October 26, 2015 — Not much accomplished so far

Saturday night I actually had a good nights sleep considering I had to get up to catch a five thirty flight.  got there with plenty of time and met up with my friend Bob and Diane who was also gong to the same program we were.  The flights seemed to go by quickly and when we got here the weather was nice and I had forgotten about the mountains on both sides.  really lovely. bUt the hotel had no rooms ready, well at least for some of us.   We checked in our bags and went for a great walk and lunch.  I had a best salad I have had in a long time..  Strawberries, cranberries, grapes, nuts, feta, shredded chicken and greens.   I had enough left over for another meal.    Might go back there… Brio..

We were all so tired that after the group dinner last night at the Marriot down the street I think everyone came back early and crashed.  As a result I woke up at five am…  So very soon I will crash again.

today I found nothing I was searching for but did manage to get some other leads to follow. So hopefully tomorrow I will find something on gr gr uncle Michael O’Connor from BRasher Falls/North Lawrence, St Lawrence County NY.  8 am will come early.  I have another consultation tomorrow morning.

Here are some pictures of Salt Lake City that I took yesterday and today.  Well I tried and they won’t upload.


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