October 30, 2015 – Good. Week

My week in Salt Lake City is coming to an end.   Bag is packed, snacks for the plane all ready. Wake up call for 5:30 or maybe 5:15.   So best get t sleep soon.

Last night it was a wonderful treat hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra.  They gave a mini concert at the end of their rehearsal and it was just fabulous.   I took some video of the rehearsal and even that is totally impressive.  I cannot get over how tired I am. It might be the altitude as well as too much sitting and those darn microfilm machines put me to sleep.  But there is so much more I would like to do out here.

In the mean time I have to go back to talking about the beggars out here.  Today it was just gross,  this woman came up to us as we were waking to lunch.  She had a new wrap on her leg and she actually pulled it down and showed us this hole in her leg.  I told her to go to the hospital but that was where she was coming from and wanted money for something.   It was gross and I don’t get it that in this gorgeous city which is 60% highly religious where do all these street people come from.  They really need to do something about it.  It is a huge turn off.

this evening Bob and I went to Brio for dinner, it was darn good.  I thought what I had ordered was brochettes but it turned out to be a pizza marguerite….  Lovely thin crust with fresh tomatoes, basil, and cheese. I asked him to wrap the last two,pieces so I can eat them for lunch tomorrow.  So should be a good day. Looking forward to seeing my honey and some family tomorrow,

Happy Halloween

here are some pictures from yesterday

image image imageSHomeless people


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