November 29, 2015 -Tis the season….


I have declared today the first day of the Christmas season.  Yesterday we purchased a Christmas tree and today it was decorated.  It was kind of a fun adventure that started with looking at little trees that were already in a holder and had lights on them already. Total table trees which might have worked.   But we moved on. …. To little two to three foot trees that you can decorate yourself totally.  Would have had to purchase a holder for them since they had very tiny trunks.  Finally we came upon what we had said we were not going to buy.  Regular trees but we found the short ones and picked one that is about five feet tall.

The great part of this is that we can decorate based on a theme since we have so many ornaments and this tree does not require many ornaments. Since this is Santa’s house it made sense to decorate with Santa ornaments.  It now looks pretty darn good. Twinkle lights, takes up just a little space in the corner and makes me feel more like Christmas is coming.

Got a great phone call from older granddaughter this evening. She is just over six and wanted to read to me the letter she wrote to Santa and the response she received via email yesterday.  She read both with great inflection and emotion.  She is so excited about Christmas this year.  Great age…  She went to see Santa at the Fireman’s Museum in Baltimore and she thanked him for last years presents and gave him a peck on the cheek. She is very sweet.  Looking forward to Christmas with them.

The husband has gone to get ice cream to have with apple crisp pie.  Going to be a very yummy dessert. He is back and we are going to have a very good dessert… I love apple crisp pie.  Ummmm that was good. Might have more for a bed time snack.  My mom made great apple crisp and I love it and love to make it.  And now there are decent gluten free flours that I can make it with.  No difference in the taste.

Today I made a turkey, mashed, gravy, salad etc all so my sweetie can eat left overs for a week.  Cooking the turkey bones right now so tomorrow I can make some soup.  Going to have a find a good recipe for blended turkey soup.  I like those better than the clear liquid soups.  Learned to love them in Ireland and have figured out potato leak soup so far.  Carrot did not turn out so well.

Tomorrow hopefully it will be back to the dentist to figure out what is causing me pain. Could be as simple as the temporary filling falling out or what../??????  Hate this.

Charles Diary for December 1901 – Life on the Long Point Farm and the end of the year. Good friends, good farm, good life.

December 1901

Dec 1 – Ellen stays with Madeline and Tom Slack while Emily and I go up to see Kate Donnelly who is ill.
Dec 2 – Warmer. Chris and I shingle. Fergus had written a secret letter to Madeline and now secret out. He was buying a present for our anniversary and it arrives now. A salad bowl, the latest thing in Ottawa. Oak and china with engraved etc. Large and lovely.
Dec 3 – Banked house today and make new cellar door.
Dec 4 – Made 10 lb sausage meat.
Dec 5 – Went to Ellisville to see about school.  Got foul ready.
Dec 6 – Friday – Turkey Fair – We took 15 turkeys and Ellen’s 3 turkeys and 4 chickens. 81/2 cents for turkeys. Noah Shook here all night. Fergus letter comes a few days late and were worried.
Dec 7 – Went to Brewers Mills and had tea with Kate Donnelly.
Dec 8 – My birthday. Turkey dinner. Tom, Madeline and I go skating.
Dec 9 – Soft snow. I shingled. Emily very fond of young Tom and thinks he is not strong so told Madeline he could stay and go to school and help me with light chores as it was too far for him to walk.
Dec 10 – Finished banking house
Dec 11 – Joe Bevins helped me shingle. Turns cold. Walter Slack here all night. I have bad cold and Madeline has tooth ache and sore throat.
Dec 12 – Ellen goes to Joanna’s. Cleaned 10 bus barley, peas, oats then finished shingling. Two women pack peddlers here over night. Russians, only one could speak English. They sang and sang for us. After each song one would say “Nice, You like it?? Very interesting but so sad in a strange country etc etc. Very few people will let them in side door and some afraid of them.
Dec 13 – As I hear pack peddler thanking Emily, kissing her hand etc I thank God for a kind wife, a charitable one. Trade rye for buckwheat with Lee. Cold day.
Dec 14 – Milder and I hear Emily and Madeline wondering where the Russian women are with the heavy packs. Lee helps me hang kitchen door.
Dec 15 – Emily’s birthday same as Mariam Tye’s. Give each other gifts. Tom, Madeline singing “old favorites” Very lonesome for Fergus but please God is will be here next Sunday. Snow.
Dec 16 – Very cold so I work near house.
Dec 17 – Ellen home from Slacks. And all of us go to Lyndhurst so sleighs.
Dec 18 – Get up wood for both houses.
Dec 19 – Worked in pantry, shelves etc.
Dec 20 – Got bobsled from Larose. Mrs Smith here all night.
Dec 21 – Everyone happy today. Meet Fergus at Station. He brings Mr. McMakin home with him.
Dec 22 – Sunday – Good any as McMakin is fine friendly fellow. Jolly too and a good singer. Ellen here.
Dec 23 – Did not do any work. All went to Lyndhurst on sleigh.
Dec 24 – Christmas eve. Fergus and McMakin go to party at W Griffens. Madeline and Emily busy over presents.
Dec 25- Christmas day – A very happy one. Ellen here of course. Music, big dinner, warm fire, great visiting. Thanks be to God.
Dec 26 – School meeting. I got wood contract at $1.04 cord. 9 hard 1 dry. John and Annie here for dinner and supper. Ellen goes home with them.
Dec 27 – Nane Donnelly comes, also Herb, Susie and Florence and all go over to Arthur Slacks for eve.
Dec 28 – All of us went to Athens.
Dec 29 – Home tonight. C Weeks did chores for us. Good time everyone likes McMakin.
Dec 30 – Cold, snowy. Fergus and MacM. went to McMillan’s to dance
Dec 31 – Blustry and cold. …. Plunkett here for eve. Now all are in bed but me. It’s so cold I’m watching fires until later. Another year and a good one as we have done very well. We have been lucky to go (Thank God) and tonight Emily and I prayed together thanking God for Fergus and Madeline, for health and home, begging Him to bless and protect us and to guide us on the right path, so goodbye 1901.


Just found this on line… Grandfather is in the bottom row 6th from the left.



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