October 23, 2015 – Union vs University of Michigan

Well today was gather up the rest of the items I want to take with me to Salt Lake and it was hockey day.   First we went to the 3 pm woman’s game – RIT vs Union  and sadly they lost.  They seemed to be playing better than last year but RIT was very strong. Hard to believe they are an almost 100% Canadian team.   Usually it is about 25%.  And most of the women were from Ontario.  But it was fun to finally get to one of the games.

Then we went to dinner at Cafe Nola on Union Street.  It was very good.  Would be a nice place to take friends since it is small and the food is southern – Louisiana type.  Denis was so happy with his shrimp and I had pulled pork which was good but there was too much of it for me.

The Men’s game started at 7:30 so we walked back through the campus to the ice rink.  It is such a beautiful campus. Even at night it is lovely.  If you have never taken a walk there put it on your list of things to do. Some of the oldest buildings are just gorgeous.

So there we were, Union vs U of Michigan . There were a lot of Michigan fans there too. The place was packed to standing room only.  I bet their home rink out in Michigan is huge compared to the little Messa Rink.  I like it though. Perfect for a school the size of Union.  It was very exciting when Union was leading 4-1 but then it was like the other team decided to show up in full force. They tied and then we went ahead 5-4 and then right at the end they scored again. It was awful.  At the end of over time it was a tied score – better than a loss but our guys played really well and I believe deserved the win.  I also thought the referring was terrible. They let things get out of control and there was quite a bit of rough stuff going on that you don’t usually see in the college games.

Did you know that most college hockey players at this level start college at age 21 or so? I did not realize it when we first started going to games because we mainly attended the woman’s games. So they aren’t really kids playing hockey like at age 18 like the football or basketball players. They come as older freshmen and graduate older naturally. Some are almost 25 by the time they finish. Not quite my idea of college athletes but the games are good and they don’t all go on to play in the pro’s anywhere.

It was a lovely afternoon and evening out and I am happy to say that my health continues to improve now that I am on additional medications.  So, I am happy and ready to travel.  Strange how things work out.

so it is late and I am going to bed.  here is another month of the 1900 diary of Charles O’Connor my gr grandfather.  He talks about Maude and Tom O’Gorman.  Maude was the only daughter of Emily’s sister Susie who she adored. Eventually they moved to California where their grandchildren still live and over in Nevada.  They had one son who was a pilot and lived in NY City area. I have been in contact with their granddaughter Suzette and her brother. They knew nothing of our side of the family still being around and she had hoped to come and see the area but her son has been ill with cancer for quite a while and she helps to care for him.  Maybe someday we shall meet.

July 1900

July 1 – All of the family (mine) but Mary here all day. Here for supper and evening. Walter Slack, Arthur and wife here also. Emily had lots of food, good food and it was enjoyed. (Lottie, Annie, Bridget, Ellen, Mike, Joanna, Margaret)
July 2 – Hoed potatoes and made new bales. Emily, Ellen went with the rest of folks to Slacks.
July 3 – Did little today as I took Palmers to Sand Bay. Fergus goes to Watertown.
July 4 – I took Madeline to Sweets Corners to picnic. Rain this eve.
July 5 – Hoed sugar beets. Ellen and sister Margaret here for tea.
July 6 – Very hot. Hoed potatoes. Emily and Madeline visit at Chapmans.
July 7 – Hoed. Mike Judge visits
July 8 – Emily, Madeline and I go to pasture and find Berry’s heifer full of porcupine quills. Pull all out.
July 9 – Rainy day so Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Madeline at Ellen’s.
July 10 – Vandusen helped me hoe Emily and Madeline spend day at Ellen’s.
July 11 – Showers. I Plunkett helped to weed sugar beets. Big rain tonight.
July 12 – Big rain and thunder storm.
July 13 – Put paris green on potato plants. Helped Ed Bevins with hay.
July 14 – Went to Gan. Took Fergus and Madeline. Brought 6 window screens.
July 15 – Emily, Ellen, and I go to Mass at Lansdowne. Rain afternoon.
July 16 – Monday – 1900 – Emily, Madeline and I went to Lappans and picked basketful of currants.
July 17 – Took wool to Lyndhurst. Let Dougall have 22 ¾ lbs wool at 18 cents a lb.
July 18 – Went to Lyndhurst and got mowing machine from A Cook but pitman broke when I began to mow. Fergus takes it back to be fixed. Percy F. here all night.
July 19 – Mowed then Fergus and I raked. 140 cock? Ellen came home from Delta.
July 20 – Fergus and I drew in 3 loads of hay in morn and Dave Perry come along and helped with 5 loads in afternoon.
July 21 – cut rye morn. Then to Gan. Frank O’Connor came home with me. Ben Slack here all night. He and Frank quiet ones. Pack peddler all night and I got a suit of clothes from him. Emily got 1 doz cups and saucers and 1 doz goblets. He is a Jew of best type.
July 22 – Fergus, Emily and Madeline go to Athens. Frank and I alone. I write letters.
July 23 – Frank and I picked a pail of raspberries then I went to Sweets Corners for oats from Berry 133 lbs.
July 24 – Helped Ed Bevins to mow.
July 25 – Wet day. Maude and Tom O’Gorman arrive from Grand Island Nebraska. They are a wonderful pair. Mary Stevens comes too. Maude has a fine husband.
July 26 – We all went to the Lake and then to Donnellys in eve. Lee took pictures of us at lake in boats.
July 27 – Emily and Fergus go to John McArdles to meet Maude and Tom there for day and bring them here.
July 28 – Visited all day.
July 29 – Fergus takes Maude and Tom to Pittsburg (Donnelly’s)
July 30 – Cut last of hay. Big storm. Hail stones a plenty. Ellen here all night.
July 31 – Cultivated potatoes.


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