October 18, 2015 – Great evening – Go U

Last night I had an adventure…  We have season tickets to the Union Men’s Hockey games.  It will get us out of the house and we also plan to attend a lot of the Woman’s games as well since I really like any hockey game. So, it was a tad chilly last night  and off we went to the game.  They were playing their second game against the University of Maine.  The first game had been a tie.

The team that came to last nights game came ready to play and they played well and won 2-0. The goalie was a freshman in his first game and lo and behold he got a shut out.  It was exciting for everyone.  At least the Union fans.

We met the couple who sit in front of us – they live in Florida and come up for a couple of months just to go to the hockey games.  I thought they must have a home up here but no – they live with friends and relatives during their time up here. They love Union Hockey… Kind of neat…

Then after the game they had said they would have autograph signing and everyone coming in got posters to have signed if they wanted.  Well, this was what I wanted to do. So often I will think at a concert or a game that I would want to stay and collect autographs or just see the stars or players.  But I get that look from someone and I back off. Well last night I wanted to do this and I did. It was fun seeing what the guys look like without face masks on. Some of them have been hubby’s students other years or currently.  It was a great time. There were some little kids and it was fun seeing how nice the young men were to these little kids. One little girl had brought Jeff Taylor a local fellow a picture she had drawn for him. He was great with her about it.  She was obviously 5 years old and in awe of him.

So, bucket list – check one thing off – autograph hound… Now that I have done it once might do it again. Use to get hockey players autographs when I was in junior high school and figure skaters who came to Seattle for the shows.  I still have those. It helped having a brother who was a rink rat and I could tag along to games etc.  On my list of adventures that it not huge but a fun time.

Thanks for this space to rant last night. Problem not solved but at least put it out there for myself.  And decision still not made for sure about next week.  I go back and forth so fast it drives me crazy, go, don’t go, go don’t go.  At 6 am for sure it is don’t go, 4 pm sure go have a good time you can do this. OH well. life goes on and I guess that is the dilemma of the moment.

Boy we had snow today. Not anything to write home to mother about but sure let us know winter is coming. Luckily the temps are going up again this week so can put away the long johns for a little while longer.

March at Long Point 1900. Wonder how cold it was that March.  Sure did snow a lot and they worked so hard. Makes me tired just reading it.

a picture of the young Charlie O’Connor son of Michael.


March 1900

March 1 – Thursday – Big Storm. I had to go out to help Charles put wood in school shed. We finished school wood today.
Mar. 2 – Still stormy. Roads blocked and huge drift near house. Chas Chapman, W. Moorehead and John Plunkett out this eve to break road.
Mar. 3 – Still snowing. Fergus goes to Lyndhurst. Mail thro today. Madeline sick today. (Charles was the Postmaster)
Mar 4 – Stormy most of day. Tom Bryan and E Brown here for tea and Chas of course. If he would only stay sober Chas would be a wonderful man – the drink makes him ugly. One good thing he never stays here once he gets a drink. He respects Emily and loves his “Maddie” and I guess he likes Fergus and me better than anyone in his family if Ellen would not nag him but she cannot help it.
Mar 5 – Chas and I work at logs. Teddy Brown helps. Emily has to ask Teddy to stop swearing when at tea. He says he is sorry and refrains.
Mar 6 – Rain all day. Madeline better.
Mar 7 – Teddy B. helped Chas to saw.
Mar 8 – Chas draws 3 loads of wood to Shields store today.
Mar 9 – Charlie takes 2 basswood logs and 1 maple to mill. Fergus and Charles go to Woodvale in eve to party.
Mar 10 – I take lumber $6.00 worth to Elgin to Fred Wood. Fergus at Lyndhurst. Spotted Heifer had calf.
Mar 11 – Very cold. Stevens and Connerty’s all here all day until 10 pm.
Mar 12 – Charlie took wood to Gan. Ellen and Emily worry over him. Frank and Walter Slack and George Lee here for eve. Chas returns sober.
Mar 13 – Drew up wood for Teddy Brown. Mike Slack here and I take him to Lyndhurst for flour for him.
Mar 14 – I went to Gan with wood. Chas cut rails.
Mar 15 – drew 2 loads of straw from Mrs Burn’s and took wood to Shields. John and Chas McDonald here for tea and eve.
Mar 16 – Drew wood to Shields for L?????? 3 ½ cord pile at $1.60 and 8 cord pile short cut at 1.00 – 13.60
Mar 17 – Fergus and I started for Gan with loads of lumber but a bad storm started and we had to return home. Worst storm of season. Emily plays all the old Irish tunes. Wakes up by playing “St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning”
Mar 18 – more storm and more music.
Mar 19 – Drew up wood for Brown for Ellen and ourselves. Weather take it.
Mar 20 – took lumber to Gan. Roads bad.
Mar 21 – Wednesday – 1900 – Post office inspector here today. Visited with him. In eve Fergus and I go to Lyndhurst. Settled acc. with Shields then visited with Jim Stevens and Vic his sister.??
Mar 22 – took wood to Tallman on acc there and load of birch to Shields.
Mar 23 – Charlie takes logs to L. Let F. Slack have bus of wheat.
Mar 24 – Drew up dry wood for school. Emily, Madeline and I go to Seeleys Bay to Donnelly’s. I paid Gainford 5.50 for threshing also $1.00 to Hartley.
Mar 25 – Spent day at Donnelly’s. Mass at Brewers Mills. Fine day.
Mar 26 – Got ready to tap trees. We got 115 buckets from Jim Townsend then I tapped 95 trees.
Mar 27 – Snow storm last night. Took our own buckets to bush and I tapped 35, Chas went to Shook bush and cleaned up barrels.
Mar 28 – I cut logs for Mrs Burns. Congratulatory letter from Post Office Inspector. This eve Charlie and Fergus gathered 45 pails of sap. Good start.
Mar 29 – cut more logs today and Chas took to L. 3 hemlocks and 2 pine. Tapped 126 trees and gathered 2 cans in Shooks bush. Fergus goes to party at ?????
March 30 Friday – Same work as yesterday only in eve I boiled sap.
Mar 31 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst and sell 20 lbs of butter at $.22 a lb. I got a hundred of provender. Gave Harvey wheat for 100 lbs of flour. Sold Teddy Brown 4 lbs of pork at $.09 a lb. $.36.

Picture of the young Frank Stevens mentioned in the diary



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