October 13, 2015 – what day is it???

The thing about being retired is waking up and wondering what day it is?  Am I suppose to do something today?  Or can I roll over and go back to sleep.   This morning I woke up at 5:30 and it was raining outside, so I crawled back in. But was up by 8 and started getting ready to leave tomorrow.  I just love putting the place together for leaving. It always looks so good since there is really very little clutter and once the upstairs is finished and I can move my things up there I can really have the downstairs in fine shape.

When the rain stopped and the porch had dried off a bit I put some items in the car in case it is raining tomorrow. Still bags of food need to be put in there but I can do that tomorrow.  I am not driving right home but going to Brockville for lunch with Sue Bow and her Aunt Von who hopefully is going to ID some people in those photo albums from Aunt Mads.  Even two more pages of ID’s would make my day. So I figure I will get home around 6 pm instead of earlier.  Will have lots of munch on in the car so won’t starve..

Signed up for National Novel Writing Month yesterday.  So I guess that is step one in the commitment to write every day for a month on my historical novel and see how much I can get done.  The goal for the month is 50,000 words. Not sure I can do all that but I might come back up here and just spend my days writing. I am sure I could do more than two hours a day up here. At home it is tougher since I feel pulled in so many directions but here not so much. Bring up containers of home made soup and lots of peanut butter and bread and granola for breakfast and coffee and tea.  Worth the try anyway.

Not sure what I would describe my mood as today.  Not anxious to leave here but knowing I have to go tomorrow kind of wishing it was over and done with.  Have to hang up some signs since I am letting my neighbor use the school house for her painting and she has it all set up as an artists studio. Darn cold out there so she is using a heater where she works. I will leave the heat on in the house a bit.  I or we will be back one way or the other before January 1 to close it down for the winter months.  Just gets so cold and who wants to shovel the snow up here.

So let’s check in with Charles and see what they were doing out here over 100 years ago.

IN January 1900 my grandfather Fergus started to teach here at this school. Neat eh???  His little sister was going to school here and she idolized him so am sure she loved having him there.  Also interesting to me to see how the work never ends. Big job of keeping the houses warm, buying and selling produce, animals, wood etc. something was always going on.

January 1900 –

Jan 1 –Monday – Fergus goes to Donnellys. Emily, Madeline and I have dinner at Ellens then we went to Jacob Bryans to party. Fergus back in time for it. Bright day and we have a good time.
Jan 2 – Got up wood then went to Bob Greens. Jerry Townsend here this am.
Jan 3 – Fergus started to teach here today. Emily, Ellen pray for him. Bob Green’s have a party tonight.
Jan 4 – Went to Lyndhurst and got horses shod.
Jan 5 – Drew up wood from across creek. Went to Lyndhurst with G. Lee.
Jan 6 – Holy Day. No work, Warm day. Chatted, read and prayers.
Jan 7 – Mild, soft day then rain so sleighing home. Fergus goes to Moorehead for visit.
Jan 8 – Cold, very icy. Teddy Brown helps me. He and Vandusen here for tea. Walter Slack and Percy D. spend eve here.
Jan 9 – Helped Vandusen cut oak tree at Ellens after I took saw to Townsends to get fixed.
Jan 10 – drew 4 ½ cords from across creek
Jan 11 – Drew 2 cords in fore noon. Then helped Lappan afternoon. Stormy eve. We had tea at Ellens as she had made her cream cake.
Jan 12 – Drew up 2 loads wood for Ellen then did odd jobs. Children all crazy about Fergus as teacher.
Jan 13 – Went to Gananoque and bought a cutter from E.O. Webster for $40.00. He will take black Mulley heifer ($15.00) in spring and I pay him $20.00 now and 5 cords of wood.
Jan 14 – Fergus and Ellen drive new cutter to church. Stella, Jim Stevens and Eulalia here for dinner and supper. Give Jim Stevens $10 on acc. (account?>)
Jan 15 – went to Gan with wood
Jan 16 – very cold and snowy. Took Emily over to Arthur Slacks to visit Annie. Percy here this eve.
Jan 17 – took wood to Gan. Cold. Collie always sits at gate watching for me. Vandusen here for meal every night after work. I got Lee 100 lbs of coal at $.09 a lb.
Jan 18 – I cut logs with Vandusen and took load to mill at Lyndhurst. Charlie returns tonight.  (Charlie son of Michael O’Connor older brother of Charles)
Jan 19 – Cut logs. Tom Emerson here looking at cow.
Jan 20 – Saturday – too wet to work today. Visited with Charlie.
Jan 21 – Too icy and cold to go to church. Quiet day but happy as we are together and well. Fergus teaches Madeline waltz as Emily and I play and Charley sings. Ellen here.
Jan 22 – went to Seeleys Bay. Sent money to Merchants Bank for Fergus. Got Madeline rubber boots.
Jan 23 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Delta to go to Liberal Convention. Cold.
Jan 24 – Terribly cold so did little.
Jan 25 – very very cold when we went to bed and rain this morn.
Jan 26 – another change cold as Greenland, Blizzardy too.
Jan 27 – Made a warm pig box this forenoon and went to Lyndhurst to get pigs from Jim Young. W. Slack here.
Jan 28 – Madeline very sick all night. Fergus goes up to his Uncle John’s. George Lee here.
Jan 29 – cold morn. Emily sends ad to Daily Herald and Weekly Star for both horses. Letter from Phillip.
Jan 30 – went to Lyndhurst get horses shod.
Jan 31 – took wood to Gan. Get $1.30 a load.


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