herb Moulton pays board he owed.
July 25 – Rained in night so we have to shake out hay. Chas C helped.
July 26 – Wallace Connerty comes this eve to stay over.
July 27 – Wallace, Madeline and I go to our Point to fish at lake. I survey for nets with Chris rowing.
July 28 – Monday – Worked at hay.
July 29 – Fergus and I draw 4 loads of hay.
July 30 – We put up a stack of hay. Fishery duties
July 31 – Madeline, Wallace and I go to front water and to Bevins. Wallace goes home tonight. Fine chap.


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