November 9, 2015 – Attacking Health Issues

On Facebook a few people are writing things they are grateful for each day.  I guess today I am grateful for having the financial resources to be able to go and see an alternative doctor who might look at me the whole person and not just for one particular complaint.  Gives me hope to win my battle with my body.

I am on the war path to get my health in order.  From reading other blog sites such as Hypothyroid Mom I have learned there are better tests for thyroid function that will give a better picture of what my situation is and also tests that will tell how much bad bacteria is in my gut. Who knew?  I think I knew but just was afraid of the cost since insurance won’t cover all of it.  But feeling the way I do every single day I don’t want to live like this if there is something I can be doing to help myself.  Does that make sense? I hope so.

One of the things recommended it going on the plant based paleo diet. I can eat some of those things but others are just a nightmare for me.  Might be time to check out some new things or other ways to eat things – such as in a shake so you cannot taste them.  Or maybe the Green stuff I got from the alternative drug store up the street.  Full of nutrients, Pro-biotics and other “stuff” that is suppose to be good for me.  I only tried it twice so far and each time I had this burst to energy.  It would be nice not to spend my days yawning..

My teeth have been bothering me so I have to call the dentists office and get an appointment. Can you imagine getting a script for antibiotic with out a doctors seeing you? That is what I got on Sunday for my hurting cap. I am so disappointed since they are so expensive and if they take it off they will want to do a root canal which will cost a ton more money.  Yuck….

What to do? I will make an appointment but am not going to take the medication or even the pain meds since they say don’t drive or anything while taking them.  Like I am not going to drive if I need to? Give me a break. And they are not even opiates, must ibuprofen. And they might cause dizziness.  Instead am using Ambesol that you rub on for pain and it numbs the tooth. That seems to work as well as anything.  Interesting also the pain is worse at night. That makes me think this might not be tooth but might be sinus.  Why would it hurt when laying down and not when sitting or standing?.  No logic there.

Just got a call from my primary’s office.  The thyroid specialist won’t give me an appointment until I get another blood test for thyroid levels.  Guess I better do that for them. I wish they would call me directly and not be going through the doctors office.

That has been my day so far. Wonder what the rest will have in store? Some fun adventure? A long nap? Some good mail? Some quality time with my honey? I am sure something good will be happening.

Charles Diary – I found a picture of Margaret Featherstone in Madeline’s stuff. She was quite pretty and must have been quite tiny since Grandfather was a little bit of a thing.  Will see if I have a copy of it.

February 1901

Feb 1 – Big snow storm. Ellen comes home.
Feb 2 – Get up wood Vandusen cut. Ellen stays with us. Susie McArdle here. Enjoy her.
Feb 3 – Fergus take Susie home.
Feb 4 – Worked in stable. Storm. Vandusen here.
Feb 5 – Cut logs today.
Feb 6 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst morn then to Sand Bay afternoon.
Feb 7 – Took wood to Shields. Fergus goes up to Seeleys Bay to a big dance.
Feb 8 – took more wood to Shields.
Feb 9 – Went to Gan. Bad storm.
Feb 10 – Emily, Ellen and I go to Zelda Johnson’s funeral. Madeline stays with Fergus. Cold.
Feb 11 – Cut pickets. Vandusen helps me but he never come ere noon.
Feb 12 – Inspector Johnson here all night. At tea table he has a great chat with Vandusen. Johnson a fine man.
Feb 13 – Cold and stormy so do little
Feb 14 – Cold yet but bright. Cut a log. Beautiful day in woods. Snow like Diamonds.
Feb 15 – Drew logs to Lyndhurst.
Feb 16 – Drew logs to Lyndhurst. Bought pr boots. Warm lined ones.
Feb 17 – Emily & Ellen to mass. Gave Father O’Gorman $13.00. Ellen goes to Annie’s to stay a week or so.
Feb 18 – Drew 4 basswood and 2 hemlock logs to Lyndhurst.
Feb 19 – Helped Lee take his pump to Lyndhurst. Got 17 lbs beef at 5 cents a lb for Sly
Feb 20 – Went to Gan. and paid taxes on Gan lot we own there.
Feb 21 – logs to Lyndhurst. Bought buck saw.
Feb 22 – Sold 2 cords wood to Joe Wetherell and let Burns have 2 also.
Feb 23 – Emily and I cleaned attic and shed. Drew load of straw from J Tyes.
Feb 24 – Fergus goes to South Lake to visit Maggie Featherstone. He met her at Seeleys Bay dance.
Feb 25 – I cut logs for mill.
Feb 26 – take logs to saw mill.
Feb 27 – took wood to Seeleys bay and went on to Donnellys.
Feb 28 – Went to grist mill in Lyndhurst. Then to see young cattle at Sweet’s corners. Berry takes good care.


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