October 10, 2015 – thinking about Nancy

Today was my cousin Nancy’s birthday.  She was a year older than me but when it was cousins time we would have a great time at the farm. Playing in the attic over the kitchen playing dress ups or going up the road to the other cousins summer home. The memories are so strong and good.  Then as teenagers we also hung out from time to time. I went to Point Claire and spent time with her and her sisters then and again during college times.  We had such a good time when we met in Albany and stayed at my brother Bill’s apartment and went out with Bill and his friends. We had a great time but the funniest thing was as we were driving back in the VW Bill was showing off so he decided to give us door to door service and drove on the side walk..  We were rolling all over with laughter until our stomachs were hurting so badly. If you did that today we all would have ended up in the Albany County Jail.

Then the five months we spent in Europe together bonded our friendship forever. We hitch hiked around Ireland and Europe itself and we rented a car in England.  We met members of both sides of our extended families and visited some of our parents friends who lived over there.  We spent many nights sitting up just laughing over the crazy adventures. Such as the night we had met some guy in London and he had a motor scooter which neither of us had ever ridden on or driven for that matter.  I tried it and rode right into a wall. That was the end of that little adventure.. we all went out for drinks instead, walking….

The saddest thing was the entire time we were over there she kept having these spells which made her very sick. She was checked out in a couple of hospitals and no one could figure it out.  Once home they took out her gall bladder but even though that might have been a problem her real problem was a benign brain tumor.  She was such a trooper and John was fabulous.  He nursed her after the surgery and never left her for a minute. She was well loved by him throughout here life which was not easy at times because of all the side effects of the surgery.

Through the years we were not able to see as much of each other as we would have liked but we called and wrote letters.  She and John raised two wonderful sons.  I went to see her a few years before she died and we walked slowly around the town where they lived.  She had trouble hearing which made two of us.  Eventually she lost her hearing and her balance as the old tumor returned and other medical issues arose. She was tough though and made it clear her priority in life was to raise her sons, attend their games and activities and the rest of life could go to hell.  And luckily she was able to see them grown men before she died.  I will always miss her.


The farm that Charles and Emily lived on is also the farm where Nancy lived for a few years when she was growing up.

June 1899

June 1 – Planted Ellen’s potatoes
June 2 – Haskins here to see sick cow. Was up all night. Larose helped wash sheep.
June 3 – Planted corn. Fergus goes to Donnellys.
June 4 – Wet day. John, Annie and Lena meet Bridget Flood here have dinner.
June 5 – Sheared sheep. Kate Bass here.
June 6 – Emily and I go to Lansdowne have tea at Susan Patience.
June 7 – Worked at fences.
June 8 – Went to Slacks then to picnic meeting in school in eve. Kate B. here.
June 9 – Fergus and Kate Bass wheel around this evening.
June 10 – Fergus and I go to Lyndhurst
June 11 – Fergus wheeled to Church. Emily, Madeline and I drove and then to John McDonalds for dinner. Johnson Moorhead here in eve.
June 12 Monday – Road work . Meeting at school this eve.
June 13 – Did Ellen’s road work. Let Path Master have 53 loads of gravel at 5 cents a load. New calf and 9 wee pigs arrive.
June 14 – Judd home so I go to Morton to see him. Rainy.
June 15 – Rainy so Fergus takes horse and buggy to school.
June 16 – Took Fergus to school. M. Fodey here. Bell lost her colt and everyone sad over that.
June 17 – Moved stove out to cook house for season.
June 18 – Emily, Madeline and I go to John McArdles.
June 19 – Went to Lyndhurst
June 20 – Bad thunder storm. Madeline faints in school so Miss V. sends her home. Joe Warren carries her home.
June 21 – Madeline better and back to school. Did some hoeing.
June 22 – Herb, Susie and Florence here. Florence stayed. Glad to have her. She is witty and good company. (McArdles)
June 23 – fixed up picnic grounds. Florence helps Emily bake for picnic and I go to Lyndhurst for supplies soft drinks, popcorn, gum candy etc.
June 24 – Picnic all day – A success.
June 25 – Some of young people here over night after picnic.
June 26 – Lee and I take empties back.
June 27 – Went to Frank O’Gradys for strawberries 2 parts $1.00
June 28 – wet day. Fergus drives buggy.
June 29 – Lappan agrees to dig well for school for $11.00. Madeline went to Woodvale School with Fergus. Fine day and she is quite excited. Noah Peck and wife here for tea.
June 30 –

