October 28, 2015 – gave up

Today I got up n time and was in the library by 8:00.  Decided to give the gr gr uncle one last chance and lo and behold nothing..  So I truly gave up.. Went for my consult with the genealogist at 9:30 and signed up for one more session tomorrow with another one.   Not sure where I will go from here. Have learned how to use the on line sites better and just need to be better prepared with info from them if I come back…

we went to lunch at the Joseph Smith building.  It use to be the best hotel in Salt Lake and I think we stayed there when we were kids. As a start to our vacation Dad worked his way around the west and we went along with him..  I have this memory of us having a meal at the hotel and us not wantng hamburgers.. Mom was not happy with us.  Little brother can tell me if I am correct…

We had lunch on the tenth floor and the view was great.  This is really a lovely city except for ne thing…. Beggars are all over around here.m they come up all the time asking for money to get back home.  This one woman looks like the poster child for meth addiction.  The skin, the aging etc.  Everyone has their block or corner.  In was late getting back from the library this evening, it is right next door and this other woman came after me.  I decided to eat why. Ever I had in the room since I did not know where the others had gone, but no way was I going out alone.  It is such a contrast to the beautiful buildings etc.

after the lunch I went back and went and looked up the Kilmarnock reels for births and marriages between 1824-1854.  It was fun and finally came across my gr gr grandparents marriage notice.  So although I already had the date fun seeing the paperwork. Took photos any time I came across a Laughland.  Have to decide what to look at tomorrow.

Have not seen Bob since lunch but will probably leave him a message about tomorrow morning.  Figure I won’t stay up late tonight.  Don’t want to listen to the debate and th baseball game I don’t want to jink by watching.

lets see if I can get any pictures up from today.  Nope, won’t work..  Will try again tomorrow from the library..

image image image image image image image image.


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