October 24, 2015 – great day – Clark Museum

Today we had decided last week that we would spend the day together to celebrate our anniversary.  Our plan was to go to one of two places, Cooperstown or Williamstown.  By the time we got going it was late – picked up Tim at the airport and had a chat with Norah and printed out my boarding passes and finished packing…. We ended up going over to Williamstown MA to the Clark Museum.

I would recommend it to anyone. The Clarks were great collectors of pieces of art and there is a huge collection of the Impressionists, Matisse, Monet, Manet, Gaughan, and so many more and many american artists as well.  There are quite a few Rodin sculptures there as well.  The place has been added on to and it is gorgeous. If we had had a few more hours we might have hiked up the hills as there are scultures out in the paths going up the hills.Also fabulous views of the area.   We had something to eat there and it was very good.  They have a chef on staff and from looking at the menu it would make a great place for a proper lunch.

If you come to visit us put that on your list of places to go and visit while here.  And on the way back we went up to Bennington VT and came over Rt 9 through VT. There are some new Folk Museums and antique places so the first people to come and visit will get that tour.  A full day out and a three state tour.   A week earlier and the trees would have been at peak.  But it was still pretty.

Once we arrived back in this neighborhood we were hungry for some dinner and stopped at Otis and Olivers for dinner. It was good as usual.  We ran in to the Browns there- Dave and Gayle and they updated us on our friend Don’s condition – he broke his heal in three places – not good.  They, the Browns, look great and it was nice to see them. Our son and their son played baseball together a very long time ago and the dad’s coached so it is a long time  knowing them.  That is what I love about living in one place.  I may not know the new folks who move into town but I love running into the parents of the kids my kids were friends with or involved in sports with.   Feels like roots to me.

We never had roots in any place we lived. If I had not been a letter writer and stayed in contact with one or two of my friends from back there I would have no connection the first 18 years of my life. Sad to say.  Lucky for me I am still friends with Ginny who I probably met when I was 6 mos old.  Our mom’s became friends when we moved to Ivyhurst Road and she and I wrote letters through the years and when we get together every decade or so it is like we never parted. Same with my friend Melanie from jr high in Seattle.  I love spending time with her.  And Nick from High School that I reconnected with in recent years.  Turns out we both had not great times at that school.

Anyway, back to Charles.  Summer in the country. 1900  IF you wrote down how many people you see every day when you are not working how many would it be that came for a meal or a visit? I cannot get over this social life there was on the farm.

August 1900

August 1 – Put in rye. Sarsfield and McArdle girls here Maude and Tom back. Good evening, happy group.
August 2 – I make hay rack with lots of help. Slacks all here this eve. Dance and sing.
August 3 – We all went fishing and Lee took more pictures. Then all had to separate and go their ways.
August 4 – Maude and Tom left and today Fergus takes Florence and Susie home. He changed horses and brought John’s back.
August 5 – Emily, Ellen and Fergus went to Mass. Frank O’Connor came over from Slacks to tell me horse sick at Jim McDonalds then Jimmy bring Emily, and Ellen home and I go back with him and stay with Fergus trying to save horse.
August 6 – Horse died. We feel terrible. Send for Herb McArdle. They take it ok but we feel sick.
August 7 – Drew in barley and put up barley.
August 8 – went over to Slacks for Frank O’Connor. He is a quiet sad fellow.
August 9 – Very hot. Emily goes over to Townsend’s and Fergus to Fodey’s. Put cows to pasture in lower field.
August 10 – Hoed potatoes and strawberries.
August 11 – cut oats afternoon. Fergus at party at Lyndhurst.
August 12 – Sunday –Madeline at home. Fergus goes to Lansdowne with E. Kelsey and Johnson Moorehead.
August 13 – Pat McNamee here. E.O Webster here all night. Good company.
August 14 – Ed Bevins helps cut wheat. Fergus goes down to Steacy’s for tea.
August 15 – cut barley but ground soft.
August 16 – Will Moorehead helped cut oats. Sold 12 doz eggs.
Aug 17 – We pulled peas and then went to Wm Berrys for ½ bus apples.
Aug 18 – still pulling peas.
Aug 19 – Emily, Madeline and I go to John McArdles.
Aug 20 – fine day. Started wheat. Fergus went to Gavin’s party.
Aug 21 – Joe Dempster here to buy sheep.
Aug 22 – Joe Warren and Fergus goes to Lyndhurst to B…. race.
Aug 23 – Went to Gan today.
Aug 24 – Raked wheat and oats
Aug 25 – J Warren helped us finish harvesting today.
Aug 26 – Very hot. Emily, Madeline and I to Mass then to John McDonalds.
Aug 27 – Too hot to work today.
Aug 28 – Storm last night. School picnic meeting to decide what to get with money. Decide on 12.50 flag and a post to be erected for it.  (I think we have that post in the School House Museum)
Aug 29 – Fergus, Emily and Madeline go to picnic at Brewer’s Mills Charlie???
Aug 30 – Madeline’s birthday. She and Ellen go to flat rock for high bushed huckleberries for pie for tonight. And Ellen has supper with us.
Aug 31 – Stevens here. Good visit.


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