November 16, 2015 – Super Woman makes a decision

Don’t you hate it when you feel you are stuck between a rock and a hard place? I sure do. So today after speaking to my dentist office I made the decision to take matters into my own hands. What? Yes, doesn’t it feel so much better when you take control? Well, that is what I have done. Stopped the antibiotic and am going back to the original plan for this week. Stop the probiotics and next week do the test the other doctor set up for me.

Why you ask? Well the dentist’s office staff told me the first appointment with the dentist who does root canals in the first week in February. There is no chance that I am going to take antibiotics for that long which is what the generalist dentist told me I would have to do. I only have pain early in the morning and it goes away once I get up. So you know what? I can live with that and if it gets terrible I will call for an emergency appointment. The first of February is only for a consultation anyway. What a process! I am thinking I might check around for another dentist if this is the way things are going in this practice.

What does one do when the phone is not holding a charge? Not to worry about it and figure new batteries need to be ordered! And in the meantime saving what power there is for the husband and my other doctor…. So there…..

Mission accomplished – went to the my bank and deposited my US check and they told me they would call hubby and leave him a message telling him that the money could be moved over to the Canadian money account today.. Wow, that is quick. He thought it would take a few days to clear but it seems it is always done very quickly. Love this bank….. and they remember me from season to season.

Told her about where I lived around here and why I love it here. Been thinking a lot about that since getting here. I feel so different when I get to this building or actually when I drive across the 1000 Islands Bridge. A change comes over me that goes back to my childhood. Driving across that Bridge always made me happy as a child and now it has the same effect on me. I sleep just fine in this house and at times I think there is someone else here in the house with me. I feel things. Maybe someday I should have a spiritualist come over to see if there is a happy spirit here.

Should store away things here so that if there was some kind of horrible world event we could live here with water and some food for a while. Have a whole crawl space we could turn into a cold cellar. Nice thought anyway.

Back to thinking about this middle eastern problem. What is the matter with man kind? In Yugoslavia the various different people lived peacefully when they were under communism. No religion was allowed so they kept that part of their lives to themselves and raised their children to be good citizens fo the state. Then when the countries broke up all hell broke out. Those same young people who were raised to be friends with everyone and had friends from all the various backgrounds and some had married were now told to go to war against those same friends. Many of their parents if they could sent those young people away so they would not have to go to war. They did not want to kill their friends and neighbors. Too bad everyone had not been willing to sit down and say “no war” but that was not the case and hundreds of thousands were killed. A war no one wanted.

That is happening in the middle east and the sad part of it is that we the “US” started this when we went into Iraq. Yes they were living under a dictator but what right did we have to go there and make changes they were not asking for. We opened another can of worms and the various factions went nuts. You cannot stop it now and it has spread all over the region. How many have died because of our actions? No wonder there is anger among their young people and how we have become an ideal enemy for them. If someone came in and decided that our way of life was not good and forced us to change how we were living I would hope our young people would be angry as well and fight back against whomever. But in the end nothing good seems to come out of any of this.

In WWII what happened was one egomaniac who was not stable got control of the government of Germany and was making chaos all over Europe and with that a response was called for to rescue not only the countries he was taking over but the citizens of his own country. No one went in and interfered with a country that might not have been in great shape but he was not making chaos all over the Middle East. We upset the balance and now we are paying for it and the people there have been paying the price for a very long time. I studied the Just War theory once in a class at church. Iraq did not meet the requirements of the Just War where as WWII did.

Enough of a rant. I am just here by myself thinking and listening to the radio and hearing interviews with people from Paris, Beirut and other places. And what I read on Facebook today made me ill. Such haters out there. Someone sent me a post from Frankin Graham that was sick but the responses to his words were even more bothersome. There are a lot of people out there looking for someone to hate and they have a perfect target now thanks to Isis. Doing exactly what ISIS wants to happen. They are not fools. The more hate they can promote here the more likely Muslims in this country will suffer from prejudice and then they, Isis will be able to radicalize more young people. Just makes me so sad.

Enough… want to read some of Charles Diary. Here they were people of different faiths with not so great background of tolerance who lived together in peace and caring


June 1901 –

June 1 – Madeline and I work at garden. Fergus home tonight. F. Slack and M Lamson here for tea. Madeline and I went fishing this morn then she finishes planting seed in “our garden”
June 2 – Very rainy day. Good for garden.
June 3 – Very wet and roads very bad.
June 4 – Cultivated field back of house and finished putting on lower field
June 5 – Filled up planting ground and planted potatoes.
June 6 – Thursday – planted potatoes. Had quite a few here for tea and eve plus a pack peddler for night. Nice chap.
June 7 – Wet day. Let Dan Townsend have pound of nails.
June 8 – Emily, Madeline go to Delta.
June 9 – We stayed all night and to Phillipsville to Mass. See many old friends.
June 10 – Worked ground for Ellen’s potatoes and planted them for her. Went to Berry’s and bought scales.
June 11 – Sowed 4 bushels oats.
June 12 – Sheared sheep today.
June 13 – Went to Lees and got 2 shoes on horse.
June 14 – Emily, Madeline and I went to Gan circus but Madeline in tears over animals caged up and snap of whips at lions. She takes after me and I thank God Fergus does not ever want to hunt or shoot animals.
June 15 – Yesterday bought 35 cents worth of dry plates for Lee’s camera. Mark and Susie McArdle here for tea and eve.
June 16 – Fergus went to Sand Bay Warren’s heifer got hurt so I go for Hawkins for them.
June 17 – Fixed fences. Ellen here all night.
June 18 – Planted corn today. Fergus goes to Athens for eve.
June 19 – Emily, Madeline and I went to Sand Bay and to Slack’s on way home.
June 20 – at home today. Florence Townsend stays all night with Madeline. Wild strawberries for tea.
June 21 – Worked around house yard.
June 22 – Very hot. Nane Donnelly and Stevens twins here all night. Terrible storm.
June 23 – Everyone went to Lansdowne to laying of corner stone of new church St. Patricks. Charles Slack comes for tea.
June 24 – Very hot. Hoed potato hills.
June 25 – Fergus took Ellen to Delta.
June 26 – Warren heifer dies. Haskins came but could not save her. My luck.
June 27 –Very hot. Lena and Annie here.
June 28 – Take buggy to Seeleys Bay to be fixed.
June 29 – Hot day. Repaired horse rack and moving machine.
June 30 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Phillipsville to Mass and to dinner at Pat Murphy’s. Fergus went to his Uncle John McArdles.


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