December 2, 2015 – Rain, Rain Go Away

“One of the greatest sufferings in life is to no longer have the possibility of doing what before one could and should have done.”


I read this and thought of those who were killed today.  I don’t know who they were yet but it appears they were health workers, social workers and possibly those they serve.  Part of me feels desperate to know who did the killing and why.  Cutting short so many lives. Not of gang members or thieves and cheats but those who work for the betterment of others.  It will be interesting to know and to understand what this was about.  I hope it was not about bullying or racism etc.  Obviously someone was very angry about something.

Today had been a good day.  Set up what we are going to do on Friday with brother Bill and sister Gail.  They are coming up on their way to Disney World with their daughter, son in law and grandkids.  Nice trip for them all.  We will have dinner before they head for the hotel to meet up with the “kids”, get a good nights sleep and catch a 7 am flight.

The next item on the agenda was shopping. OH I love to shop at this time of the year because for the most part it is not for me.  I went Trendy Tots to see what she had – got a sweet Christmas dress for Little Bear for $10.00 and a few other items.  Then to the Open Door Book and found the books I was looking for… might have time to read them before I give them.. Purchased for a reason… heard interviews with the authors and was really impressed with them.  Both books true stories of fascinating lives. And then off to Target to get items for the Church Christmas giving tree and a couple of things for the girls, and then Price Chopper for pie crust.  Yes I went over board but I love it.  On Saturday I am going to make the last presents for the girls, I told them what I would do and they each put in their orders.  Starlight and Moonlight.  That is basically what each of their names mean.  Will make gift giving over the years pretty easy since they have a theme.

Got home and shortly there after heard about the shootings.  I felt sick and tried not to turn on the Tv since I knew that would be the end of my evening. Once Hubby got home he turned it on and then I was gone. Did not finish what I was doing and hardly made dinner.  I found the on goingness of the event was interesting.  Once they get to telling what happened it will clarify what is going on.   Since the guy was a County Employee it sounds to me like he was just an angry guy.

I guess I would rather be reading Charles Diary so will get some of it on here.  Chris Weeks descendants still live down the Long Point Road. John and Mary Ann were Emilys brother John and his wife Mary Ann O’Connor. Sadie Bryan went to High School with Fergus in Athens and then I don’t know if she went to Normal School but did end up teaching at the School House.  She lived right up the road. Madeline’s Valentines were from her brother and her cousin Leo.  She was about 12 years old at the time.

February 1902

Feb 1 – Go to Gananoque with loads for Shook and Jacob Bryan went with me. Got shoes on Bell (horse). Got 1 cwt of bran.
Feb 2 – quiet day as it storms all day. Emily, Madeline and I so lonesome for Fergus.
Feb 3 – Blustery and windy. Roads blocked. No school. Just do chores.
Feb 4 – Shovelled snow, cut wood in back dooryard. No school, no mail.
Feb 5 – helped break roads today.
Feb 6 – I went to mill and to get mail as we missed Fergus’ letters so much more snow tonight. Madeline misses school.
Feb 7 – Walter Slack here all night
Feb 8 – storm continues
Feb 9 – Arthur Slack here. John and Mary Anne here for tea and eve and all night.
Feb 10 – Drew wood for school.
Feb 11 – C.Weeks borrowed horses to draw up wood. John, Mary Ann and Kate go home.
Feb 12 – Stormy, Piled wood in shed.
Feb 13 – Thursday – Letter from Joe Bolton? Who is in trouble. Went to Ab Sliters sale. Bought a chair and two storm windows.
Feb 14 – St. Valentine’s Day. Madeline gets a Valentine from Fergus and one from Leo. Emily shows her one she got when a young girl older than Madeline. They are fancy , lacy etc.
Feb 15 – Started to draw in hay from stack. Jim Judd here.
Feb 16 – At home Tom Bryan here for tea.
Feb 17 – Drew more hay. Sadie sick so no school. Henry Sly comes up for Madeline to visit Stella and Ellen goes home with Bridget and Percy. (Sadie Bryan was the teacher)
Feb 18 – Blustry day. Stella Sly home with Madeline last night and stays until tonight. They have a lot of fun. Good for Madeline as she is alone so much and misses Fergus so much. Perhaps being a twin she is more lonely for her big brother. The Stevens twins are so close and so happy together causes Emily and I to think of what she has missed but God has been good, as Emily says, to give us at least 2 good children. (Madelines twin died at birth and Charles and Emily had other children who died at birth or miscarriages.)
Feb 19 – Get up wood and go to Lyndhurst.
Feb 20 – I got Maple log from Shooks place and 1 basswood to mill. Little Silas Green’s funeral. Emily, Ellen and I go. Eleanor sick too.
Feb 21 – Annie here. Ellen goes home with her. I get out sneth? sticks for Chris Weeks.
Feb 22 – Took 2 pine logs to mill.
Feb 23 – went to Mass, and Emily, Madeline and I go to Annies for Dinner. John Dillon here for tea and eve. He and Madeline great friends. Most of children afraid of him.
Feb 24 – Monday – Chris and I go out to oversee fishing grounds. Much warmer.
Feb 25 – M Slack here for dinner. Stringer and McCready for tea. Give them leases for factory site.
Feb 26 – Madeline and I go to Donnelly’s for day.
Feb 27 – Took Maple log to mill and got some snath. Ellen comes home.
Feb 28 – Thawing and road bad


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