November 6, 2015 — David and Golieth but this time the giant won… & Galway Gals

What a great day!  Went to dinner with the Galway gals.  Last year when we went to Ireland with 19 students 11 of them were Union students.  I have not seen them since we left Ireland so this week the girls set up a dinner date for everyone.  We all met at Pinhead Susan’s at 5 pm and only two of the group were not able to attend.  It was wonderful seeing them again.  They are such a nice group of women doing such interesting things.  I am truly impressed with their senior thesis, volunteer work, and plans for the future. For some reason I think they will all accomplish their goals since they are straight headed.  It was just such a nice time. And we all agreed that the Galway experience was the best ever.

Then hubby and I went over to the Union Woman’s Hockey Game.  They were playing Clarkson and it was so sad to watch. Union  has a wonderful freshman goalie who had 56 shots on goal and only 6 goals against. One would think the score would have been worse than 6 goals against.   Union had a total of 8 shots on goal with no score – 0-6.  Tough loss but the goalie was amazing.  She is from Newmarket Ontario.  Pretty darn good for a freshman.

Clarkson’s team is made up of almost all players from Ontario and they only have two US players. I think they are the number 1 team so far in the league which was pretty obvious.  They have two girls who are 5’11” and one at 5’10” and not too many shorties.  We, on the other hand, do not have that size.  It was like watching 60  minutes of power play and yet no penalties.  They were out played, from start to finish.

That was today.  Oh and a visit to Price Chopper to restock the larder and got home and realized I did not buy any meat.   There is probably enough to survive on for the week.  Not sure if I am going tomorrow to the writing conference I was planning to attend.  The idea of getting up early and spending the day inside is pretty exhausting to think about.  Will decide at 7:00 am if I feel like th effort.

That brings me to another issue I am dealing with. I realized today how exhausting it is fighting off one of these darn incidents. Trying to make sure I am eating right and enough, fighting off exhaustion and every other issue that this darn unknown condition brings with it.  Waiting to get an appointment with the endocrinologist but need my chart send from my docs and the first time the woman sent it to the wrong medical practice and now she has not called me back to confirm that my chart is being sent to the right one. No idea how long it will take to get an appointment. Just frustrated!

Let’s read some of Charles Diary.. more interesting that my life complains.  As we enjoy this warmly unusual weather read about a real old fashioned fall.  And it is not just that this is about Canada – the temp up there is the same as it is where we live so I know they have been as warm as we have been.  This is a fun one to read.

November 1900

Nov 1 – Thursday Holy Day – no work today. Norton Shook visits us. Fine day.
Nov 2 – finished corn stalks. Fergus goes up to McArdle’s. Emily and I glad he and McArdle girls such good friends as they are lovely girls.
Nov 3 – Sow rye. Went in eve to Lewis’ meeting in Lyndhurst. Fergus spoke and well too.
Nov 4 – John and Annie McDonald and Walter Slack here. Walter and Annie are Madeline’s favorites.
Nov 5 – Emily and I go to Donnelly and SB.
Nov 6 – Ploughed. Hugh Wilson and Gibson here for dinner. I lend John Daley and Chris Weeks  each $1.00
Nov 7 – Election Day. In school and I was DR Officer. Result for Lewis 26, George Taylor 71.
Nov 8 – Very wet day. Fergus went to Lyndhurst but no returns.
Nov 9 – Heard total returns and the Liberals were sustained by 50 votes. Good.
Nov 10 – Drew up wood for Ellen. Fergus went to Athens.
Nov 11 – Quiet day. Fergus home in eve.
Nov 12 – Some snow and rain.
Nov 13 – Ploughed until snow storm stopped me.
Nov 14 – Worked around house. Tom Sly here.
Nov 15 – Looked for young cattle in forenoon. Time to get them in.
Nov 16 – Friday – Berry comes for cattle and takes 8 of our young ones home with him for winter inside shelter. Frank Mac come for his and tired to go me by taking them without paying for him and he gives note for 6 months.
Nov 17 – Drew up 2 loads of wood on bobsleighs. Much snow. Walter Slack here and stays all night.
Nov 18 – Walter here then Charley Slack comes. Fergus goes with Will McConnell to visit E. friends.
Nov 19 – Monday – Wet so I worked fixing inside of horse stable. Madeline ill.
Nov 20 – Another stormy day. Tye girls stay all night with Madeline.
Nov 21 – Cut up pork today and packed it. Very wild blustery day.
Nov 22 – Went to Lyndhurst and sent Bank money to pay for note due.
Nov 23 – Ploughed. Dick Sly buys spotted cow.
Nov 24 – Ploughed today. In eve made 28 lbs of sausages. Madeline likes it.
Nov 25 – Snow storm all day. Emily reads aloud to Madeline “Lady of Lake” etc but Madeline likes “Idylls of King” best of all. King Arthur her hero.
Nov 26 – Snow and rain all day.
Nov 27 – No mail because of storm. Kelsey boys and Slack boys only ones at school today. Have to stay all night here. Emily busy fixing beds for all of them. Bad night.
Nov 28 – Worked inside cow stables fixing it up for winter.
Nov 29 – Went to Lyndhurst. Bought pair warm boots for Fergus. Sold sausage to Brombridge at hotel. Paid up bills at Dave Greens.
Nov 30 – I got wood load out and sold it to Sheilds for $1.50.


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