December 8, 2015 – No rest for the bad girl

“A man who helps his friend across the stream finds himself on the other side.”  Unknown

Yesterday I decided I could try and chew on the left side and lo and behold I paid the price last night.  3 am the pain hit and never went away. Talk about being tired.  Tonight at Tai Chi Richard showed me the pressure point for tooth aches.  Hopefully if I wake up in pain tonight I can try that. Also looked on line and found out that ginger is a pain killer. I put ground ginger on my gums and lo and behold the pain went away.  So that is my back up plan if the trigger point massage does not work.   So maybe there is hope for me yet.

Tai Chi was fun tonight.  A lot of folks were not there so we got some one on one help.  I was pleased that I was able to go through the 106 moves without a mistake and knew what I was suppose to do.  My goal is to have it down solid by the spring so I can do it without worrying about missing pieces in the summer when I don’t have classes.  I think by February I should be able to join the sword class as well.  I keep forgetting to buy myself a sword so figure I am not ready to do it.

The quote above I found and really like.  It goes along with the theme of the season.  Considering what is going on in this country I can use a lot of quotes like this.  Every step we take to make a difference in the life of another takes us to new places, both externally and internally.  Goodness breeds goodness.   I wish some of these people running for president would show us their compassionate side.  I don’t want a president who does not care about others, especially those in need.

Let’s not go there but go back in time. I am loving these entries when they were building the kitchen which is still there. The old stove was there in the 40’s and 50’s.  It was a wood stove as I remember.  When he talked about the door upstairs going from the kitchen to the main house I loved that door, it led to the little attic area above the kitchen where we played dress ups and other games when we were little kids.

May 1902

May 1 – Started our milk to factory today. Got a plough point from A Love.
May 2 – Let Josh Moulton have oats and peas. Borrowed harrow from Chas Chapman and dragged.
May 3 – Heavy rain today.
May 4 – We went up to Ellen’s for tea.
May 5 – Fixed fence. Ploughed.
May 6 – Laid hardwood floor in kitchen. Walter Slack here for tea. Ellen went home with him.
May 7 – Drew out manure. Ploughed.
May 8 – Went to Lyndhurst. Big storm electrical. Bad one.
May 9 – McCready here. Fine chap.
May 10 – Sowed 3 bus peas and oats. Heavy frost last night. Ice 1” thick. 22 cheese shipped from factory. First.
May 11 – we went to church Emily, Madeline and I.
May 12 – ploughed.
May 13 – Finished ploughing today. Ellen here and gets very sick tonight.
May 14 – Went to Sand Bay for barley. Annie came home with me. I had finished her desk and took it to her.
May 15 – Sowed 4 bus oats then put on weather boards on kitchen. Then I got sick but now just same as Ellen was.
May 16 – Very sick. Quinsy. Jerry Shook good to come and do chores for me.
May 17 – Very sick. Throat so sore.
May 18 – No better. John McDonald comes for Annie.
May 19 – Abscess on side of throat broke this morning and that gave me a bit of relief of misery.
May 20 – Much better. Other side abscess broke this morn.
May 21 – Not able to be out yet. Isaac Plunkett helped Jerry.
May 22 – Jerry and Ike put out manure then Jerry got Bell shod.
May 23 – I was able to go to meet Fergus at station. Much better.
May 24 – Big rain. Talked with Fergus all day. He talks of Dr. Maloney and family and of Miss Scollard.
May 25 – Victoria Day – Over again. I take Fergus to Station. He hates to go. Kate and J Donnelly here.
May 26 – Let Chas Chapman have 3 pigs and Tom McConnell one. $2.00 each. Emily and I to Lyndhurst.
May 27 – Tuesday – Worked at potato ground. J Moorhouse got gravel from me for road. B Stringer here for tea.
May 28 – Cold day. I go to Gan. I insured cheese for year.
May 29 – Election day. Prov. Vote in school. Briton 24, Beatty 63. Paid Jerry Shook for his work.
May 30 – Fitted ground for potatoes
May 31 – Went to Lyndhurst with Dan McDonald and later planted potatoes.



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