October 22, 2015 – HAPPY DAY

I cannot get over it. I am so much more happy today then I have been in a while..  Figuring out how to manage my stomach issues and having such a great support system is so helpful. My stomach feels so much better thanks to my lovely daughter telling me the right thing to ask my doctor.  I have a medication that is taking away the constant burning feeling.

And I am getting very excited for being in NY City next weekend to support my sweetie running the NY City Marathon.  The last time he ran it was in 1980.. a long time ago I guess. 35 years???? Seems like yesterday.

Had a nice morning coffee with my friend Jeanne.  She is just a wonderful person and I am glad we reconnected over these last couple of years.   She is one smart woman and so much more level headed than I am.  Inspires me to stop and think at times.  Not always but sometimes.

Halloween in next weekend. Had to send the little kids a card with some stickers.  I might actually see them on Halloween but in case not they will have something from me.

I love medications – I was raised by the daughter of a doctor and a pharmacist. Growing up we almost never went to a doctor. My dad would figure out what was the matter with us and then give us some drugs.  My sweet husband was raised just the opposite.  No medicine, just go to bed until you feel better.  I got tea and sympathy and he got nothing much unless it was something really serious like surgery.  So when I get sick I go for the medicine since that would be normal.  And now I have a plan to treat this stupid stomach condition with medications so I am sure I will do better.

Yesterday was our anniversary. We had a fun chat at dinner time about what was going on at my parents house at the reception after we left.  We even drank to the family that throws drinks at each other. NOT MINE>>>>  Was going to tell you the whole story but will have to wait for another day to do that.  I am just lucky that husband is not a game player and that we have wonderful family who love us and accept us just the way we are.

We plan to celebrate our anniversary on Saturday. Going on an outing which will be lovely.  Not sure exactly where yet but where ever it will be nice to have the day together.  My plane leaves at 5:30 am so hope I can sleep on the way out.  There are three of us going to the training from around here. Don’t know what the other woman looks like.  Will have to let her know what I look like so we can meet up before the plane leaves.  So will be super busy between now and then.

Let’s go back to Charles since my adventures are not very exciting.

June 1900

June 1 – J Bryan helped shear sheep. Mike finished steps. Good job.
June 2 – Wet last night. I went to Gan.
June 3 – at home. Very heavy rain.
June 4 – Ploughed then in eve took Emily and Madeline to Lyndhurst.
June 5 – Ploughed and fitted corn ground.
June 6 – did my road work today. E.D. Webster here for tea and over night.
June 7 – road work today. Finished my share. Showers.
June 8 – planted corn. Maggie McDonald here.
June 9 – planted cucumber and melons. Bill McAvoy and Philip Yates here for tea. Also Vandusen.
June 10 – Ellen and I went to Mass and to Sand Bay for noon meal. Jim Walker, Percy F., Bernard Murphy here for tea and eve also Maggie McDonald.
June 11 – planted western corn and rolled peas. Meeting in eve re school picnic.
June 12 – worked at corn planting. Fergus and Maggie McDonald go to Lyndhurst in eve.
June 13 – Tom Welsh papers hall. It took 12 rolls of paper 2 borders.
June 14 – helped Emily in house and to Lyndhurst after. Frank Slack and Frank MacNamee here in eve.
June 15 – Fergus and I go to Lyndhurst after 4 for supplies for picnic canteen. Madeline excited over picnic.Emily got her new hat with hair ribbons to match. Maggie here yet.
June 16 – Picnic big success every way.
June 17 – Sunday – Tom Rich and his wife came from Gan to visit. McArdle girls, Clara S. Chas Heffernan here stayed after picnic.
June 18 – went to Lyndhurst and returned dishes borrowed for picnic from Jim Shields. Picnic proceeds after all expenses pd.$24.00. Music cost 5.00.
June 19 – planted potatoes to replace frozen plants.
June 20 – Jim McDonald Sr., and Jim Jr. here so visited most of the day.
June 21 – helped Emily paper kitchen.
June 22 – Finished papering. Went to Arthur Slack’s bee. Fergus to Portland.
June 23 – Saturday – Painted kitchen floor and to Chapmans. Emily, Madeline and I for evening.
June 24 – Emily, Madeline and I to Mass then visited at P. McNamees. Always invited somewhere for dinner.
June 25 – Another coat on floor. Sold a pig to Mrs. Chase for $2.25. Emily, Madeline and I go fishing. Caught 15.
June 26 – went for load of lumber.
June 27 – Fine day hoed corn.
June 28 – Bob Green borrowed cultivator. Henry came and Fergus went to Delta after 4 for Lottie. Did not get home until 12 pm. Henry worried.  (Palmers coming from Watertown to visit)
June 29 – Cultivating corn. At Ellen’s for tea.
June 30 – Cold windy day. School closed. Visit with Palmers most of day.

a more recent school picnic. probably 1913 or 14.



One thought on “October 22, 2015 – HAPPY DAY”

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Hope you can find some time to try and find any new info on Rory (cleirach) Mac Dougall. Have a successful week in Salt Lake City. Enjoy yourself. Cousin Linda


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