November 20, 2015 -The GPS Adventure

Weds morning the sun was shining and after getting tired of waking up with a pain in my mouth I make the administrative decision to pack up and head for home by noon.  It seemed like a good idea so I got busy packing, canceling other plans for the day since I was so tired and my stomach was acting up and I was just plain tired of waking up at 4am in pain.

At noon I headed off and decided to test my GPS system.  I put it on shortest way, not quickest, but what did that silly machine think was the shortest way to get home.  I have heard the stories about people being taken to bridges that did not exist, or to places that hardly were short so I decided to check out what would happen.  There are many ways to get from the 1000 Islands Bridge to our house.  So off I went on a new adventure.

The first direction was to go down to Watertown and cut across town to Rt. 12 that then headed to Lowville.  That seemed simple enough but then it told me to take a left off of 12.  Turned left and followed their lead which lead me back to Rt. 12.  Eliminated a curve in the road it appears.

Now I did get rebellious when it wanted me to drive up to West Leyden and back to Boonville so I skipped that step. Guess I should really have just done it but made no sense to me since I have been up that way before looking at the cemetery where the Trainors are buried. If it had been earlier in the day I might have gone up to pay my respects to Gr Uncle Nick and his family.

It was all pretty straight forward until  I was just north of Utica.  It lead me off on a road that kind of made sense but then we started to wander through the back roads of whatever county we were in.  Turns out the system does not care if the roads are paved or not, just that they might cut a tenth of a mile off the trip.  Some of the places I passed through were very pretty and I saw villages I had only heard about before – such as Remsen.  Knew the Remsen Diner from my teen years and when our kids were growing up it was a milestone as we traveled north. But the actual village is quite lovely.

Somewhere along the way I was told to get on a road and keep going southeast. I was going along quite happily from paved to dirt roads, occasionally asking the GPS where the hell was I anyway.  I could not find myself on the paper map I had in hand. These were little county roads not state roads.  The final straw was when I came to a dirt road with a sign that announced that it would be closed as of Dec 1 and that is was a minimally  maintained path.  I sat and looked at it because of course there was no one else on this back road.  Finally I decided this was going too far.  I had a chat with my self about adventure vs stupidity and turned around and went back and turned left and stayed on that road until I hit a road I knew.

But the outcome of this was not disappointment.  I learned something about myself – that I am still up for a little fun and adventure but that it only goes so far.  But I would like to do that again on another outing.  You can always turn around and go back so really it is not dangerous. I would encourage you to go out some weekend and decide to head someplace and set your GPS to the shortest way.  If you are in a place with lots of little roads you might find some interesting places you never would see other wise.  if you want to learn about two of the little places I found – Remsen and Cold Brook you can read about them by clicking on the links.,_New_York

Charles O’Connor’s diary  – I am assuming Mr Dale was some kind of minister.  Nice to see the acceptance between the people of different religions that in their home countries would not have existed. Always proud of that aspect of our heritage.

August 1901

August 1 – Thursday – Finished one stack. Mary Murphy and Sadie B. here for day.
August 2 – Drew in hay. Kate Bass, Ella Seabrook for tea and eve.
Aug 3 – Fergus takes Madeline and Eulalia to Athens.
Aug 4 – Fergus and Madeline back home. Emily and I spent eve at Slacks.
Aug 5 – I mowed by hand. Fergus took both horses to be shod at Lees.
Aug 6 – Sowed rye in forenoon put up hay with Lee’s help.
Aug 7 – Wet morn. We doctored mares shoulder. Fergus spends pm at Chapmans
Aug 8 – Fergus went with Lee to Gan. Emily, Madeline went also. Gave Father O’Gorman $15.00 Home by dark.
Aug 9 – Worked at Lee’s. All went over to Slacks in eve. Johnny sick.
Aug 10 – Left for Athens there by 5.
Aug 11 – Make church Jubilee and Jim Stevens has prayers framed. We got home by dark.
Aug 12 – Commenced to cut oats. Lee helped me. Fergus goes to Fodeys.
Aug 13 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Madeline and Fergus to Tyes
Aug 14 – Mowed oats. Kenney cut wheat.
Aug 15 – We helped Kenney in turn with his wheat. Sadie Bryan spends day.
Aug 16 – I stacked wheat. Fergus rakes rye ground. Fine day.
Aug 17 – stooked grain? Ella Seabrook spends day here. Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst.
Aug 18 – At Ellen’s for day. Madeline and I go to Flat Rock and Rolling Banks.
Aug 19 – A sad day for us as Fergus leaves for Ottawa Normal and I take him to station. Madeline cries herself sick with loneliness. Mr. Dale returns and speaks great praises of our two children. As son of God he says he knows they will always be good.
Aug 20 – Emily sends 9.00 for Fergus Insurance (Mutual) Mosie?? and Ed Leeder here all night. Arthur and Walter here in eve too.
Aug 21 – Pulled peas. Lawyer Jim Judd here for tea. Emily goes to Bryan’s in eve with Madeline.
Aug 22 – Thursday – Big rain in eve. Had hurried to get grain in luckily. Lee here.
Aug 23 – Hugh Wilson and Asher Lee here and stay all night.
Aug 24 – Finished cutting peas
Aug 25 – Emily and Madeline go up to John’s for day. They miss Fergus too.
Aug 26 – Helped Dave Townsend thresh.
Aug 27 – Lee borrowed horse for day.
Aug 28 – Cut barley. Percy Flood brought Minnie O’Connor for this eve.
Aug 29 – Chris Weeks borrows horses. Percy goes on to Sand Bay. Walter Slack here this eve. Letter from Fergus.
Aug 30 – Percy and Chris help me today. Madeline’s birthday. Mr Dale gives her his blessing. Ellen and Minnie go with her to Flat Rock.
Aug 31 – wet day. Helped Kenny’s thresh and am sick all night as usual after threshing.



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