November 10, 2015 – long day

Well, the day started out very nice. Got to spend some time with the husband  and then headed for the doctors to give them a vile of blood to test for thyroid.  But when I got there there was not lab slip and when I checked at the doctors in the next suite, they had nothing on the computer and my doctor was off for the day.   Just have to love it. They are the ones who called yesterday to tell me to get in and give the sample so the referral can go through for the Endo.  But you know what? I looked at it as a message from the Gods – “You gave a ton of blood yesterday for better tests to see what is going on so don’t bother with this one”   Works for me…

On the way home I stopped at the dentists and got an appointment for friday.  They are crazy as well. This group has a bunch of different offices, but they are not connected so if you went to another office they get confused.  I had to spend 5 minutes explaining that I had the mold done for the cap at their office then they moved the dentist to another office so I had to go there to be fitted and followed up but I have no intention of switching offices.  They finally got it.

But then the good stuff started.  I went to our Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting at Church.  I have never met most of the other knitters before. It was really a nice meeting.  Makes me want to be more serious about my knitting.  Also found out the nuns who run the program have a back log of shawls because people seem to have forgotten about the program.   A letter was read from one of the people who received a shawl and it was so moving. The woman has cancer and is going through treatments and takes the shawl with her to the hospital as it is warm and comforting for her.  I have sent them in the past to two cousins who lost both their mother and father.  And gave one to my daughter in law when she was pregnant.  There are so many times when they can be given.   So hope we get a good response to putting out some info to our community.

Then I drove to the Senior Center and did 45 minutes of yoga.  That was great although I fear I will be stiff tomorrow. She really worked us.   I love the class.  One of the insurance companies provides the program.  Learning how to walk properly as I get older, how to sit and stand, how to build the core muscles etc.  It is a good thing to learn for sure.  Just have to get in the habit of doing it at home

Well, that was my day… and I am not watching the debate tonight.  Watching NCIS since I love action and cop shows.   No great thoughts on anything or opinions or anything.  And be sure to root for the Bills on Thursday night.

So time for Charles Diary…  seems like no matter what the season they get to each others homes to visit.  What a busy life.

March 1901

March 1 – Took wood to Seeleys Bay.
March 2 – Fergus goes to Donnelly’s.
March 3 – Arthur, Annie and baby and Mame Fodey here for eve.
March 4 – Cut logs and drew school wood.
March 5 – Jim Burns helps me draw logs. Got 550 feet lumber.
March 6 – Take 2 elm logs to J Roddick one 18-12, 17 by 10.
March 7 – went to Gan. Bought overshoes.
March 8 – Mr Anglin of South Lake here for load of pickets. EC Sliter here for tea and visit.
March 9 – Fergus and I got straw at J Tyes then he goes with Allan Donnelly to Athens.
March 10 – Go to help Lee get his mare out of bog.
March 11 – Nane Donnelly here for visit.
March 12 – Got out school wood
March 13 – Draw school wood. Lee’s mare dies.
March 14 – Stormed all day.
March 15 – Fergus goes for drive.
March 16 – Look logs to Lyndhurst to mill.
March 17 – Sunday – Went up to bee at John McArdles as he is sick. Very stormy day.
March 18 – Took wood to Seeleys bay. John McDonald brings Ellen home here for team
March 19 – Not well today. Jim and Mary Stevens here.
March 20 – Jim and I went to see John McArdle this morn. Jim and Mary go home PM. Rainy wet night. Fergus and I go to Lyndhurst.
March 21 – Cleaned up in grist today.
March 22 – Went to grist mill. Harvey gets wheat.
March 23 – Fergus and I take lumber to Gananoque.
March 24 – Lena McNamee, her mother Bridget, and Mike O’Connor here for day.
March 25 – Took buckets to bush.
March 26 – Cut log in Lees place. Rain.
March 27 – Took 32’ log to mill. Wet
March 28 – Ed Chapman from Mississippi here for night.  Wonderful visit. Ellen here.
March 29 – Spend day with Chapman.
March 30 – Saturday – Tapped 100 trees. Fergus and I go to Delta.
March 31 – Frank Slack, Joanne, Art, Annie, Rose Fodey for tea and eve.


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