NOvember 15, 2015 – Paris thoughts and sore mouth

DSCN3568The memorial flame in Paris 2014.

When I heard about the Paris attacks I found that my commitment to not be on line all the time went out the window. No matter how yucky I felt I could not rest – just spent time listening and reading about the attacks.

In retrospect aside from the wanting to know about what was going on – always nosey – I have family members who live in Paris or near to Paris and knew someone from here who was over there. Luckily all those folks were safe although one of my cousin lost his best friend and had been asked if he wanted to attend the concert with his friend and my cousin had turned him down. That has to be a double trauma – first the loss of his friend and second the survivors guilt from having not been there. Hope he goes and talks with someone about it. There are so many traumatized people from these attacks. Who expects that kind of thing to happen.

Also going through my thoughts over these days has been wondering about all the other people who have died in various attacks and the why of western people not really caring about those other attacks but Paris hit most westerners very hard. Paris, the city of Love, the city that survived the Nazi’s, the home of the Tour Eiffel, the Louvre, and so many wonderful places. I was there last year and loved being there. But when I was in Paris last year one thing I heard was that there is a very high rate of prejudiced against anyone who is not white. The jails are filled with those of color. If you are speeding on the highway no worries if you are White – won’t get stopped or if you do just a warning – if you are of a minority group – you will get stopped, ticketed and possibly arrested.
I remember being in Paris in the 60’s and although the city was wonderful it was obvious they were not admirers of the American tourists. Even last year there were restaurants where we felt invisible. They did not care if we sat and waited and waited for service and then they were so slow it was almost painful. The best service we had when there was at an Italian restaurant. They treated us very well.

People talking about the biggest attack on France since WWII. That was us with 9/11. When has the US been attacked like that? But there is still the question – 300 people died in Beirut at a wedding the day before the Paris attack and yet no one seems to care about those people. How does one reconcile that? Most people dead, innocent people who were having fun at a wedding. The pictures of the bombing there are unbelievable. That one got my attention because I have someone who might be in Beirut. Would anyone care if she were hurt or injured? I would be devastated. But people on Facebook and other social media would probably not mention it.
I understand why Paris is getting all the attention but for those living in the nightmares in other countries it is hard for them to understand and it makes them feel that westerners don’t care about them. And that just might be true.  The same goes for the hospital that was bombed in Afganistan. That still bothers me that they have never given out a list of those who were killed by the US. How many were US doctors???  And those people who were sick in the hospital died due to the bombing and also now that community no longer has a hospital. They were the only health care available and now they are shut down and gone.  Our fault…

Friday when I went to the dentists I told her about the pain that I had the weekend before and had woken up with Friday morning again. She did a couple of things – 1. She put some freezy stuff on a cotton swab and started touching various places on my teeth – Only one spot felt it at all. 2. Then she started tapping. Told me the last cap was not a problem. When she hit the tooth next to the capped one – she scored pain. Yup I felt that. So the end result is that there is a crack in the tooth and it needs not just a cap but a root canal. Yuck – I have never had one and after reading about them am wondering if anyone has any good feedback for me?  Should I bring a shot of alcohol with me to knock myself out? Tee Hee – not really but how bad might it be? I did look up how much it might cost – that was not pretty. Way too expensive – what do people with no insurance do about it? Pay a little every month? I don’t have insurance but can pay the cash knowing that this year I have had so much dental work done we should get a decent deductible from our taxes.

Also, I was just so depressed – I was starting to get ready for the tests the doctor sent home with me but now cannot do them until after the tooth gets fixed and I get off of antibiotics and get back to normal digestion. Have to call them tomorrow and tell them and find out what I can do. Probably nothing. Just take probiotics and hope that I don’t get more thrush or any other unhappy things growing. No more bad bacteria is our goal and this is messing with the treatment plan.

So, not a happy camper this weekend and then we went to two Union Men’s Hockey games and they lost both games. Never should have happened. They just seem to let their guard down and get sloppy. The referees let a lot of things go and then it got nasty. One of Unions players got thrown out of the game for a head hit. Another one was injured. The Yale guys were pretty equal to Union or at least it looked that way and yet once they were ahead they let down and ended up losing in over time, just like the night before. Two hard games to watch.

But I did enjoy spending time with the good, nice husband. He is just so sweet. I am one lucky woman. Don’t know how I got so lucky but I surely did. He pays attention and tries all the time, well most of the time. I feel well loved.

Charles O’Connors diary 1901

May 1901 –

May 1 – Ploughed and fitted ground for strawberries. Heavy thunder storm. Ellen comes down and stays all night.  (my mother told me many times how afraid Ellen was of storms and that she and Madeline has scared the daylights out of Mom when she was little with their fear of storms)
May 2 – Thursday – Wet ground. Emily, Madeline and I go to Lappan’s this eve. Got potatoes
May 3 – Ploughed. Set out strawberries.
May 4 – Sowed 2 bus wheat. Fergus goes up to McArdles.
May 5 – Madeline and I go to woods for May flowers. Mrs Dave Townsend and Ann here for tea and eve. Madeline stays all night with Ellen.
May 6 – I ploughed and sowed wheat.
May 7 – Worked back field then go to Lyndhurst with Emily and Madeline. Emily buys a hat.
May 8 – sowed peas and oats.
May 9 – sowed peas and oats. Chas Ralph here for tea and eve.
May 10 – Mike Rape here for dinner. Isaac LaRose buys potatoes and gives me $1.00 on account. Rainy.
May 11- Emily, Madeline and I go to Athens by way of Delta.
May 12 – We came home. Fergus went to Brewers Mills.
May 13 – Ploughed sod in front field.
May 14 – Ploughed and cultivated.
May 15 – Ploughed potato field.
May 16 – Guy Curtis back and we go to Lansdowne for Darcy’s return. Home by tea time and he stays all night.
May 17 – Finished sowing peas.
May 18 – Wet day. Fergus to Pittsburgh.
May 19 – Showery. Emily, Madeline and I to Slacks.
May 20 – Arthur Slack, Chas Chapman go to Delta.
May 21 – I send my census returns to Brown $95.95. Ploughed for barley.
May 22 – Ploughed.
May 23 – Finished ploughing. Cut pole for school flag and Lee helped me. ( I wonder if that pole is the one we have that was saved during the   reconstruction)
May 24 – Wet morning. We put up flag staff in morn. Flew flag and many come out to see it as it is Queen Victoria Day holiday. A tramp helped us. He knew all about it an ex soldier maybe but secretive about past. Fergus goes to Brewers Mills party.
May 25 – Planted potatoes. J Gibson for tea.
May 26 – Very wet. 9 more wee pigs.
May 27 – Ground very wet. Dug a ditch. Went to Donnelly’s.
May 28 – Sowed 2 bus. Barley.
May 29 – Picked over potatoes. Took Fergus to Station. Emily stops in Lyndhurst.
May 30 – Wet morn. Madeline and I worked making garden. Susan Patience, and Henry Rankin here for tea. Mr. Dale back and stays as usual.
May 31 – Wet. 8 more pigs doing well as are others.


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