November 5, 2015 – Family yes and no

Another gorgeous day and nothing accomplished. Had a great conversation this evening with the daughter.  We had some great laughs talking about things like not having a clue about sister relationships since neither of us have had a sister.  We were talking about the grandgirls and how the little one watches the older one and then wants to do what the older one does.  We cannot relate to that at all.  We were wondering if that is how sisters build relationships over time with the younger one wanting to be more like the older one and that has them doing lots of things together.

Interjection – was listening on NPR today to a discussion about social media, computers, TV etc and   child development.  One of the researchers talked about parents who are on their phones or ipads etc when they are suppose to be doing things with their children.  In their study watching the children with the parents while the parents were suppose to be talking to them or playing with them and were on their electronics.  They found that the children were very aware that they did not have the parents attention and that there was harm being done.  If you want to hear it google the Diane Rheems show for today and listen to the second hour.  I found it very interesting.  – end of interjection///

We had some fun talking about who people are alike – such as younger son being a lot like his Uncle Charlie.  We both agreed that they share some positive qualities.  And how daughter is a lot like one of her brothers.. She had this rude awakening and we laughed so hard I thought I would fall off the couch.   It was a great conversation.  We talked puppies, knitting and crocheting, holiday plans, work, other people who have sisters and wondering about how those relationships develop etc.  It was just a fun time.  It is our Thursday conversation…  When the phone rings on Thursday evening I know who it is happily.

That was another fun part of the conversation – about my getting old.  Years ago she said that she knew Dad would die first because of his family history and that I would live longer – of course his family history is complicated since his dad was a heavy smoker, over weight fellow who died at age 55 of probably a heart attack or stroke. And his mother had had rheumatic fever when she was young so I doubt if there is a way to predict. He is pretty darn healthy compared to me. So I figure it is a crap shoot whether daughter will be my caretaker or her Dads.  We had an interesting chat off of that about what old people say when they are demented.  My mom made a racial slur one day when she was in an adult care home and I was shocked. If I had said the same thing when I was a kid I would have had my mouth washed out with soap.  We were making up things that I would say if I had dementia.  Another good laugh…  We hardly had to say a word since we both have an idea of some of the dumb things I might say.   Just a fun conversation.

Enough of that fun evening. Another adventure….

Charles Diary – 1900  – I get a kick about Bee’s that they talk about.  It is such a fine example of how the community worked together to help each other.  Mrs Burns was a widow so they would have a Bee there to help her with whatever, or the Bevins moving their house up closer to the road or where ever – everyone came out and helped and brought food etc.  I love it. I use to recommend that we  for a mom’s cleaning group that would go to a different house for an hour or so every other week and clean as a group.  We could take care of everyone’s houses and have fun too. But they never bought it probably because I needed help more than most of the others.  tee hee….

Oct 1900

Oct 1 – Monday – helped Jim Townsend thresh.
Oct 2 – Helped Ira Bevins thresh.
Oct 3 – Helped Chas Chapman thresh. Came home sick every night. Dust from threshing tortured me. Fergus goes to Box social at John Fodey’s.
Oct 4 – Go to Lansdowne Fair.
Oct 5 – Marcus and Maurice Stevens here for visit. Charlie returns.  (M & M Emilys nephews)
Oct 6 – Emily and I go to Gan and I buy a wagon at Gibsons sale $11.00
Oct 7 – High wind. Fergus goes to Phillipsville.
Oct 8 – Wet night and day. Bridget Yates here for eve. Frank Slack borrows $5.00 from Emily today.
Oct 9 – I go to Gan today for wagon.
Oct 10 – Dug potatoes today.
Oct 11 – Dug potatoes mild day.
Oct 12 – Dug potatoes. Ellen and Emily at Slacks.
Oct 13 – Fergus and I to Gan. , He buys new overcoat. It looks good on him. The Archbishop was at rectory and we went to see him. Great visit.
Oct 14 – Fergus goes to Donnellys.  (Emily’s niece)
Oct 15 – Emily and I go to Liberal convention in Athens. Big crowd.
Oct 16 – Rainy and cold. G. Lee and Joe Bevins here in eve.
Oct 17 – Finished rigging potatoes.
Oct 18 – Agatha Connerty and her mother (Mary Stevens) come for the day. Tom McNamee and two nuns from House of Providence, here for dinner. We give them $2.00. 2 bags potatoes, bog turnips and 25 lbs of flour. Jim Stevens and Wallace Connerty come in eve. (More McArdle family)
Oct 19 – Fergus went to box social at Frank McNamees. I pulled sugar beets Mrs. Pat McNamee died suddenly this eve.
Oct 20 – Sat – Fergus and I drew in corn stalks and pumpkins. In eve Emily and I went to wake. Many there.
Oct 21 – Emily , Madeline and I went to funeral. Fergus up to McArdles.
Oct 22 – Drew in sugar beets and turnips. Emily and I spend eve at Lees.
Oct 23 – Drew in cornstalks. It heavy rain all night. Cold too.
Oct 24 – Ploughed today.
Oct 25 – Madeline and I went to Lappans for apples. 4 bags. Went to Mrs. Burn’s bee afternoon. Good turnout.
Oct 26 – Ploughed all day Tired
Oct 27- Will Lewis called on his route to Seeleys Bay. (Liberal Candidate). In eve Lee, Fergus and I go to Seeleys Bay to political rally.. Home after 12 O’Clock.
Oct 28 – Quiet but happy day at home.
Oct 29 – In house with lame back.
Oct 30 – Able to plough a little
Oct 31 – Nominations in Gan. It rains. Harry Bevins has bee moving his house. Mr and Mrs Lee here for eve.


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