NOvember 13, 2015 – Addictions – and Passions

I am here to stand up and admit that I am an addict.. I cannot stop going on line and checking emails, facebook, twitter, and any other place and if there is nothing new to tell on those sites then I go to solitaire or netflix.  I cannot break away and think I need a week in the woods with no internet contact in order to get my equilibrium back. thankfully for my friends and family I don’t have an Iphone.  It would be hopeless if I did. Then I could take those things with me every where.

What to do?  I am thinking of a self imposed ban on checking more than three times a day.  Just the thought of that makes me break out in a sweat.  I love the internet and all the connections. Being a totally social being, not a shy bit in me, I truly love going on line and chatting with people and giving people encouragement and support, etc.  Arguing  politics is also in my blood or social issues and that is all there as well.

This month is National Novel Writing Month and I am not getting anywhere because of the internet. If I start to check that before I start writing then forget it, never happens.  I am a stronger person that this.  One thing is I could get a job.. do you think anyone would hire a 71 year old internet addict?  Shame on me.. no, this is an illness, nothing to be ashamed of.  I can do this.  Three times a day only and not reading all those things that are forwarded over and over again. If I don’t read them I won’t forward them and annoy people.

Wish me luck.  Will let you know how long this lasts.   If I have to I guess I could get rid of the Ipad since that is more a problem to me than the laptop since it can go with me whereever. although I really like the fact that I can listen to radio programs that are not on locally like the Diane Rehms show.

Last night my passion for Gordon Lightfoot was fed by going to see him perform at the Troy Music Hall. Perfect venue for seeing him.  He is getting on in age and his band seems to be keeping an eye on him as he moves around a bit.  He told the audience he had been in the hospital for vertigo sometime this year and he was still having problems with it.  And one of his band looked like he needs a trip to detox so it was not all good news.  But they were fine. The other three band members were great and played fabulously. A good night was had by all.  They played “Beautiful” in the first set – we used that song at our wedding so it is really special for us.

I did wonder what it is like going night after night playing the same songs for years and years. I realize he has plenty to choose from but there are also songs the audience always wants to hear and he played all of those hits. But hubby and I both agreed it was a wonderful evening and we were even in the fourth row which was so good. The first time we saw him perform was in 1972 at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  Since then we have seen him so often and also have all his albums or had them.  I had tapes that were stolen out of my car one night and they got the ones I listed to when traveling – my Lightfoot tapes. DARN….

Hockey game tonight – Go Union… hope they win.. We could use a solid win.

Charles O’Connors diary 1901

April 1901

April 1 – Monday – Walter Slack and I go to Delta. I get appointment as Census Enumerator for polling Sub No 7. Lansdowne. Have chat with our good friend Guy Curtis also CE Sliter.
April 2 – Let sugar bush to Jim Townsend to work on halves. Emily and I go to Lyndhurst get suit of clothes. Guy Curtis arrives and wants to stay nights here. We agree. He and I go down for chat with Lee.
April 3 – Guy and I study our Instruction book. Stormy. Guy makes friends with Madeline.
April 4 – Guy Curtis and I go to Sand Bay to start census work. So stormy we stay all night at J. McDonald’s.
April 5 – Worked around square and get some queer answers.
April 6 – Worked until 4 then home. Guy Curtis a real character but people do not understand him. He goes home to his mother tonight.
April 7 – Sunday – Fergus goes up to his uncle John McArdle’s. Emily, Madeline and I have tea with Ellen.
April 8 – Went to Lyndhurst. Bought shirt at Johnson’s?
April 9 – Back to census work with Guy. Rain and mud. Guy C tramps back from Dulcimaine to stay with us tonight. He parodies songs to delight of Madeline. “Strike up the Band” Here comes a hobo.
April 10 – worked Sand Bay then to Gan.
April 11 – worked down as far as Duncemaine. Madeline watches for Guy and I to return each night. That pleases Guy, so he says, to see her at window.
April 12 – Had dinner at Sliter’s. Got horse shod. Very bad weather.
April 13 – Worked at Outlet. Dinner at Fodeys and tea at Dyers. Many interesting and amusing incidents.
April 14 – Helped Jim in sugar bush.
April 15 – Went to Lyndhurst. Guy comes home with me. Brings Madeline treats.
April 16 – Off again with our census books. Fine day.
April 17 – Census work today.
April 18 – Charlie O’Connor back today.
April 19 – Home today. Went to Willy Johnson’s for hay.
April 20 – 11 wee pigs arrived. Snow storm today.
April 21 – Herb McArdle and Kate here today and all night. Madeline loves Katie and they have good time.
April 22 – Monday – Guy back and we finish up census today. Emily at Slack’s. Madeline will miss Guy Curtis.
April 23 – Emily and I go up to Berry’s she drives and I bring young cattle home.
April 24 – Fixed fences all day.
April 25 – Piled lumber and put young cattle over to pasture.
April 26 – Piled lumber in. Drive horse then worked at census book.
April 27 – Fergus and Madeline went to Seeleys Bay for wire 170 lbs. Got many bids for pasture. Berry, Bracken and Steacy.
April 28 – Fergus went to Brewers Mills. John, Annie and C Lappan here.
April 29 – Chris Week fencing.
April 30 – Guy Curtis back today. Brings Madeline a doll and candy. Stormy.


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