November 24, 2015 – Secrets

Do you remember the things you would not tell your parents or anyone else for that matter?  The things that might cause you to get into trouble or be make to feel ashamed…. you were “bad” so it was easier to keep things to yourself.

I remember some of the darnest things that I did when I was young that I got lectured about.  What drives me crazy is that I have no memories of being told I did a good job or was a terrific kid.  Even at age  40 my mom looked up at me and told me “I would have rather four more sons that another one of you”  Seems she thoughts I was a total pain in the neck teenager.  I went home and cried. I could not believe she had told me that.  I was crushed.

Learning at an early age not to tell others things might be normal but I wonder if others still remember those times and incidents.  Not all were things that I did that I have shame about but there were things others did.

Why am I thinking about this?  I was wondering the other day if my kids have those kinds  of things running around in their heads, or my siblings, or my buddies or friends from childhood?  Humanity is so strange.  Some people don’t hang on to anything and others like me don’t let go of much.  I would love to do some kind of brain manipulation that would allow the good memories to come to the surface and get rid of the bad memories.

Oh well, just was thinking about this for a couple of days and decided to see if writing about it might open up more thoughts and feelings.  Will have to work on it more.

Time to go back in the way past and see what was going on in October 1901 at Long Point.  This one has a couple of funny comments. Seeing the Duke and Dutchess and comments about the Palmer’s.  The Lyndhurst Fair now takes place in September and is called the Turkey Fair. We love going to the various celebrations in the little towns around us. They remind me of the 1950’s since they are small and very homey.  Again this is filled with the names of various relatives who visited back and forth.

October 1901

Oct 1 – Tuesday – Dug potatoes all day. Letter every week from Fergus.
Oct 2 – Went to Lyndhurst Fair. Guy Curtis there and loads Madeline with treats.
Oct 3 – George Stevens and Chas Heffernan and their girls here for tea and eve.
Oct 4 – Dug potatoes all day.
Oct 5 – Dug potatoes all day. Rainy eve.
Oct 6 – Took Estella Stevens to Athens.
Oct 7 – Helped Jim Townsend to thrash.
Oct 8 – I looked for Berry’s heiffer in morn. Then dug potatoes.
Oct 9 – Found Heifer on road as Emily and I drive to Lyndhurst.
Oct 10 – Bee at Arthur Slacks.
Oct 11 – Dug potatoes. Enjoy Fergus’ letters so much, all of us.
Oct 12 – Dug Ellen’s potatoes.
Oct 13 – At home all day. John Dillon spends eve here. He and Madeline have fun. She seems to like all the queer ones.
Oct 14 – Dr. Gardiner closed the school. Madeline at Plunkett’s. Mrs Seabrook, Susan, here for tea.
Oct 15 – Chas Chapman and I got to Gan to see Duke and Duchess. I guess we saw him. Such a crowd.
Oct 16 – Worked on road today. Lena, Mary Venny here and at Ellen’s.
Oct 17 – Very wet. Ellen and Mary Venney had tea and all night. Bill MacAvoy here.
Oct 18 – Noah Shook and J Hannah here for dinner and eve. Play checkers. I won.
Oct 19 – Went to Lyndhurst and met Fergus on his way home. He is as happy to be home as we are to see him. Great visit.
Oct 20 – Sunday – Fine day. Ellen and Mary Venny here for dinner. Florence and Sue later. Then Bridget comes to get Mary. Then we have to see Fergus leave at 4:30 for Ottawa. Florence Townsend comes to play with Madeline so she won’t be too lonesome for Fergus. She takes his absence too hard but it can’t be helped I guess.
Oct 21 – Cleaned up grain then went over to MacAvoy’s. Jim home and drunk.
Oct 22 – Worked on road. George Palmer here over night. Good visit. He, like Lottie and Henry, to high and mighty.
Oct 23 – Worked on road but lost one hour.
Oct 24 – Thursday – on road and finish my time.
Oct 25 – Worked on road but for pay as my stint finished.
Oct 26 – Dave Townsend got 4 pigs.
Oct 27 – Emily, Madeline and I to Seeley’s Bay.
Oct 28 – Commenced to plough
Oct 29 – Ploughed today. Long letter from Fergus. The weekly event which we eagerly await.
Oct 30 – I ploughed Emily and Madeline go to Chapman’s and I join them.
Oct 31 – Ploughed and sowed rye today. Lovely day.


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