October 20, 2015 – yawn, yawn… stretch stretch

I was a bad little girl last night. I stayed up very late listening to the speeches after the Canadian election was called for Trudeau..  I heard Harpers speech followed by Trudeaus.  It was a very late evening but I wanted to hear this guy.  I really did not know much about his agenda but I just knew that for my Canadian interests, i.e. my land and water – Harper was not good.  And for those young people in the family working in scientific research to benefit the planet he was not good either.

So as a result I was very tired this morning. But I still forged forward with the day.  Two loads of laundry washed and hung, eat, read the paper, spend time with the husband, and at 11:30 headed for the Senior Center.  Visited with the staff that I absolutely love, they are all great people. Then told the seniors about how successful the Drug Take Back Day was.  We collected the second most drugs in terms of weight, (473 pounds)  There were 230 cars came through in four hours.  We had the most out of 62 sites.  YEAH team!…  It is always nice when the send out the results.. Since day one we have been up near the top due to the partnership we formed with the Police Department. We do the PR and get the word out all over town and we get the turn out.

So then what? I stayed there and went to Chair Yoga Class.  It felt good to do all the stretching but I think I am going to be sore tomorrow.  Got to see a friend who was very ill and month ago but thankfully the second opinion told her no cancer.  The local folks had scared them telling them she had leukemia. So happy they were wrong.  Nice people don’t deserve any of that kind of stuff.

Got home and got ready for the solar guy to come by and talk to us about putting solar on the roof.  Great program and looks like we will go with it.  My friend sent him over after checking out all the various companies.

Then a quick bite to eat and then headed for Tai Chi, picked up my buddy Rose and off we went.  Half the folks were not there tonight but Rose, Jackie and I worked on the 108 moves.  Then I actually tried doing one of the sword moves with the advanced folks, it was interesting. I have to order a sword for myself if I am going to try it.  So now I am exhausted and watching TV.  And in 15 minutes I plan to head to bed.

So, now for Charles….  in this may of 1900 they had a visit from Sarsfield McArdle – young lad was killed on a ship during WWI.

May 1900

May 1 – snowed today. Kate Bass here. Emily sets hen.
May 2 – cultivated lower field. Got calf from Jim Townsend. Sowed peas.
May 3 – Sowed barley. Sarsfield McArdle comes today. Great visit. Cold.
May 4 – Frost this morn then snow.
May 5 – Saturday – Froze again last night. Fergus goes to Portland with Sarsfield to visit Stevens aunt and Cousins. Got 56 lbs wire from Steacy.
May 6 – Percy Flood here all day. Fergus and Sarsfield home at dark.
May 7 – Put in barley went to Sweets Corners and got 685 lbs of oats.
May 8 – Raining. Sowed some wheat, cleaned up buckwheat and peas.
May 9 – Ploughed all day. Tired out.
May 10 – Put in 6 bus wheat. Got 2 bus barley white and 1 bus black from Berry.
May 11 – Worked wheat ground. Ellen goes over to Slacks and Fergus to McArdles.
May 12 – Sowed oats and peas. Fergus helps then went to Lansdowne for eve.
May 13 – Emily, Madeline and I to Mass
May 14 – Sowed oats and worked ground for potatoes.
May 15 – Sowed peas. Rained and some very bad lightening. Ellen comes down and stays all night. She and Madeline suffer in storms.
May 16 – Fine morning. Chas Lappan buys 3 pigs and will pay in a few days.
May 17 – Clean grass seed then plough. Fergus goes to Lyndhurst.
May 18 – Plowed all day sick tonight Will Moorehead here then he and Fergus go to J. Johnsons.
May 19 – Silo erecting bee at Slacks. Fergus and I go. Let Mike Slack have pig.
May 20 – At home. Herb and Susie McArdle here all day.
May 21 – Monday – Ploughed Chas Slack and Bertha. Walter pays for 3 pigs.
May 22 – Sowed grass seed. Went to L in eve. Kate Bass here yet.(Vandusen manages to come in for drink of water just as meal is ready. Emily always has enough for poor hermit.) Dale here yet.
May 23 – Let Louis Dougall have $1.00
May 24 – Fergus gets a “briefe???? Wheel no G4721 Sadie Bryan’s he returns to her. His is no F3829. Emily, Madeline and I got to Athens.
May 25 – Joe Warren helped me draw out manure and I sowed more white barley. Later sorted potatoes.
May 26 – Planted potatoes. Fergus went to Mill with Joe Warren.
May 27 – Frank and Lena McNamee here.
May 28 – Isaac Larose helped me build fence and we planted potatoes for Ellen.
May 29 – Worked at fencing. In eve took Emily and Madeline to a show in Lyndhurst. W. Larose have grass seed.
May 30 – Ploughed for corn and roots.
May 31 – Mike Slack builds steps. Ed Webster and Mr. Ferguson here for tea. Fergus goes to Gan.


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