November 22, 2015 – mindslipping thoughts

In the mornings I have great ideas about things to write about but this weekend was so busy that for the life of me I cannot remember what I thought about all day yesterday and this morning but I can assure you that at the moment it is not in my short term memory bank.  But the weekend has been quite an adventure so can tell you about what I learned.

Friday evening Hubby went to his book club dinner and I had him drop me off at the lovely daughters so I could have a visit with her and the boyfriend and the cat and the puppies.  It is interesting to see how the dogs are calming down as they get older.  Stella had surgery this week and is walking around on three legs.  Incredible really what they do these days now that pet dogs are more like family than pets. We had a good time.

Up early Saturday and headed over to the Church for our Fair Trade Sale. It was great. I did most of my Christmas shopping.  And the table I was working at sold a ton of items.  It was so much fun.  I got to see some old friends between working there yesterday and today.   But it was a long day for me so I came home and took an hours nap because we were going to meet Bonnie at Panera’s for some supper and then go to meet Sue and Don to see our good friend Rich in the play “Looking for Normal”>

So we met Bonnie and got caught up on grandkids and kids and work and retirement etc.   Then the three of us traveled together down to Albany to the Albany Civic Theatre.  Found Susan and Don there when we arrived as well as Rich’s wife Laura. It was fun being together with these great old friends for the first time in a long time.

The play “Looking for Normal” is about a man married 25 years who announces he is going to change his gender and become a woman.  It was funny, sad, and more educational that everyone wanted.  But it done in a funny way.  Rich played the fellow going for the surgery.  Everyone in the cast did a great job.  My only complaint was the number of scene changes. Not sure how it could have been done differently but as a person with little patience it was like reading a book and I wanted to get to the end quicker. What was going to happen?  Was it going to end well? or sadly?  Luckily it ended well and was happy. Rich did a great job. And the other actors were great.  I really liked the teenage girls and Grandma Ruth.  Great characters.

I am not happy anticipating my day at the dentist tomorrow.  I hope it will not be too bad as I am also looking forward to dinner tomorrow night with the Red Hat ladies.  Have not been at one of our monthly meetings in a long time.   Also am going to miss my writing group tomorrow because of the dentist.  Darn….

Oh well, Lets read some of Charles Diary..  sept 20th is a great entry.

Sept 1 – Sunday. Wet morn. Took Percy home.
Sept 2 – Mary Stevens and Maurice here today. Chapman’s had rig to go with Ella. Percy takes Minnie O’Connor home. Frank Slack spends eve here.
Sept 3 – Raked up barley. Letter from Fergus. Very descriptive of Ottawa. He writes to Geo Lee and Joe Bevins. Ellen is included in our letters.
Sept 4 – Lee helped me bring in barley. Brother Mike here.
Sept 5 – Very hot. Lee helps me.
Sept 6 – Mike and I go to Lyndhurst then Lee helped me with load of raking.
Sept 7 – Saturday – finished harvesting Mike and George Lee go fishing at Lake.
Sept 8 – Ellen and Mike have dinner with us then to Slacks. Miss Fergus.
Sept 9 – Albert Tye borrows one horse. Then Emily goes to Lyndhurst.
Sept 10 – Helped Bevin’s thresh.
Sept 11 – Too wet to work today.
Sept 12 – Got ready to thresh, but machine fails to come. Rain.
Sept 13 – Threshers here today.
Sept 14 – Finished threshing 200 bushels oats, 18 wheat, 20 rye, 20 peas, 25 barley. Help Bevins pm.
Sept 15 – I went to Morton and had dinner at Jim Judd’s, lawyer. Lovely home.
Sept 16 – Helped Bevins thrash. Sick
Sept 17 – Wet day sick
Sept 18 – Worked in barn.
Sept 19 – We three went to Athens.
Sept 20 – Stay all night at Stevens. Then I take Emily, Madeline and Sadie Bryan to Brockville Sta. en route to Ottawa. They look fine in new clothes. Fergus will be proud of them. He wanted them to come so badly to see Duke and Duchess and to visit him and see his setting.
Sept 21 – Saturday – Keep house. Annie at Ellen’s.
Sept 22 – John McDonald here. We have dinner at Ellen’s. Jim McDonald, Maggie and Mary Venney at Ellen’s too.
Sept 23 Monday – I went to sta. to meet Emily, Madeline and Sadie. They had a wonderful time. Ed Wight good to them as were people at Fergus’ boarding house. We get home very late.
Sept 24 – Lee had wagon and horses all day. Chris helped me with straw.
Sept 25 – Sadie stayed all night to visit about Ottawa trip. Mary Bolton arrives from Kalamazoo Mich.
Sept 26 – Ellen at Slack’s. Lena MacNamee and Francis here for tea
Sept 27 – Noah Shook helped me to stack straw. Kate Donnelly, Mrs Johnson and Mrs O’Shea here all day.
Sept 28 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Sweets Corners to John’s.
Sept 29 – Wet day. Had tea at Ellen’s.
Sept 30 – Worked in barn forenoon then went to Seeley’s Bay to Donnelly’s. Stella Stevens come home with us.




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