July 1899

July 1 – Holidays begin. Fergus goes to Elgin to picnic. Emily and I take wool to Lyndhurst. Dinner at Shields.
July 2 – Sunday – Ellen and I go to Mass. Fergus returns late this eve. Had a good time.
July 3 – Fergus and I go to pick berries but find few.
July 4 – Rainy so we four go to Sweets Corners. Hot day but had a good time. Leo McArdle there and came home with Fergus.
July 5 – Very hot. Leo goes to Donnelly’s
July 6 – Fergus and I work at piling lumber. Cooler today.
July 7 – Took Madeline to look for berries in back woods. Scarce.
July 8 – wet day
July 9 – Very, Very heavy rain. Slacks (Arthur’s) here.
July 10 – Fergus and I go to Blue Mountain to pick berries.
July 11 – Started to mow. Fergus took Emily over to Arthur Slacks.
July 12 – Emily goes over to help Anne Townsend quilt. Fergus goes to Lyndhurst for 1 doz sealers.
July 13 – Thursday – Kate Donnelly comes and remains over night. Drive alone.
July 14 – went to Delta.
July 15 – Haffey here for dinner. I go to Lyndhurst for milk money $21.00
July 16 – Wet morning. Young cattle got out and look all day for them to find them.
July 17 – showers. Pa Herald and Mr Calandar.
July 18 – Hoed corn. Very warm.
July 19 – Fergus goes to Steaceys for his wheel. I picked some berries. In rain Emily lost 9 turkeys and 3 ducks. Our year for losing stock but as long as it is not in house we must not complain much as we need those animals and fowl.
July 20 – was at Lappans helping him to stack hay all day.
July 21 Friday – bad thunder storm this morning. Emily, Madeline and I go to see Minnie McArdle who like May her cousin has TB. Fergus and Sadie B. go to Arthur Slacks for eve.
July 22 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Jim Shields feels terrible about Minnie. He planned to marry her.
July 23 – Emily , Madeline and I go to Mass. Paid pew rent. Ed Wights wife here tonight. Great visit.
July 24 – Fergus mowed for Lappan and I helped L. draw in the hay.
July 25 – Fergus goes to Gan. I mow.
July 26 – I cut and raked around our fences and Lappan cut the fall wheat.
July 27 – I cut and drew in hay.
July 28 – Went to Joe Bevins Bee.Fergus goes to Woodvale.
July 29 – Fergus goes to see Minnie. Madeline, Emily and I go to Athens. Emily buys good pair of gloves.
July 30 – Come home from Athens.
July 31- Rained all night.

August 1899

Aug 1 – Emily and I go to John’s as Minnie is very low. Fergus goes to Delta. I rigged up pump. Very hot.
Aug 2 – Went to Pierces.
Aug 3 – cut wild hay. Mrs Plunkett here.
Aug 4 – Cut hay. Etta Flood and Margaret Venney here for day.
Aug 5 – Saturday – Not well today. Etta, & Miss V here yet. Fergus goes to L. for meat then I let Warren have $ for work.
Aug 6 – Fergus took Emily and Miss V. to Lena’s. Frank and Lottie Stevens, Agatha and Wallace here and Allan Donnelly.
Aug 7 – Emily and I went up in eve to see Minnie. Fergus and I cut oats in day. Very warm.
Aug 8 – Finished cutting oats and peas. Fergus goes to Lyndhurst. Muggy day.
Aug 9 – Minnie McArdle died in night. Emily, Madeline and I go up and stay all day. We are all very sad as we loved Minnie so much. Madeline finds it strange. Mary and Minnie both so young and lovely.
Aug 10 – we four go to funeral. Stopped at Donnelly’s for dinner.
Aug 11 – Fergus and I helped Lappan and Mrs. Pallan spend day with Emily who feels so badly about Minnie.
Aug 12 – Help Lappan finish.
Aug 13 – Ellen, Emily and I go to Mass. Kate B and Ella here later.
Aug 14 – Very rainy.
Aug 15 – Stooked oats and wheat. Fergus goes to Ellisville to visit with Argues???
Aug 16 – Wednesday – Fergus went to Jones Falls to a picnic. Lena, Percy and mother here for tea.(Bridget Flood)
Aug 17 – Emily and Madeline at Chapmans. Gilberts there.
Aug 18 – Ephram Bracken here for tea.
Aug 19 – Saturday – Sold 6 pigs for $6.00 to John Dundon. Very hot day.
Aug 20 – Fergus goes to Brewers Mills to Mass. Ellen and Bridget Flood here for dinner.
Deb Landon and Will Moorhead spend eve here.
Aug 21 – Fergus starts to teach again. I start to pull peas then take Bridget home. Sold 3 sheep for $9.00. Heavy rain.
Aug 22 – Cut peas.
Aug 23 – rain all day.
Aug 24 – John McDonald here. Ellen and Emily go over to Slacks.
Aug 25 – Finished pulling peas. Anne Townsend for tea and eve.
Aug 26 – I go to Delta and Fergus to Athens.
Aug 27 – Emily, Madeline and I go to McArdles. Clara Stevens and Charley Heffernan here when we get home.
Aug 28 – 1899 – Monday – Hot day. Clara stayed.
Aug 29 – Fergus takes Clara to Donnelly’s.
Aug 30 – M’s birthday. Clara sent her and plate with cats on it from Seeleys Bay by Fergus. She is so pleased. Ellen takes her to Flat Rock and makes high bushed Huckleberry pie for her a usual. Emily sends $25 to K and Rogers Kingston.
Aug 31 – Thursday – Lena McArdle and her mother visits as G. Dempster here.

here is a picture of the Slack Farm at Long Point.. It was torn down in 1919

Slack_Foster_Farm at Long POint torn down in 1919


2 thoughts on “October 10, 2015 – thinking about Nancy”

  1. Margie; in the summer I finally figured out (was told) where this Slack stone house was. I knew it couldn’t be at Long Point, but had only been told that it was near Charleston. I found out recently that it was on Slack Road, just off Lower Oak Leaf Rd. The house was an inn at one time and Slacks ran a mill close by. The remains of the dam are still visible. There is a story attached how it was left by will out of the Slack family. I didn’t write it all down, but can get it, and maybe a guided tour if you like. Cheers Art


  2. Sorry your cousin passed away too young. My cousin Ada and I did the Europe thing in 66/67. We still enjoy a good laugh over our adventures.


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