NOvember 3, 2015 – End of Salt Lake Adventure, New York City Marathon

Well, what a weekend we had.  I finished up in Salt Lake, caught my 7:55 flight to Chicago and then on to Laguardia. Took a city bus to 104th and Broadway in Manhattan and walked down and ran into my hubby along the way.   Walked up to Henry’s Restaurant and had dinner with his brother Charlie and his wife Beth.   It was great seeing them and so good of them to put us up so we could do this Marathon weekend.  Beth’s sister Maggie joined us also for dinner and it was great.  She is so nice it was fun getting to know her a little.

New York is such fun on Halloween!  All the stores and restaurants in the neighborhood were giving out candy to the kids.  The streets were just filled with families and other folks on their way to parties.  The energy was fabulous.  Reminded me of how much we love New York.  In fact the entire experience of being in New York again after so long was fabulous.

Sunday Denis was up and out on his way to the start of the race by 6 am.   On the other side I was up early and went to meet my friend Chris Copping Alberi from back in the days of us working for MW Houck Inc food brokers.   It was a short but so sweet visit.  I would have known her anywhere.  She is as sweet as ever and I was just thrilled to see her again.

After she went on her way I called youngest son and took the subway down to Chambers Street to meet him.  What you have to know is that I have always been afraid of taking the subway by myself.  In the old days it felt scary to ride them, they were dirty and smelled but now they are really nice and it was a very good way to get around.  After meeting the young guy we went to Brooklyn on another train to meet up with middle son and family and their friends they were staying with.  The two little girls were so excited about seeing Grandpa running. They had made signs to hold up for him.  We missed him at the first place – he was running at a fast pace then.  But we got him as he came off the 57th street Bridge and he came over to say hello so the little kids were really excited.

We went and got some food and then headed up to 125th street to try and see him again.  We were waiting and waiting at the 35 K pass. But turns out we had missed him again. So with three very tired little girls with us and a bunch of tired adults we headed back to meet him after the race at Charlie and Beth’s.  The sons had tickets for the last game of the World Series so they had to get going and the girls were totally running out of steam.   But before we all broke up they were able to celebrate their Dad and Grandpa and have something to eat.   We caught the 9:15 train back to Albany and were dead tired when we got to the house.  What a great weekend!!!! Denis finished in 5 hrs and 37 minutes and was in great shape.  Shows what good training can do for you.

Monday at work they came and interviewed him and took pictures for their facebook page and the school newspaper.  Some of his students sent him personal messages, especially the athletes.  He certainly got his 15 minutes of fame.  Kids are so proud of his accomplishment so the adventure of the last year certainly was worth it.  go down the page and you will find him.

This week of adventure ended on such a high note and now I am all tired  Just too much for me. I have to go to work on building up my stamina again.  I was good when we got back from Ireland but lost it since this is such a terrible place to live with no place to walk to or go.  Frustrating.  I am really thinking that a dog would be an answer. one that needs to be walked and I could chat with as we walked.

OH well.  Tomorrow I will go back to posting some of Charles diary.   Been a while.  But there are years and years of them.  And tomorrow I have to get into writing my novel.. Even if it never gets finished at least I should have enough done to make some sense of this story.  Can talk about that more as I go along.


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