November 17, 2015 – Happy Camper

It is a lovely day for sure here at the School House. The sky was a beautiful blue shade and the air was crisp and clear. I was watching a big black squirrel who was back in the area where the tree was cut down. At first I wondered what this animal was because he was so large but then it was obvious as he jumped out of the branches that he was a squirrel. He was back and forth for an hour or so. Must have been finding some good stuff back here to eat or store away.

Sue came down at lunch time for a quick chat. We will have to catch up at Christmas time when both of us will be here and will hopefully be more relaxed. She did not bring a picture of the grandbaby who is darn new and I had hoped she would. Nothing like celebrating new babies.

Then I went over to see the progress at the farm house. The wood siding is going on. A match for the original siding. There are also stain glass windows above the front door. Looks nice. The porch is coming along and it is just nice to see the work moving forward. Inside the original flooring in the room that is going to be the kitchen has been sanded and is ready for staining. It is a nice big room now that nothing is stored in there. They have a frig for it which will be nice for them. Also looked at the heat pump that is providing heat to the house. Cheapest way to heat. Was comfortable in there.

There is so much I could have done today but decided to nap instead. I was awake before 6am so was tired. Hopefully I will sleep longer tonight.
Did talk with my doctor’s office today. They agreed that going off the antibiotic makes sense. IF nothing is going to be done to the tooth for over two months why take pills now. So fingers crossed that I have messed myself up but I am going for it. As usual only pain at night and it is not pain but ache. If I were in pain you would hear it from here all the way to wherever you are since I hate pain.

Strange it is almost dark out. Again a red sunset which bodes well for tomorrows outing. I don’t like it when it is dark before 5 pm.

Are you getting tired hearing about the Paris bombing? I find the comments on facebook come in two varieties. Angry people who seem to want to isolate us and just shut out the rest of the world. And those who want to open up to give to those in need. I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. Some of the folks I know who complain about the homeless in our own country are those who live in states where funding for the homeless has been cut way back. And I don’t feel bad standing where I do because our faith community is participating in a program for homeless families that is known to get them into housing faster than programs that put them in motels, away from their communities and schools. This program houses them temporarily in various faith communities and then bus the kids every day to their home schools and the parents go to a center where they are helped with housing and job searches. It saves funding and provides more supports as they move through the program. And we have sponsored a refugee family in the past and are ready to do it again.

My friend from across the street is coming for supper so I can show him where all the things are that they might know when they stay here. Going to be interesting having someone using our house when we are away. But it works out for both of us. I want to get an idea of the costs for living here when it is cold and their place is a work in progress so being in here will be like a safe haven.

Well, will add more of Charles Diary. By the way, I am getting nowhere on my book. Cannot settle down to calmly sit and write. I have been so hyper lately one has to wonder if the thyroid is totally off or what? Wonder if it is the tea I have been drinking. A cup around 4ish to get them through the evening.

Oh well, here you go.

July 1901 –

July 1 – Dominion Day holiday. Fergus goes to meet Lottie and Lee. Here at 6. They will be here for summer and someone will have to tote them here and there. Emily says not to write like this but I mean it.
July 2 – Cultivated corn then all of us went to Slacks. Dave Perry takes a pig but he could not pay for it now.
July 3 – Mowing machine broke down so Fergus and I took it to Lyndhurst.
July 4 – Madeline proud of the garden. Wants everyone to see it. Keeps her busy keeping Leo from pulling out the young plants. Ella Seabrook for tea and eve. Henry arrives.
July 5 – Cool day. Raked some hay. Bridget Flood arrives today to stay at Ellen’s for a week.
July 6 – Big rain. Emily, Madeline, Leo and I go to Lyndhurst.
July 7 – Mike and wife Margaret O’Connor, John and Annie, Henry, Lottie, Leo and Ellen all here for dinner and tea.
July 8 – Took Henry out to Lyndhurst Station.
July 9 – Mowed front field. Pitman rod breaks again. Such luck.
July 10 – We raked up 120 cocks of hay.
July 11 – We put paris green on potatoes. Etta Flood, Mr. Venny and Joe Bevins here for tea and eve.
July 12 – Mowed most of day. In eve storms as usual on 12th of July.
July 13 – Raked hay. Put 6 loads in barn and 4 in drive shed.
July 14 – All go to Jones Falls. Lottie, Ellen, Fergus, Madeline, Emily, Ellen, Bridget. Have picnic there. Home at 6 and Maggie and her mother Margaret McDonald here. Stay all night with us.
July 15 – Mowed field below drive house and around all fences.
July 16 – Lee helped us stack. Put 6 loads in stack. Etta and Maggie back for visit today.
July 17 – Fergus, Lottie and Leo go to Gan for day and night. Very bad storm tonight. Ellen here for night.
July 18 – Others back safe after storm. I help Lee mow etc.
July 19 – Spread out hay to dry.
July 20 – Put dry hay 7 loads in stack. 2 in driveway and 1 in barn.
July 21 – Sunday – Fergus and I go to Mass.
July 22 – Went to Athens with J Bevins. Milk Cheque 29.34. Give postal 85.60.
July 23 – Wallace and Agatha here. Helped Lee with hay then Chris Weeks one load. Fergus, Agatha and Wallace Connerty go to Donnelly’s for eve.
July 24 – Cut hay. Fixed pitman and Fergus helped D. Townsend to get in rye. I cut hay and cocked it up.
July 25 – Finished cutting lower field then spent rest of day with A & W Connerty.
July 26 – Wallace and Joe Bevins go visiting and fishing. Take Madeline who comes home with water lilies.
July 27 – Lee helped us put up 6 loads in stack. Fergus and Chas Bevins go to Lyndhurst this eve.
July 28 – Big rain. John and Mary Ann here. Eulalia comes. Alex Argue here also for tea.
July 29 – Shook out hay to dry.
July 30 – I mowed with scythe fine corners etc. more rain.
July 31 – More rain so can’t do much.


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