November 27, 2015 -Thanks?

Well, this has been one darn week.  Root canal on monday, continued pain with increasing pain all week so this morning I called the dentist and I am back on an antibiotic.  Hopefully there is an infection and this will work because if there isn’t then I am taking another antibiotic that my body does not need.

Then there were some good things – Monday evening Red Hat Thanksgiving dinner party, Tuesday – Chair Yoga and Tai Chi, Weds made a pie and found out that the frozen gluten free pie crust tastes okay and made some really good cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up early but after hubby had left to go to a race in Saratoga with the lovely daughter.  They ran together and then went to her house to prep for thanksgiving dinner.  I got up there around 2 pm.  It was the four of us and Andrews brother, wife and three cute little kids.  I have decided football should be banned from Thanksgiving day or any TV.  It is a conversation destroyer especially if the volume is way too high.  But the meal was worth it. Great job done by the cooks and how sweet that my darling daughter made some gluten free things for her mama.  She gets a free range turkey from a farm and boy is it good. And she made some veggies that were yummy.

So mostly the day was pretty good.  But I have to admit I have really been missing having Thanksgiving at my house.  On Thanksgiving morning I talked to one son about having Thanksgiving here next year.  Open for anyone to bring friends or family along with them.  So much that I miss about having Thanksgiving at my house.  I would like to go to Central Park to the Cardiac Classic run where there are lots of people I know there running.  Not every year but it would be nice once and a while.

I also miss our Christmas party that we had from the time we lived in Rotterdam until a couple of years ago.  It might have been four or five years since we last had the party and I really miss it.  Gives me holiday energy.  Holidays were not the funnest times in our house growing up.  It was just the seven of us and if my Dad was not in a great mood or got angry it could be pretty miserable.  I don’t remember much about holidays actually.  Mom was good, she would let us open a present one night ahead of time if we bugged her enough.  Not a major gift but something from under the tree.  I think Santa brought all the good stuff. Food was good but for some reason when we got married I wanted to make sure they were better than my memories.  The party in December got me in the mood and meant we would see good friends and neighbors to start the holiday. Thanksgiving we would find friends to share the day with and that helped as well.

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life.  I have a good husband, children who grew up to do things they enjoy doing and three of them have partners they are living with and all seem to be very happy in those relationships.  And I have two cute, sweet grand-kids.  What else could a parent want?  Contributing members of society, who give to others, are compassionate, and would take care of each other in a minute.

Went to the Shaker Museum Craft Fair today.  It is such a good sale that goes on until Dec 19th. I will probably return in the next week. And I am also going back to Trendy Tots to check out the toys.  They have some great stuff in very good condition.  I love the idea of buying local crafts, second time around items, and good books. Tomorrow I am going to bring down some Christmas decorations and we are thinking of shopping for a small Christmas tree.  Anything would be better than nothing.

Well, let’s see what November was like in 1901 at the Long Point Farm. Will share this with Ed as it tells about when that kitchen went up or was redone. There has been a wonderful on going discussion about when the Kitchen was added to the house.  Now we have documentation.

November 1901

November 1 – Holy Day. No work. Took Ellen to Sand Bay to visit Annie
Nov 2 – All souls Day. Fergus can go to Mass both days but we only have Mass now every 3 weeks.
Nov 3 – Bridge Flood comes and stays all night.
Nov 4 – Drew a load of stone, then got in the corn.
Nov 5 – Chris Weeks helps me get out more stone forenoon. Then cut shingle material afternoon. In eve Emily, Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst. Send parcel to Fergus. Warm underwear, cookies etc.
Nov 6 – Chris took shingle stuff to Lyndhurst.
Nov 7 – Took shingle material then ploughed rest of day.
Nov 8 – Ploughed. Bob Green paid me 12 for extra road work. George Palmer back for tea and eve.
Nov 9 – Chris went to mill for me. Took 8 bushels of provender.
Nov 10 – Emily, Madeline at Arthur Slacks.
Nov 11 – Worked at Kitchen. Joe Bevins and George Palmer help ½ day each.
Nov 12 – Took boards to be planed at mill. Palmer back to do work on kitchen. I go to Tom Bryans in eve.
Nov 13 – I got 18 scantlings 2×4 from Tom. Let Geo Palmer have bag of oats on account.
Nov 14 – Snow this morn. John Slack, Outlet got 168 feet of lumber from Ellen.
Nov 15 – Joe Bevins, Mike Slack and Geo Palmer helped me raise kitchen.
Nov 16 – Mike Slack and I worked on interior then I went to Falls (Lyndhurst) and got a key of nails $3.50 3/1 1000 shingles. Dave Townsend pd me for pig $1.00.
Nov 17 Sunday – Took Mike home. Emily, Madeline and I had tea at Ellen’s. Now home. Emily reading aloud. Madeline and I eating apples as I write. Ellen makes cider.
Nov 18 – Palmer and Mike finish outside of kitchen. I go to Lyndhurst and get iron for gutter for $1.00. Shingled afternoon and Emily started to cook for celebration Nov 20th.
Nov 19 – Finish everything and Emily has everything in ship shape in whole house. Mary Stevens arrives to help her. Ellen also. Great baking and roasting. Emily will be tired out.
Nov 20 – Our 25th anniversary. God be thanked we have overcome health and business troubles and never had any domestic one. Our love is stronger than ever. The only sorrow today is fact Fergus cannot leave Normal to join us. We have a great day and party. Joanna and Frank, Mike, Arthur and Chas and wives. Jim and Mary Stevens. Agatha and Wallace Connerty, all McArdle’s. Mike and Margaret O’Connor, Lena and Frank MacNamee, Margaret and Jim McDonald, Annie and John. Kate Donnelly too. Get a lovely letter and gift from Father Kilty who married us. Lovely gifts of silver, china and glass.
Nov 21 – Rested as crowd danced until 2 am. Some here all night. Got a lovely silver cake dish from Ed Wight, Ottawa and great letter.
Nov 22 – Neighbors keep coming in to offer good wishes and see gifts. Emily had extra fruit cake saved just for them.
Nov 23 – Cold snowy day. Johnson bought pigs $2.50. Ellen goes to Delta with Jim McDonald and stays.
Nov 24 – Stormy day. Arthur Slack here until bed time.
Nov 25 – Monday – Emily and I go over to see Ben Slack. Ellen home and Madeline here with her.
Nov 26 – Drew up some wood then took Ellen to Joanna’s Ben worse.
Nov 27 – Arthur came over to tell us his father Ben was dead. Emily went right over. Too bad Ellen was there as she cannot take death very well.
Nov 28 – Joanna is glad to have Emily these days. We are all at wake, I drive to Lansdowne for Frank to give news etc re church.
Nov 29 – Stormy day. All of us go to funeral. Tom Slack comes with us. He is half sick over death. Not a very strong lad any time.
Nov 30 – Split up dry wood.


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