December 6, 2015 – Great Santa Weekend

“He tried to be somebody by trying to be like everybody which makes him a nobody”      Unknown

Well, no I have not disappeared.  I have been too tired at night to write a word.  This was a Santa weekend and a hockey weekend.

Friday I had to finish cleaning up downstairs since my brother “the white glove” was coming to visit on his way to Florida.  Now the truth is I would clean up if you were coming over as well.  But we had a great visit with Bill and Gail and then went out to dinner with them.  They left from the restaurant to their hotel to wait for their kids to arrive.

We went home and watched the beginning of season three of “the Killings”.  I find that series fascinating and yet hard to watch.  Not sure why. I think the stars play such dark roles and are so pained it bothers me.  I cannot watch it day after day. It feels too real.

Saturday we were up early since Santa had a busy day.  He was Santa all weekend at four parties of “Paint with Santa” at the Pottery Place in Stuyvesant Plaza.  He did a great job and I got to know the new owner much better.  Pretty amazing woman.  Eight children and running a business.  Met a few more of her children this weekend and they are pretty neat kids.

Last night we went to two hockey games. The end of the woman’s game in the afternoon and then the men’s game at 7:30.  Nice part was that the men won nicely over Dartmouth.  The women has been winning and then lost in overtime. That was very sad.  They have a ton of injuries at this time which is not helping them any.  But I still enjoy watching them play.

Between the games we walked down through the quiet campus and went to dinner on lower Union Street at Marota’s.  It was very good and a nice place. It was also lovely walking back to the ice rink through the quiet campus with the students away on break.  Strange in December to be able to walk outside and not be particularly cold.

These last few days the thoughts about the killings at Planned Parenthood and in San Bernadino have been on my mind a great deal.  Two different kinds of terrorists.  One who was turned into an extremist by people over seas and another one who was turned into an extremist by words of people in the US.  So many innocent people are dead or injured and so many left behind with PTSD and great loss.  How were any of these people able to purchase their weapons and all that ammunition? Bombs in San Bernadino?

Those who think anyone should be allowed to purchase weapons seems to me to be very short sighted.  That puts them and those they love in danger. And if you keep loaded guns in your home you run the risk of children or grandchildren finding them and in curiosity playing with the weapon and killing themselves or someone else.  That happened here a year ago with a twelve year old who killed his friend with his Dad’s gun when they were playing around.  I doubt if that was the only case of a youth dying that way in the last year.

Another thing they have been talking about which is really very strange is the fact that since Friday there is little or no mention about mass killings by American citizens of other citizens.  All they are talking about is Isis terrorism.   It is as if the killings at Planned Parenthood never happened.  What are we going to do about these kinds of home grown terrorists?  Parents worry when they send their children to schools due to the various school shootings. People going to medical clinics have to worry about something happening when they go for medical help.  Children in the inner cities have to worry all the time about drive by shooters or play ground shooters.  A mass shooting is four or more people being shot at one time.  More than one per day in the US and yet that was not addressed at all this evening by the Presidents speech.  I was hoping he would address these situations as one problem.  I don’t care about the motivation, I care about the outcomes and no one seems to have an answer for stopping these incidents.

Well enough of that.  Just depresses me.  I had not known that it was more than once a day that people were being killed in mass shootings. That is totally unacceptable to me.

Charles Diary

March 1902

March 1 – Beautiful day. Worked at wood etc.
Mar 2 – Sunday – Rained. Ellen stays here. M has great time playing games with E, and M. Authors, dominoes etc.
March 3 – Cut pine logs and maple to mill.
March 4 – Drew logs to mill.
March 5 – Ellen goes down to Bob Greens. Emily, Madeline and I to Lyndhurst.
March 6 – Drew up stones for factory wall.
March 7 – went to mill with logs
March 8 – cut 2 maples and took to mill.
March 9 – Ellen and I started for Mass but had to turn back – storm.
March 10 – Went to Gan with lumber. Mike Slack and Joe Bevins begin work on factory.
March 11 – Took sap buckets to bush. Jim and Mary Stevens arrive at noon.
March 12 – A bee at factory. Jim and Mary go home today.
March 13 – Too stormy for work.
March 14 – Tom S and I sapped 137 trees and gathered 23 pales sap eve. Night Edgar Flood here. He is now in Buffalo as telegraph operator. Handsome chap.
March 15 – Tapped 95 trees. Boiled down.
March 16 – Gathered 30 pails of sap then “rested” as it rained. Dick Boulton? Here to get my advice about Joe’s serious trouble.
March 17 – Boiled sap all day. Cold. Sadie Bryan comes to board here as walking is terrible. We are delighted as she is a fine girl.
March 18 – Very cold – boiled sap got 2 fish. Bridge flooded. No mail. Sadie lucky to be here.
March 19 – Syruped down 6 gals. Ice hard enough we crossed bridge by sleigh. We got to Lyndhurst by Ellisville. Got mail. Mary Boulton sends me $25 to get legal advice for Joe. I wrote to J Judd to take care over for Joe.
March 20 – Chris W takes snaths to Gananoque.
March 21 – Friday – Sick with cold today.
March 22 – I’m better but Emily was sick all night. Gathered 110 pails sap. Frank Slack here tonight and Ellen went home with him. Mike would not stay as she was here so tonight he says he will stay next week if she stays away. What can we do.
March 23 – Had to boil sap all day. Emily sick. Ellen should have stayed here. J Moorhead here all eve.
March 24 – Worked in bush to boil. Emily some better. Sadie good to help her.
March 25 – Boiled sap and syruped.
March 26 – In bush then go for Fergus for Easter holiday. We are so glad to see him Nane Donnelly comes also.
March 27 – Boiled sap. 4 pails for syrup. Good too. Fergus and Madeline find first May Flowers.
March 28 – I take Nane to Bay (Seeley’s?) and get 2 bunches shingles.
March 29 – Saturday – Worked at kitchen pantry. Rainy. Fergus visits Sadie.
March 30 – Rainy. Good day with Fergus. Ellen here again.
March 31 – I took Fergus to Gan to station on his way to Toronto to Ontario Teachers Convention.


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