December 7, 2015 – where is winter?

“Whenever you are in doubt… try the following: Recall the face of the poorest and most helpless person you have ever seen and ask yourself if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him or her…..”   Gandhi


I heard on the radio early this morning that the temps were going to be up in the 50’s by next week.  Guess the people talking about El Nino are telling the truth. Or maybe it is just the planet sending us more messages. Guess we will have to wait to see what winter will bring us.

I thought today that things would be calmer about the shootings in California but no.  Most racist talk from Trump.  What is that man’s problem?  Don’t even let back into the country anyone who is a Muslim whether born in the US or citizen of the US or tourist.  And how is he going to know that?  I think about the Jewish people we turned away before WWII who ended up being killed by the Nazi’s.  This eagerness to promote fear across our nation is driving me nuts.  What is the matter with these people?  They make me afraid of them…

If you are on Facebook and are not following “Humans of New York” you should take a look.  Brandon the fellow who does the site really humanizes people.  He has been to war zones, and currently is showcasing some of the people waiting to immigrate.  When I read those stories I think, why would anyone not want these people in our country.  They would bring so much to us.  The idea of closing our borders to people in need makes me sad.

My ancestors all came here because they were basically driven off their lands. They were seen as the scum of the earth by some, less than human by others but they were none of those things.  They gave to their new countries all the good they had and worked very hard and made something of themselves.  People coming to this country now are doing the same thing. Yes there are some people who are not the best examples of human kind but you know what? We already have plenty of those here already and will always have them.  And one of them is much more likely to kill you than a hard working immigrant.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary – read the comments for April 8th. Guess the kids in the school made anti-catholic comments about Ben Slack to Madeline.

April 1902

April 1 – Fergus’ birthday. C Weeks took me to Brockville to help Joe Bolton with his case. I have to testify as to his good character etc.. Joe Bevins gives me 5.00 to give Joe to help him. I stayed all night at Venney’s.
April 2 – came home tonight.
April 3 – helped Lee build school closet today. Get clap boards from Factory.
April 4 – Helped at factory today. Joe Bevins goes to station to meet Fergus.
April 5 – Worked at factory. Toronto convention shortens Fergus’ visit at home but it is of benefit to his teaching.
April 6 – I took Fergus to train at Gan.
April 7 – I go to Seeleys and take 3 gal of syrup to Donnelly’s in forenoon. Afternoon with Slack boys to bury their father, Ben Slack, at Phillipsville.
April 8 – Gathered more sap last run with to Seeley’s Bay for E McCready. Madeline comes home cross as some pupils told her they put asbestos boots on her uncle Ben so he would not burn his feet going thru purgatory. She is lucky tho that they do not usually say things that hurt her.
April 9 – Wet day. Measured oats
April 10 – went to Shooks for Hambury? fowl then to pay Johnson for hay. Emily set 60 yandotte? eggs this time.
April 11 – Stinger and McCready here for dinner. Mr Stafford here all night. Helped Chas Lappan draw whey tank for factory.
April 12 – I worked at school AM then helped install vat at factory. Mike Slack stayed here all week while working at factory. We had a bee today making road way into factory.
April 13 – Quiet day. Ellen here.
April 14 – Monday – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst
April 15 – Commenced to plough after gathering and washing buckets and big dance at factory. Good time.
April 16 – Bee at Mrs Burns.
April 17 – Meeting in school to elect officers for milk meetings. Josh Moulton, Walter Slack, and myself. Executive. Ella Seabury secretary, and cheese salesman J B Wilson.
April 18 – Plumbers here at factory. I help them. Bryon Stringer and wife here and 2 little girls for tea and eve.
April 19 – Ploughed Mr Dale back in time for dinner. He is in the “cutting them off” mood again.
April 20 – Madeline and I go may flowering. Frank Slack, Herb McArdle, Susie and Florence here for tea. Madeline only one to get Dale to play violin. He has had a wonderful education in music and today told her he would play Mass from G minor. Beautiful too. But we do not know enough of classical music to be sure if it is this.
April 21 – Rainy. Meeting at school to appoint delegates to Convention. Lee and Walter Slack elected.
April 22 – Ploughed. Factory opened today. An event for Long Point. Arthur Slack first man to have milk taken in. they received 1400 lbs. Stringer and McCready here. Herb Moulton a handsome chap. Cheese maker is going to stay with us.
April 23 – weds – Started to sow oats but so windy I had to quit. Jerry Shook here.
April 24 – Jerry Shook here and helped me plough and fix fences.
April 25 – sowed 3 bus oats then drew hay from stack. 8 pigs arrived.
April 26 – Fergus’ letter late this week but it arrives today.
April 27 – Dark gloomy day. John Dillon here for tea and evening.
April 28 – Ploughed Mike S and Joe Bevins made a door from new kitchen upstairs to main house.
April 29 – Ploughed forenoon. Then Ellen, Emily, Madeline, Ella Seabrook all went with me to Berryman’s sale. Bought kitchen chairs at 25 cents each, a lantern 25 cents and a dumb stove.
April 30 – Went back to Berrymans and bought kitchen range 8.50. Emily needed one so badly.



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