October 12, 2015 – Gorgeous Day

Today was bright and sunny and warm.  I took my time and around 11 Ed and Hannah came over to say Hi and invited me to dinner with them.  We sat outside and chatted and got caught up on activities etc.

Before they came over I had sat and read the letters Ferg gave me yesterday from 1928.  I cannot wait to transcribe them and send them to the family to read.  My mother spent the month of July at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County NY.  I never remember her mentioning that she had spent that much time down there with Leo Palmer and his parents. It is so funny reading about the things she did and her opinions on things.  And there are letters from her sisters who were also spending that summer elsewhere.  It is just so funny and there is some family information in there.

I spoke with cousin Sheila about them and my question about was Agnes O’Neill LaQue a cousin of Grandmothers – she was always referred to as Aunt Ag.  But my mother had told me she was her mothers best friend. I have got to figure this out somehow.  Another puzzle to unravel.

Was so pleased to hear what a wonderful trip to Scotland, Wales and Ireland that Sheila And Jacques had had.  Of course I am jealous since I just want to head back in that direction. They had a great time and that helps me know I want to get traveling again.

The picture below is one of the people mentioned in the diaries of Charles – This is Margaret Featherstone who Fergus goes to visit.  She is quite cute and I think she was a teacher as well. Would be fun to find out more about her and what she did in her life.

I image

So after a lovely day here is some more of Charles Diary

November 1899

Nov 1 – wet day. Too wet to work.
Nov 2 – cleaned grain and took to mill.
Nov 3 – ploughed.
Nov 4 – Saturday – went to Brackens in morn and later to Sand Bay
Nov 5 – Fergus and I go to Mass. Bad roads.
Nov 6 – Ploughed lower flat.
Nov 7 – went to Lyndhurst. Bought boots at D Greens for $2.50.
Nov 8 – Ploughed. Lee here all day.
Nov 9 – went to Warrens for rye seed
Nov 10 – sowed rye seed
Nov 11 – very cold then snow. Fergus goes to D. Townsends to apply for school. They offer him $200.
Nov 12 – Emily and I go to Delta to see Lena’s baby. Fergus goes to Fodeys with Nane D. and Will Metcalfe.
Nov 13 – Vandusen starts at wood
Nov 14 – Emily pays taxes $4.62
Nov 15 – Wet day. Went to Websters sale. Pd Webster 25 cents for use of Jack screw.
Nov 16 – Vandusen comes about 11:30 eats dinner. Works at wood until 4:30 and stays for tea. Poor fellow lives alone on an Island. Hurt nose.
Nov 17 – Friday – Ground frozen hard. Get word one of Laffin twins died.
Nov 18 – fine day. Lizzie Lee invites Madeline for afternoon and makes Madeline’s doll a fine dress.
Nov 19 – Ellen here for dinner and we go to her for supper as 2 Mcdonald’s there.
Nov 20 – Ploughing.
Nov 21 – Vandusen back today.
Nov 22 – Ploughing. Heard Johnny Slack dead.
Nov 23 – Charles and Walter Slack here.
Nov 24 – Turkeys dressed. Vandusen only worked 2 hrs today.
Nov 26 – go to Turkey Fair. Vandusen here. Emily sends him home happy. Bread, butter, potatoes and piece of pie.
Nov 27. Ellen and Fergus to Mass. Ella and Kate Bass here.

Dec 1899

Dec 1 = Friday – went for Fergus as rain is bad. Could not wheel.
Dec 2 – Went to Ed Bevin’s Bee
Dec 3 – Ellen here all day. Emily, Ellen and Madeline playing at table so I find it hard to write.
Dec 4 – snowy day.
Dec 5 – Vandusen here again.
Dec 6 – snowing.
Dec 7 – went up to Henry Shook’s.
Dec 8 – went to Pierces with A Slack. My birthday and holy day. Went to Ellisville, saw E Bracken.
Dec 9 – Vandusen here. Went to Teddy Browns this eve.
Dec 10 – Sunday – Chas Slack here today for visit.
Dec 11 – Vandusen here and goes home loaded with food. He thinks he can hear Warren Slack talking.
Dec 12 – wet morn. Made sausage.
Dec 13 – raining.
Dec 14 – started to build a new pig pen. Quite cold. J.R.Bryan home.
Dec 15 – lots of snow went for Fergus.
Dec 16 – Emily, Madeline and I went to Athens.
Dec 17 – come home early as it is snowing again.
Dec 18 – fine day. Little Tye girls here all night. Marian and Emily have same Birthdays so Emily has cake tonight as birthdays were last Friday.
Dec 19 – wet morn snow gone.
Dec 20 – Kate Bass and Joe Bevins here for tea and eve. Good friends of ours.
Dec 21 – Chas Slack and Sara here. Ellen goes home with them.
Dec 22 – wet morn. Mrs. Margaret Middleton’s funeral. Emily, Madeline and I go to it. Took Madeline as Ellen away and she would have no one here to stay with her. I fear she is getting too much death.
Dec 23 – Saturday – Fergus home.
Dec 24 – Very wet day turns to snow. I go to Bevins this morn. Frank, Lena and Baby stay all night here.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day. Cold. Madeline is wildly happy over her receipts from Santa Claus.
Dec 26 – Dan McDonald here for dinner. Fergus goes to Fodeys to party this eve. Mrs Morr dead.
Dec 27 – School meeting – I get wood contract.
Dec 28 – Went to Ellis sale. Will Larose hurt so I drive up to get his father. Will Moorehead and Tom Bryan here all eve.
Dec 29 – Had a small dance here this evening. Emily and I played the music for them. Fodey’s etc come.
Dec 30 – coldest day yet. J Plunkett Jr. here for dinner.
Dec 31 Big storm – John and Annie McDonald here. Sadie Bryan here for tea and eve. A lovely girl. Last day of 19th century or at least 1899. A controversary subject, 18th or 19th. We are all home tonight and are well and happy Thank God. We have had a few troubles and we have had many many things for which to be thankful to God in the past year and pray God as we end the Rosary to grant us many years of happiness together. Now I will close with thanks to God. I’ll try to commence the New Year and live it in a way pleasing to Him. (Fergus, Madeline and their mother in the parlor waiting for New Year to come in for them.


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