November 4, 2015 – Birthday boy – and Election thoughts

My brother Bill use to occasionally get the day off for his birthday because his birthday was always the first week in November which was election day.  We use to thank him for the day off.. I chatted with him today as it is a big birthday – 75th and he is a busy guy, still driving a school bus, playing hockey, canoeing, sailing, hiking, camping etc. He does not look his age at all as far as I can tell. He was telling me he has gotten back into paintings and is taking a class as well as cranking out five paintings last month.  So I guess he is not bored with life at all.  Happy Birthday Billie Boy.

I went to vote yesterday afternoon and wondered why bother once I got there and read the ballot. There was no one running against the incumbent town officials, judges etc. So no choice there. On the county level there was some choice so I spread my votes around.  I don’t like the fact that the entire county appears to be run by the Democrats totally.  I believe you need some balance in order to get good government.  But also can see why people don’t bother in the town here. Why bother going up to the voting stations since they are going to win even if no one voted. What does that make this anyway????

It is lovely today – suppose to be up in the 70’s and the sunshine is fabulous. I woke up quite early and got laundry done and hung outside. cleaned up the kitchen a bit. emptied the compost, checked email and facebook and after lunch spent some time writing.  I have started my story about Pat over again and changed it quite a bit.  Going to blend in what I had written before and upgrade that as well. so much of this month will be writing and editing. The time has come.

Charles diary continued – fall of 1900  Tom O”Connor was my mothers God Father when she was baptized.  My mom always talked about her cousin Loretta who use to babysit for them and was a friend to her as they grew older. I believe that they kept in touch for a long time.  Joanna was the oldest of the O’Connor children – Charles oldest sister.  They were so good to each other and to their neighbors.  Wonder why they could not trade the colt for a cow to that fellow? And I am wondering about the Shields in Lyndhurst.  My grandmother Frances Keating – not in the picture yet in these diaries was related to the Shields in Gananoque.. wonder if these folks were related as well? always more questions.

September 1900

Sept 1 All go fishing afternoon.
Sept 2 – Stevens go to McArdles and Madeline goes too with Eulalie. Bell (the mare) gets stuck in creek but we get her out. Fergus goes after Madeline in eve. Hot day.
Sept 3 – Fergus goes to Brewers Mills. John and Annie here for day.
Sept 4 – Helped Johnsons thresh. Kate (Tom O’Connors wife) and Miss McLennan here and stayed over night.
Sept 5 – Looked for and found last young cattle. Went to Lyndhurst got 50 lbs flour $1.00 and 50 lb sugar. Cool day.
Sept 6 – Did little today. Fergus goes to Lyndhurst to party at Shields.
Sept 7 – Deb Landon here for tea.
Sept 8 – Kate O’Connor and Lizie McLennan here yet. We have box social for St. Patricks Church Lansdowne. Platform on lawn. Big crowd. Chas Heffernan and Clara Stevens, Mike O’Connor, Donnellys, McArdles etc.
Sept 9 – Fergus takes Kate O’Connor, children, Somers and Loretta, Miss McLennan home to Gan. Madeline worn out trying to keep children amused. Clara and Chas here yet. Mike O’Connor goes home too.
Sept 10 – …. today. In eve we went over to Slacks to see Johnny and I went on to see McEvoys awhile.
Sept 11 – Threshers arrived. We had 130 bus oats, 60 wheat, 50 barley, 10 peas, 15 rye. Very good.
Sept 12 – weds – Helped Ed Bevins thresh.
Sept 13 – Vandusen helped put in straw then Dan Slack came along.
Sept 14 – Cut some corn then hunted for horses all afternoon. Found them in deep woods near mines.
Sept 15 – Helped Arthur Slack to fill silo.
Sept 16 – Wet day. 2 barns burned at Lansdowne. Emily, Madeline and I spent eve at Lappan’s. She serves Doughboys.
Sept 17 – Helped Frank Slack fill silo, then had tea at Arthurs.
Sept 18 – Went over to Arthur’s then home and Frank MacNamee here. Fergus goes to a party at Lyndhurst.
Sept 19 – Cut corn in forenoon. Then all go to Lyndhurst Fair.
Sept 20 – Wet day. Emily went to visit Joanna and I helped Arthur.
Sept 21 – I take cheese to factory. In eve Jerry Shook and Fergus go to box social at Tom Deirs. Ellen here all night in case of storms.
Sept 22 – Stock corn and draw some in.
Sept 23 – Quiet day. Fergus goes up to his Uncle John McArdles.
Sept 24 – Work at corn. Fine day.
Sept 25 – Worked at corn. Mrs. J. Plunkett here all day. Emily had extra good dinner as she felt Mrs. Plunkett needed it. In eve Emily, Madeline and I went to see Joanna, is sick.
Sept 26 – Emily went to visit Mrs. Lee and Fergus went to Delta after 4..
Sept 27 – Finished corn PG.
Sept 28 – Dug potatoes. R York came to try to trade a colt for a cow but no deal with us.
Sept 29 – Wet day. I husked corn.
Sun 30 – Emily Madeline and I go to Donnellys and Fergus at Ellen’s.


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