December 9, 2015 – Lazy Woman

“Dignity is the capacity to hold back on the tongue what never should have been in  the mind in the first place.” Unknown

Had had enough of not sleeping so last night took an over the counter sleep med and slept until 10 am.  Guess I was tired.  And the pain was gone for that period of time or I slept through the pain but I doubt it.

Actually did nothing constructive today. Read more of the book I am almost finished with and took a nap because by 2 pm all I wanted to do was sleep again.  Think I might have a problem??? Just maybe.  Did cook dinner so at least we ate.

This quote above hit me between the eyes after hearing and reading more about Trump statements today.  My brother thinks Trump is a ploy by the Democratic Party to undermine the Republicans.  Funny thought but he certainly is not making them look good or the country.  Kind of sad to watch this man say things that take away any dignity he had.

Let’s go on with Charles Diary.  Busy time at the farm with all the planting and getting the fields ready etc. But that does not appear to slow down the social life.

June 1902

June 1 – Emily, Madeline and I go over to Arthur Slacks. Jerry Shook comes home with us and stays all night.
June 2 – Bryon Stringer pays us for board etc. Planted potatoes
June 3 – Planted corn. Sadie Bryon here on rainy nights such as this. Mr. Dale back again. Rainy.
June 4 – Wet so go to Lyndhurst to shop.
June 5 – Fitted ground for corn.
June 6 – Planted beans
June 7 – wet day. Nothing doing.
June 8 – Very heavy rains so at home.
June 9 – I split rails. Robert Webster came to see me. Had not seen him for 25 years. Great visit.
June 10 – Took Ellen to Slacks this eve. We went to Lyndhurst.
June 11 – Put up range and painted chairs.
June 12 – Ascension Day. Emily, Madeline and I go to Lansdowne to church. Madeline and Emily pick violets on path of house field and mail them to Susie in Nebraska.  (Susie – Emily’s sister)
June 13 – Worked around yard
June 14 – Madeline and I go to Church. Special Mass
June 15 – Emily, Madeline and I go to McArdles.
June 16 – Sheared sheep today. Herb and Tess here for tea.
June 17 – Pulverized buckwheat ground. Josh Moulton buys pig.
June 18 – Emily and Madeline go to Chapmans. Many nights of late go out fishing grounds. Chris and I take up nets last night. Margaret McDonald comes tonight.
June 19 – Jim and Margaret McDonald here.
June 20 – Finished drawing out manure.
June 21 – wet day so am idle.
June 22 – went to Morton to see Judd. Took Madeline and he insisted on us having dinner. Such a lovely home awes Madeline. Kate Bass here all night.
June 23 – Sowed buckwheat. G Landon here for dinner.
June 24 – Cultivated.
June 25 – got some planeing down. (could be planting done or planeing wood?)
June 26 – Very wet. Spent day helping Emily look for turkey.
June 27 – Work over corn and potatoes.
June 28 – Went to Gan for Fergus. So good to have him home.
June 29 – Fergus and I go to Mass. Maurice Stevens comes home with us.
June 30 – Jim Judd here for dinner.




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