October 19, 2015 – Going on line at the doctors – yuck & the Swallows return to Long Point

The morning was very interesting today.  I had to get to the Eye Doctors by 10:40 so off I went.. Got there on time – it is only five minutes away – and then only waited five minutes to start the process – and what a process it turned out to be – They are going paperless….. all new machines to check the eyes, all computerized etc. First part did not take too long and the young woman doing the test was very nice – She comes from Nyack NY and her goal is to be a physicians assistant.  I think she would be very good. She asked good extra questions etc and had a great personality. So that was fun and informative.

Then we went to another room where they figure out your prescription – they have this new machine that reads the script in your current glasses. Then they put your head in this machine that tells them something about what your needs are and if there are changes to the shape of your eye etc.  Not sure that is accurate but something like that.  Okay so far.  Then we came to the part that I hate, Reading the lines of letters and trying to figure out which line is the least bad.  Most of the time none of them were very good. I just don’t get it.  IF I can only see the two middle letters clearly then why would that be good?????

Anyway, that was delayed because there was a much older lady ahead of me and they were having a problem with the machine or with her or something so I waited and waited. Finally got through it but I am sure that alone was an hour.

Then on to the doctors exam room.  She and I are sort of friends – not socially but we have helped her son out with some school project in the past etc. And she is the kind of doc who remembers what you are doing in the rest of your life.  We always have a nice chat. This time we talked about my health issues. She could not get over my stomach problem and why I would be seeing a shrink about it – until I explained to her that all the MD’s just think it is all in my head and that somehow I make myself sick. Thanks but dry heaving for a month is not my idea of a fun time and it kind of gets in the way of things I really want to be doing.  Anyway, after she struggled with her computer for a bit and we talked about how she agrees that all this paperless system might not be the greatest thing especially in terms of confidentiality.  I agree with that one.  After all if there are two people in the practice with your same name what is to say the charts won’t get comingled.. You laugh but that happened to me at my primarys office.  Really creepy to request a paper copy of your chart to send to an out of state medical clinic and when it arrives you find out they have merged another person with my name into my chart.  Yup. that really happened.

All of a sudden there I was reading that I had Diabetes, that I smoked, that I had three sisters who all had those same issues and many medical problems and I was two years older all of a sudden. This was all in with my regular me stuff.  It took me six months to get them to fix it. In the mean time if I had been rushed to the hospital and they had requested my electronic chart they would have received all that extra stuff. I know how they treat smokers in ER’s….. and what if I was unconscious and they thought I was diabetic… totally creepy.. So the Doc and I are on the same page on that one.

Then while she was fiddling around with the computer this young man comes in and I find out it is her son who I have seen off and on for years. He takes me next to do some other measurement – I think it was a picture of the back of my eye to make sure there was nothing there that should not be there. I cannot imagine what this visit would cost the insurance company or me if I did not have insurance. He and I got to chatting about what he is doing in his life.  He is a pretty darn interesting Colgate grad… He is working on water resources in India and doing research with some professors from either Colgate or Union. He also worked for State Environmental Health and for NIH for awhile. Very impressive young man.  And now his sister is in practice with her mom there – guess she is a doc as well. So it was like old home week and I got home after more than two hours. Longest darn doctors visit I have had in a long time… in terms of time actually spent being tested and talked to.

So another adventure. But I felt a little better today – not when I woke up but during the day felt good so am not canceling the trip… just trying some different things to see if I can tone down the burning feeling in my stomach.  Antacids for one things, eating more small meals during the day, etc. Increasing protein for energy etc. So we shall see what the outcome will be…

Enough of my adventure – could tell you about the meeting I went to tonight – of the group whose board I left last spring. I am now just an active community member but non-voting.

Speaking of voting, smiling with joy over the defeat of the conservatives in Canada, they have done so much damage it will take years to repair the damage.  Hope it is true……  seems to be…. yeah!!!!!

They sure got a lot of maple syrup off the land…  also used it to pay for some bills. I so admire these folks and the way they were able to survive on that land.  If you saw it you would see it is full of rocks, not easy land to farm on. But they did it for almost 100 years.

April 1900

April 1 – Had to gather sap today as buckets were running over. Had first pike of season. This was Fergus’ birthday. Emily had an orange cake. Frank Sheffield’s funeral today.
April 2 – Boiled sap. 5 gals syrup. Mr Dale arrives again in fine mood. Madeline at least one, glad to see him.
April 3 – Boiled sap. Charlie brings Madeline and Collie after 4 in boat across creek then they look for mayflowers.
April 4 – Boil again. Charlie and I keep our eyes open as we gather sap for mayflowers.
April 5 – syruped down then went to Moors sale.
April 6 – letter from Fredenburg and from Com Agency. Montreal.
April 7 – Had 6 gals of syrup. Charlie went over to Slacks. I let Mike Slack have a bag of potatoes.
April 8 – Fergus went to his Uncle John McArdles. Emily, Madeline have tea at Ellen’s. A good change for Emily as she has had some one coming in for meals every day all winter it seems. But she never complains.
April 9 – Not much doing only I go for provender for pigs.
April 10 – in sugar bush most of day. Chas went to Gan with Joe Bevins.
April 11 – Chas returned OK today.
April 12 – Boiling again today.
April 13 – boiling then go to Lyndhurst.
April 14 – Fergus and I got to Gan. I buy Buggy $30 from Webster. Fergus got a suit of clothes and he put $30.00 in bank.
April 15 – Lovely day. Arthur and Annie Slack here and Marjorie Fodey. Fergus goes up to Sadie’s tonight.
April 16 – worked around house. Charlie fishes. After 4 Madeline goes down to Lees. Lizzie makes her some doll dresses.
April 17 – Eleven (11) wee pigs arrived last night. C. went to work for Joe Bevins today. Boiled sap afternoon.
April 18 – Rained last night. Bring home syrup. Emily at Ellen’s and we join them, (Madeline, Fergus and I) for tea. First thunder storm of season. Madeline sick during storm.
April 19 – I commenced line fence repair. In eve Fergus goes to Lyndhurst and gets $2.00 worth of provender. I bought 11 ½ lbs fence wire from D. Townsend. Emily sat 20 goose eggs and 9 turkey. Madeline found mayflowers and blood roots and we heard loons for first this spring. Swallows arrived today.
April 20 – Worked at fences all day.
April 21 – While I gathered up bucket on both bushes Madeline gathered may flowers. In eve all of us went to McArdle.
April 22 – Sunday – Fergus and I go to Mass at Lansdowne. Slacks here in eve.
April 23 – Fixed fences at pastures.
April 24 – Got fence wire from Steacy. Emily set hens today.
April 25 – Charlie back and helps with fence. Mike Slack here for tea.
April 26 – Wm Berry brought Cattle to pasture. 7 yearlings 10.50? 4 older 8.00 – 18.50. A Cook put one in. Get ½ ton hay from Mrs. Burns and I give her 50 lbs flour. Sold 4 pigs to Berry for $20.00. Chas and I cut pickets for fence.
April 27 – Charles and I start to build road fences. Frank McNamee brought 11 heads of cattle to pasture.
April 28 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Athens today. Took Steven’s 12 gal maple syrup on acc and that settles Fergus boarding bill.
April 29 – Came home from Athens.
April 30 – Started to cultivate today.


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