October 27, 2015 Time to change directions

I have searched a variety of sources and as yet cannot find Daniel O,Connors brother Michael and his wife Catherine in 1865 in Brasher Falls NY so am going to switch gears.   Can pursue them later on if I choose to.

Am very tired and looking forward to dinner, some further research and then a good nights sleep. Wonderful to realize that being a bit ADD makes sitting In front of a reader all day very difficult.   It was great to go out a lunch for a walk.  Just the fresh air helped me out. Now I am in total fade mode..  Will finish this later.

it is later.  Bob and I walked over to the Mall.  this mall is not like the ones at home.  They only have upscale stores.  But we went into the Blue Lemon restaurant and had a good light meal.  We took seats in the window so we could watch people passing by.  There were tons of kids in Harry Potter costumes pass No by.  Turns out the Symphony is having a concert tonight and kids can come in costumes and they are going to play the music from the Harry Potter movies.

I had thought about going back to the library but the truth is I have done enough for one day.

sorry I don’t have any old stuff to put on here I did test out taking pictures of documents with the iPad and it did pretty well.   Found some Ames references and took pictures.

well going to get my stuff together to attempt another line of pursuit tomorrow,

image image


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