November 8. 2015 – thoughts on Doctors without Boarders

Earlier this week I heard a report on the bombing of the hospital in Afghanistan run by Doctors Without Boarders.   It was so sad to listen to and one has to wonder who messed up on this one?  They hit the ICU Unit first and killed doctors, nurses, other staff and patients.  Many of the patients were burned to death in their beds because they could not move to help themselves.  Just imagining that is terrible.

They went on to talk about those fleeing the hospital being gunned down from above with no concern about their age, or who they were.  Calls to the US and Afgan leaders did nothing to stop it.  What were our people thinking or responding to.   This does not even make the front pages of our newspapers. No one seems to care.  Even I know that during wartime hospitals are never to be bombed and that they take in any patients that come to their doors no matter what the side they are on.  During WWII my aunt was in a hospital right behind the front and they had German soldiers as patients.  They were also prisoners of war but they were there in the hospital. What if the US or Canadian Air Force had decided to bomb the hospital because there were some Germans in there?

That behaviour is not okay  no matter who does it but for some reason there are people being protected.  Was there a special patient they wanted to kill in that hospital so the heck with some children and doctors of our own that were there? I just don’t understand why the press is ignoring this?  Can anyone explain it to me? I have never yet seen a list of the doctors who were killed from the various countries. They donate their time to help the neediest.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. It is one of those things that is just eating away at me because it was so wrong and unjust.

I think we can move on to  1901 with Charles Diary.  As always it is fascinating how many of their cousins they spent time with.  And it appears Fergus was back to teaching at the Long Point School House.  He had a great social life that Grandfather of mine and so much revolved around his cousins.  Lovely that they were so close all their lives.

January 1901

Jan 1 – Tuesday – New Year’s Day. We all went to Sand May to John and Annie’s. John and I went on to Lansdowne Station to meet Fergus. Home at 11. All glad to have Fergus home and he talked most of night. (returning from Canton visit with Desmond’s) Had such a lovely time. All so good to him.
Jan 2 – Went to Kelsey’s sale. Bought 2 shovels and a fork for 65 cents.
Jan 3 – Fergus started school. Annie and Ellen here for tea and eve.
Jan 4 – I got out pickets then storm started. Mr. Dale here.
Jan 5 – Took wood to Gan.
Jan 6 – At home until tea time. Emily leaves it ready for Dale and rest of us go to Ellen’s. John McDonald and Frank Slack there too for tea.
Jan 7 – Town meeting – no school so Fergus, Emily and Madeline go to McArdle’s. Result of pole vote – Berry 33, Jamieson 32 , Johnson 12, Kendrick 40 and McCutcheon 46.
Jan 8 – Fergus sent for Blackboard and flag. I went to Mrs Burn’s bee.
Jan 9 – Very slippery.
Jan 10 – Do chores only as storm bad.
Jan 11 – Draw up wood. Fergus goes to Donnelly’s this eve.
Jan 12 – Very bad snow storm.
Jan 13 – Fergus and I get to Mass. He gives Father O’Gorman $3.00 Christmas offering. Then Fergus goes up to McArdle’s after dark.
Jan 14 – Took wood to Gananoque.
Jan 15 – George Lee and I go to Delta to Liberal convention. Come home ill.
Jan 16 – Took Brombridge valise home.
Jan 17 – Sick all night.
Jan 18 – Bit better. Mike Slack here for tea.
Jan 19 – Very cold. We banked school house.
Jan 20 – Fergus goes to Arthur Slacks as Fodey girls there.
Jan 21 – Mike Slack works at stable. Chas Slack and all his family spends day with us.
Jan 22 – Have a great reception for soldier George Bryan as he is back from South African war at school house. Good program. Madeline as Red Cross Nurse takes part well. Fergus gives great speech. After all is over all young people and Geo. Come to our house and dance until 2 am.
Jan 23 – Queen Victoria died last night. Chas Slack’s family have diphtheria and little girl died. Everyone alarmed as Chas and Bertha were here for concert, not knowing of Sara’s trouble. All children start wearing “fatty” bags. We are worried because Chas and Bertha slept here night before.
Jan 24 – Mike Slack and I worked at stables.
Jan 25 – Friday – work at stable. Emily and Madeline spend eve at Lees. So sorry for Sara and Chas.
Jan 26 – Fine morn. Fergus sick. Jim Stevens, Lenora and Eulalia here.
Jan 27 – Jim and I go to church. Fergus better.
Jan 28 – fixed up pen for little pigs. No school because Fergus sick.
Jan 29 – Went to Sand Bay for pigs.
Jan 30 – Took wood to Gan. Traded horses with J. Donavan. Sarsfield McArdle arrives. Great stores of his trips in other countries.
Jan 31 – went to Athens for Isaac LaRose.


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