NOvember 7, 2015 – Another bad day for David

I skipped my writing conference today as I just could not see myself there today.  I stayed in bed and thought about things then did some internet searching.  At the doctors on monday I am going to propose that my problems might be based on my having thrush – not in the mouth but down in the esophagus as well as the stomach and that might be what makes me get so sick every year or two. So many of the symptoms that are described on web sites are exactly what I have.  It will be interesting to see his response to my suggestions.  Also think that my thyroid is not functioning and that I need different medication for it but we shall see about that one.


The Union Woman’s hockey game was at 4 pm this afternoon so over we went.  As usual there were about 50-75 people there to watch the game.  Makes me sad that more people from campus do not attend.  They work so hard at their game and no one seems to care. I suppose if they were a top ranked team they would get more fans.

The game ended with a score of 2-1 with the win going to St. Lawrence University but that really does not tell the story.  The shots on goal say much more about the game.  15 shots on goal for Union and 56 for St. Lawrence.  I looked at all the statistics again.  Just on height alone these two teams they played this weekend were heads above them.  Union has some very energetic little women players and I always like to watch them since they are my size.

I never would have thought to play hockey ever, but also I was not a risk taker. I was scared of being hurt so never would have played.  I got hit once across the shins in 10th grade playing field hockey and declared that was the end of it for me.  Why would you play a game where they hit you with sticks??? Not for me. It probably all goes back to my mum who would tell me – be careful you might get hurt anytime I went to do anything.  Don’t climb the tree you might get stuck.  Don’t ride your bike away from home something might happen and you would be stranded.  I know she was trying not to do that with the boys but I think she forgot when it came to me.  I was afraid of everything.  Climbing up on the beams in the barn at my cousins.  Swimming, I might drown after all.  As my favorite psycholgist wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to me one day –  “Your view of the world growing up was ‘The World is a Scary Place’ and it is time to change that.”  I am not so afraid anymore but there are still things I won’t do, like try new foods, walk in the woods alone etc.  I am sure I could over come those fears as well but well, one thing at a time.

Anyway, I am sorry Union Women’s Hockey team lost those two games but they sure did play hard and today they held off the big guys.  Good job. And wow what a goalie you have.

I will try and get Charles Diary up. This computer has gone wacky on me tonight and I am not sure why.  But we will finish with 1900 and move on next time to 1901.

December 1900

Dec 1 – Saturday – Fergus and I took 2 logs to Jim Roddicks Mill.
Dec 2 – Fergus and I go to Mass at Lansdowne. Roads terrible. I stopped to pay Herb Leacock 50 cents for fixing plough point. Tiring trip for us and horse.
Dec 3 – Anthony Flood here for dinner. He sold pulverizer to E.Bevins.
Dec 4 – Stormy day. At Bryans this eve.
Dec 5 – Ed Wight’s sister visits us.
Dec 6 – Get fowls ready at Ellen’s.
Dec 7 – Went to Turkey Fair and sold Ellen’s turkeys for her.
Dec 8 – Holy Day and my birthday. Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Florence and Susie come to help me celebrate. Stay all night. Have a nice time.
Dec 9 – Very cold. Girls here yet.
Dec 10 – Get our fowl ready. 4 geese, 14 ducks and 19 turkeys.
Dec 11 – Took fowl to Athens. Good price as they came to $19.97.
Dec 12 – In Athens bought overcoat $5.00 came home … night.
Dec 13 – Joanna here today. Miss Wight here also for another visit.
Dec 14 – Banked house and brought up wood for Ellen and ourselves.
Dec 15 – Emily’s birthday. Fergus and I go to Gananoque. Pd note to Latimer. Get a lamp – present for Emily.
Dec 16 – Home all day Ellen here.
Dec 17 – Cut wood in the woods.
Dec 18 – Got horses shod went to Lees.
Dec 19 – Took wood to Wilson. All of us help get nuts and raisins for Christmas cake.
Dec 20 – Wrote Post Master General re postal service. Get letter from W. Denaud re E Bevins wood.
Dec 21 – Rain last night. Drive buggy to Lyndhurst home by Sweets Crs. School Meetings. Jim Kelsey here for dinner.
Dec 22 – Took Fergus to train at Lansdowne on way to Brasher Falls to visit Mary and Desmond family.
Dec 23 – Fine morning. We miss Fergus but glad he could take trip.
Dec 24 – Sold 4 geese to hotel. Got some gifts and treats. Let Madeline pick out gifts for us and Ellen.
Dec 25 – Christmas. Ellen here but we miss Fergus. First one apart. Go to Slacks for supper. Madeline happy with few things we can give her.
Dec 26 – School meeting. I take 7 cords of hard wood and 1 dry to Lyndhurst. Tom McConnell elected trustee.
Dec 27 – Busy with wood. Madeline so lonesome for Fergus today.
Dec 28 – Had to get bolts fixed in bob sleigh at Lee’s shop.
Dec 29 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst. Chas Chapman here for eve.
Dec 30 – Sunday – Emily, Madeline and I go to Donnelly’s. Mark and Madeline a good time.
Dec 31 – Emily, Madeline, Ellen and I go to Arthur Slacks for tea and Ellen stays here all night.


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